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Fitness / Thursday, November 30th, 2017

10 Awesome Apps for Fitness Fanatics (Infographic)

It’s now easier than ever to keep track of how your exercise program is progressing thanks to the sheer abundance of fitness apps to be found on the App Store and Play Store. It has everything from calculating your calorie usage to finding the perfect motivational tunes, fitting in a time-efficient workout and creating a personalized workout to suit your exercise goals.

It’s no wonder that such apps have proven hugely popular with fitness fanatics, most of whom will be eager to see whether their current fitness program is paying dividends. Once they see that their exercise is having the desired effect, they can keep on doing what they’re doing. If it’s not going to plan, then at least they can pinpoint where and how it can be improved.

It’s pretty pointless putting in so much effort into an exercise that’s not reaping any benefits, to ensure that what you’re doing is making a discernible difference to your physique. Here is an infographic from My Fitness Boutique which recommends 10 fitness apps that can help you to determine how well your fitness plan is going.


About My Fitness Boutique

MFB is a no-contract, pay-as-you-go gym based in north London. It offers a range of classes to suit people of all fitness levels, from the novice seeking a pressure-free yoga class to the fitness fanatic relishing a crack at a high-intensity workout. MFB also offers barre classes, spinning, Zumba and Muay Thai, amongst other activities.

ourRADhouse Reviews

I have used Lose It! and My Fitness Pal and found that I enjoyed using My Fitness Pal much more out of the two calorie counters. It has a better interface and I found myself more inclined to track my fitness and food for a more accurate each day. If you are tracking your fitness via calorie intake and output, I’d recommend My Fitness Pal. Also a plus, you are able to connect with others and create your own fitness community to check in with and gain inspiration and motivation from.

What I want to Try

I’ve not heard of many of these apps listed, and I can’t wait to check them out. My top apps I have on my to-download and test are the Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute workout and Sworkit. I’m big on testing out different workout apps to switch up my workouts to keep myself interested in staying fit. I lose motivation quite quickly and away to combat that is for me vary m workouts and the source I get my workouts from. Keeping it fresh and fun, I look forward to these two new apps.

Before You Go

If you’re loving these apps, feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments so I have more motivation to check them out and keep up with my fitness goals. I’ve got many fitness reviews on videos and programs that are all free to access here at IF you’re anything like me and need to switch the game up frequently, you’ll be sure to find many workout sources from my many informative reviews. Check back for more fitness reviews, workouts and general health and wellness posts soon.

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