23 Days Until Baby

Lifestyle / Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

I can hardly believe it’s only 23 days until our due date. Where has the time gone? I remember finding out I was pregnant yesterday it seems. And now we are well under a month away. But at the same time it seems as if time is taking a stroll around the block and telling me I’ll never actually get to the long anticipated day.

As we are getting down to the wire, I decided to write out a list of things I need to complete before my Bean arrives.

1.Attend my Prenatal Class (This Saturday)
2.Pack Hospital Bag (Half done)
3.Strip Cloth Diapers (Waiting on delivery still, darn)
4.At Home Spa Day (Last minute pampering, who knows when I’ll get the chance again)
5.Find Going Home Outfit
6.Make Weekly Meal Plans for March
7.Buy Last Minute Baby Needs

We are pushing it a little late for our class, I know, but it was the only one available. Better late than never. And I’m hoping its there that I will get a better idea of what is needed in my hospital bag. I’m STILL waiting for my diaper delivery. I’m getting nervous that they wont show, but my delivery date was posted at Feb. 5-21. Kind of a wide time range, so plenty days left before I get too worried.

Spa day will consist of my doing my nails, face mask, hair mask, and everything else super girly that makes us women feel beautiful. Because I’m sure I’ll be looking like a troll from sleep deprivation soon enough. Baby’s going home outfit hasn’t been decided upon as this week we’ve had sunshine, snow, and a wind storm. So I’ve got to get something warm enough to brave whatever weather is thrown at us.

Meal plans for March, as we aren’t ones for frozen dinners… even the pre-homemade ones everyone seems to do. Every week I make a meal plan and shopping list that attaches to those meals, I plan on just making a few weeks worth of plans that we can switch up and use during this time. That way I still save the energy it takes to make them, but we can try and have somewhat normalcy during our transition into parenthood.

And lastly, my baby needs. Just a few things here and there. Baby wipes, breast pump replacement parts, and other consumable and quick use products. We’ve been quite blessed with an abundance of baby supplies from friends and family. Clothes especially. We ended up donating a bag to a family in need a month ago. And I passed on several bags to my good friend who is on her way to Africa on a mission to hand out to the families there. Trying to pass on the good karma and keep the world a better place by providing for those who can’t provide for themselves.

We’re busy bees here, very excited and can’t wait to welcome our little one. Adrien has about 11 days left of work before he’s off for Paternity leave, so he’s excited for two reasons. ‘No work’ and ‘New Baby’. I’m very thankful he’ll be there to not only help, but get to experience our baby as much as possible. I know new dads rarely get the chance, so we are very lucky this seems to have worked out for us.

Happy Wednesday! I must be off and get ready for my Drs appointment.