2 Months Old

Lifestyle / Friday, May 2nd, 2014

So I can hardly believe it has been 2 months since I was in the hospital. I don’t understand what I ever did before I took care of Gregory. He is my entire world. And I love it.

Height: 98 percentile
Weight: 85 percentile
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Eats: a good 2 hours between feeds, sometimes longer
Likes: Tickles, massages, sitting up, his swing, daddy time, bath time
Dislikes: Tickles on his feet, being left alone, being put in his car seat, long day trips somewhere

Gregory can officially smile and hold his own head up! Sure he looks like a bobble head sometimes, but he holds it up and balances himself fairly well without any help. We of course hold him in a sitting position so he can work on it. Bean enjoys sitting more than laying most days. I have taken to putting him in his bouncy chair, swing and propping him up with the boppy so he can sit more and be more active with whatever we are doing.

We experienced out first diaper blow out. It wasn’t too intense, but it did require a wardrobe change. It
happened a few days ago while we were shopping with Grandma for some strawberry plants. So we were out by the farms and we parked so I could change my stinky monster.
Milk Drunk


Breast feeding is 100% better than what we were a month ago! No longer do we use a nipple sheild! It took a good feed or two before he understood he wasn’t getting plastic, it was all skin and he had to work a bit more, but it was a seamless transition otherwise. I am still not comfortable feeding in public however. But I make do so far. No trips to the mall still. I have also cut back on formula. I only used it when my boobs were super sore before, or if we left the house. Now I haven’t used a bottle of formula in over a week! And we even went on a road trip, bottle-less! It is possible, just need to stick with it.

Gregory loves his bath time. 8am, 2pm, 11pm, 3am. Anytime of the day he will take it on and love the feel of the water washing over him. This is mommy time as well, I love talking to him and making noises. Adrien doesn’t bathe Gregory, and that is fine by me. Its a joy to see my little man having such a nice time. The only time he cries might be after a bath while putting on his diaper, and that lasts like 2.5 seconds.


I can handle Gregory crying a bit more before I rush to his side. It still makes me upset to hear him cry or need something and not attend to his need immediately. But I do have to learn that I need me time, Dad can help, and sometimes Gregory needs to cry just a bit. If not to decide if he really needs help (which sometimes he cries and then stops and is perfectly fine), just to get rid of some of the energy he has. Personally, I do not agree with letting your child cry it out and self sooth. So don’t think I leave him for long, that would break my heart. What if he thinks I abandoned him? 🙁

Gregory still wont take a binky or soother. He doesn’t grasp the sucking techinique to hold it in. I’m not complaining too much. It is one less habit I have to break him of later on down the road. And Gregory isn’t really a baby that cries. We waited until Gregory was a week old or so until we first introduced one so that he would understand latching onto me properly and not get confused. Well now he just chooses not to use one at all.