What does my Toddler Watch?

Lifestyle / Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

What Does My Toddler Watch

I never wanted to be a mom that let my son watch TV. Let the thing be a ‘babysitter’. And I don’t think I have, mostly because we don’t have cable. I try to limit Gregory’s screen time as much as possible, but I do find it handy to have videos to entertain.

Plus, I have fond memories of watching TV shows when I was a little girl, and I want my son to have nostalgic stories and characters to think back on when he has kids. I mean, it’s cool to see how different shows have changed in the years I’ve been alive. It’ll change way more while my son is living I am sure.

Check out the videos this mom lets her toddler watch. She'll sit down and watch some too. Learn, laugh and get nostalgic with this Show list.


Videos available on Youtube is incredible. I do believe actors and the production crews and everyone else involved in making TV shows should be paid for their hard work, but it is pretty sweet to be able to search “The Big Comfy Couch” and find a playlist that brings a smile to not only my sons face, but my own as I am in pure Nostalgic bliss.

The big comfy couch. Perfect for children, and perfect for this SAHM nostalgia. Check out easy accessible shows you can watch with your toddler here.

Or I can type in Thomas the Train Engine and find The Official Thomas and Friends Channel or the even better ToyTrains4u Channel that Gregory can’t get enough off. The joy of trains, Easter eggs, characters from multi-universes and toys that we can see and buy (if we wanted) at the store. The real shows, the real shows official channel, and a fan made channel that all offer top quality videos our RAD house enjoys.

Check out these great videos you can let your toddler watch. Easily accessible, you can't go wrong with these suggestions.

When I’m feeling more in the educational mood, which should be always but I know kids need to fun play to, we watch FuntasticTV Channel. They have Rachel and the Treeschoolers which I have been in love with since I saw their baby signing videos. You can find YouTube videos of the linked DVD’s, I won’t link to the YouTube video as they often get deleted.

Check out this awesome list of toddler videos. fun, educational, some will even bring out some nostalgia.

For understandable reasons, I mean, it’s copyrighted. And I want Rachel to be paid for her awesome show, but I can’t afford to pay for the DVD’s so I search Youtube and find the secret videos as well as the hours and hours of educational videos available on the FuntasticTV Channel. I suggest checking it out if you want fun, catchy tunes stuck in your head that won’t make you feel like you’re singing Paw Patrol all day long. These songs are way cooler, although I do like the Paw Patrol ‘go! go! go! go! go! go!’ song.

paw patrol is one tv show you can let your toddler watch... or check out some other videos on this list here.

Why You Should Get Rid of Your Cable

If you want to read more about the videos we watch with Gregory and get more links that I think you’ll enjoy very much, let me know in the comments and I’ll get on writing that post for you. In the mean time, I hope you consider our RAD house method to obtaining your TV fix. It isn’t a new idea, but it is a great one that people often overlook.

Try it, toss your cable bill, upgrade your internet one tier and see if you like it. Heck, see if you can get by without upgrading, then you’d really be saving. Just be aware if you’re going to be using extra bandwidth one month. It might be smart to ask for an upgrade while you nix the cable to save a mid-month internet crash.

Time to join the dark side… or should I say the RAD side, and save your money. Find your TV fix. I even watch Naked!and Afraid on Youtube. You just got to tinker around until you find it.

Mr. Dressup is a classic show that this mom watches with her toddler now, in 2016. Check out this list and links to watch these videos with your toddler today!

Some videos are scams. It is possible to find currently airing shows uploaded, somehow bypassing the copyright laws. Same day uploads of an episode that aired on TV are a laughing matter. But I do have Netflix and enjoy getting my more currently airing shows there. Youtube is my good friend when it comes to finding old shows like Mr. Dressup and Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood.

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Before you Go

I hope you enjoyed these video suggestions that you can try out with your toddler. I know everyone has Netflix or another streaming source, and most people don’t just toss out their cable package. It’s saved me a lot of effort to remove TV watching from being a regular activity, and this is so cheap it’s free.

Let me know what kinds of videos you watch with your Toddler, sharing is caring and I am always on the look out for a new show that Gregory and I can enjoy together.


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