Product Review – Muddy Buddy Rain Suit by Tuffo – 25 Great Play Activities

Lifestyle / Friday, April 21st, 2017

April Showers in a Muddy Buddy

We are celebrating Spring big time this year as Winter 2017 seemed to last forever here in the Pacific North West. Gregory and I have been getting outside every day and enjoying the weather. Rain, clouds or sunshine, we have no fear of venturing outdoors. Thanks in large part to our Tuffo’s Muddy Buddy Rain Suit.

25 Great Ways to use a Muddy Buddy Rain Suit

First Muddy Buddy

When Gregory was about 1 year old we had to buy him a muddy buddy. I didn’t know what they were, two years later I am a huge fan and am going to cram it in your face for a whole post because I think every parent, especially us Stay at Home Parents, needs to have this in their arsenal to get through the wet months. We got a lot of those here in the #PNW, I’m slowly becoming a master of dealing with it.

Momma Bear found and used our first Muddy Buddy, so I didn’t really understand the amazing benefits of having a muddy buddy. It did seem like such a fuss to put on an extra layer everytime we wanted to go outside, but now I have seen the error in my thought process and now I must share with the world so others will not miss out on what I have. I’m doing a service to the public… For anyone who lives in a climate that is rainy or cloudy with a chance of rain for 10 months of the year, this is the blog post to save your sanity with kids.

muddy buddy by Tuffo is waterproof rain suit perfect for kids

Tuffo’s Muddy Buddy

A waterproof rain suit perfect for babies to kids. The smallest rain suit is sized at 12 months, the largest at 5. After size 5 they make rain jackets and pants for kids, but not rain suits.

The suit goes on over top of clothes and a jacket while you put on boots last after you’re zipped up. Two zippers in front make putting this rain suit on easy and taking off a cinch. Often time I have Gregory stand in our hatchback trunk while we throw it on at a trail head. It’s a quick process which makes for hitting the trail with little fuss and muss from a preschooler.

There is an assortment of colours this rain suit comes in. I personally love the yellow. I mean, it reminds me of a duck. And who would enjoy the water more than a duck? It also matches his rain boots… Walmart special, have you got a pair for your Little? If I hadn’t gotten the yellow I would have searched for the camouflage pattern. Of course, if I’d only been able to get my hands on a pink suit I’d have taken it with a smile. A colour is just that, a colour. But the yellow is bright and makes for easy spotting on hikes on the trail.

Gregory playing at Bright Angel Park in his Muddy Buddy rain suit

25+ How we Use Our Muddy Buddy

Rainy-Day Walks

Puddle Jumping

Playing in the Sandbox

Playing at the Playground



Worm Hunting

Frog Catching

Mud Pie Baking

Water Table/ Water Play

Jumping Ditches

Washing the Dog

Washing the Car

Beach Combing


Rain Dancing

Sidewalk Chalk

Gregory playing in the rain with Chalk in his Muddy Buddy Rain Suit

Throwing Rocks in the Creek

Riding on Quads

Riding Bikes

Riding Scooters

Playing Sports

Playing Kickball

Messy Outdoor Art Projects

Rolling Down Hills

Playing in the sand at Bright angel park in our muddy buddy by tuffo

Playing at the Playground

Our current favourite way make use of our Muddy Buddy is at the playgrounds. You can’t go wrong with taking your kid to the park and letting them burn off some energy before nap time or bed time. Seriously, works every time. If there is water pooled at the bottom of the slide is makes for a wicked awesome slip and slide effect when they slide down. I wish I had a Muddy buddy so I could join in on the fun.

PSA: Wearing a rain suit for the slip and slide on the slide makes for a VERY slippery slide. Be prepared to catch your kid on the way down on watch them fall to the ground. On the plus side, make it a race if there are dual slides and lots of kids around.

Sidewalk Chalk Art

have you ever played Sidewalk chalk in the rain? Drawing is so smooth and the colours are vibrant and smudge beautifully. I highly recommend this as an activity for any age level. The rain will wash away your masterpiece, faster if it’s raining hard. But that only leaves you with more space to draw more. And if we didn’t like what we drew, we wash it away and start all over with ease.

Aside from chalk in the rain, Gregory and I enjoy using chalk on the dry days as well. Chalk gets all over our clothes the instant we get our hands dirty. A Muddy Buddy will save your kids clothes from tracking in all the dust back into your home.

Don’t forget to have some fun with your chalk. Gregory and I trace our bodies, sit on a skateboard and roll while drawing. We make hopsctoch and hopscotch extreme, we write the alphabet, numbers and shapes to learn. No matter the age, there are so many ways to enjoy sidewalk chalk, take my word for it.

Before You Go

If I find more ways to use our Muddy Buddy I will add them to the list. If you’ve got an activity I haven’t listed I would love fo you to share in the comments below #SharingIsCaring. Gregory and I have been lucky enough that Momma Bear managed to get her hands on our Muddy Buddies and pass them along to us. You can click here to head on over to the Muddy Buddy Website and get your own, or check out some local stores that cater to children to find one of your own.

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