November 2017 – A Murder, a Mooch and a 40 pounder

Lifestyle / Thursday, December 21st, 2017

I can’t believe that the end of the year is almost here. My goal at the start of last month was to ‘chill out and make November more relaxed’ but that didn’t end up happening. Today I want to preserve some of Gregory and my November 2017 Memories while I still have them. And can someone please press the slow down button already?

In the continuation of the story in our RAD house, a murder, a mooch and a 40 pounder. Get the details of the adventures this duo shared November 2017

The start of November had me filling out forms for my future plans. One that I most proud of saying that I filled out was my organ donor forms. That’s right, I’m officially an organ donor and when I pass, I hope to do one last good deed and help someone else continue to live. If you’re not currently an organ donor you can go to to register if you live in British Columbia. Or Google organ donor registration and your Country or state of origin for links. Come on, register, save a life.

Remembrance Day

Last year for Remembrance day Gregory and went to a ceremony and I wanted to keep the tradition going. We went down to our local cenotaph and paid our respects to the fallen and those who served for our freedom. Although I may not have pleasant thoughts towards Gregory’s father, I do make sure to tell him things like ‘Daddy was in the Army, he was deployed on a ship and served in a war.’

A cool animal story that happened at our ceremony. During our moment of silence, there was a small group of crows. How many crows does it take to become a murder? These 4/5 crows sitting on a telephone pole, cawing and making all sorts of noises. Disrupting our moment of silence. Along came Mr. Big Crow, swooping onto a closeby perch and giving out one loud caw. This abruptly made the rebel crows stop and our moment of silence was indeed, silent. Animals, pretty amazing.

Thanks to November 11, Gregory now loves our National Anthem. I’ll catch him saying ‘Oh Canada’ and continue on with his own words. Once, he even somehow turned it into a Christmas song about Frosty the Snowman. It was cute, but not as cute and him requesting and singing along to our National Anthem as we lay down preparing for bed. Kids, they are so friggin cute and I just can’t get enough of mine.

Salmon Run

Autumn brings the salmon back home to spawn and I searched out an educational walk for Gregory and I to learn about the salmon run. Joined by a knowledge keeper, we walked the forest alongside a river and learned how the First Nations people fished with spears, used the natural vegetation for healing, food and making things. We even got to watch several people fish, their families on the shoreline waiting for the catch to be brought in for dinner. Gregory and I had a blast cheering on the fisher when he reeled his spear back to him for another shot.

Hiking Witty’s Lagoon

Two weeks into the month and we were invited to go on a hike with my tribe and show a French Exchange student what the great Pacific Northwest has to offer. It was a rainy day but we all bundled up in our raingear and found our way to Witty’s Lagoon in Metchosin hiking to the Sitting Lady Waterfall and the beach to catch a glimpse of the seals bobbing in the waves.

It was a picnic hike, I packed a great feast for G and I, and he ended up mooching off of everyone else and their food while we ate. It’s a good thing he is cute and polite, everyone enjoys kale chips and my kid was basically a vacuum inhaling the ones someone else brought. Afterwards, we went back to our vacation home and had soup and conversation to enjoy the end of the day.

Gregory went outside, in the pouring rain, with the older girls and built a fire and roasted marshmallows. Those brave souls, even the dog came inside because he was tired of being wet before the determined youngins. Can you ask for a better way to spend a Monday?


Festival of Lights

No matter how busy we got, I never had any doubt that Gregory and I would miss the end of the month Festival of Lights parade to kick off December. We drove up to Ladysmith for their annual light up and parade. It’s a very popular event that brings out hundreds if not at least a thousand visitors to the small town on Highway 1.

Parking was insane. I had expected this, but I didn’t expect what awaited me. In the end, I think I ended up making my own parking spot. It was okay though, other people started lining up behind me and parking as well. The walk to the parade felt more like a hike, even more so when you’ve got to carry a 40 pounder up the hill, in the dark.

Did I mention we were at the end of the parade. So while it started at, say, 6 pm, it started late and we didn’t see the first parade float until closer to 6:40. I had an impatient Bean who didn’t want to stay the entire parade. It was late, 7pm is bedtime, but it was a great way to start the holiday season and Gregory did get to see Santa and Mrs. Claus on the first float the came by. So he was more than satisfied with how the night and month ended. Especially considering we stopped at the Lactose Princess for an ice cream date and listening to the jukebox in the corner.

It's an ice cream date for mom and son

Wrapping it Up

That was our month, in a nutshell, I hope to be able to jog some of my memories by coming back and rereading the events we experienced and the pictures we took. December is going to be busy, full of cheer, and totally awesome. I can feel it. The year is almost over, I feel really good about it.

Bring on the wrapping paper, Elf on the Shelf, the Grinch DVD, and candy canes. Next month is going to be one RAD story you won’t want to miss out on. We’re a little family, just the two of us, and we make every moment count. Check out our October 2017 Memories if you want to catch up on our activities and check back in the new year to read all about our holiday celebration. In our house, Christmas lasts a month, be prepared.

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