3 Month Update

Lifestyle / Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

It is still hard for me to believe that he is actually mine still. Everyday I wake with the crazy thought and I wonder if someone will be around soon to take you away. As in back to your real family and I am only getting to ‘play’ mom as you ‘play’ house as a child. I am glad no one is taking away my baby boy though.

Height: 63.5cm
Weight: 15lbs 7.6oz
Head Circumference: 40.7cm
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Eats: Like a champ!
Sleeps: approx. 10pm-4am. Awake to feed, asleep for another few hours.
*I can’t believe my luck!*
Likes: Morning Massages, bath time, daddy time, being held, walks, blankets
Dislikes: Ears popping during long drives, soothers, smiling for pictures



75 days
We found our hands today

What is this discovery?
Gregory has discovered his hands this month. As a result, we have experienced many slobbery/drooled on hands, as well as blankets. He likes to grab onto them and rub the soft fabric on his face.

Letter to Bean about how I feel: Everyday I watch Gregory grow and I cant wait to hear him talk and go mobile! Explore this planet we call home Bean, I will do everything I can to ensure you do and get the best experience I can offer. I wonder, sometimes, if I am doing enough. To help you grow and learn I mean. I feel I am lacking in knowledge of what I should be doing. I’m doing fine, I know. No one fails to let me know this. And you are one amazing baby who keeps growing which is bittersweet. You are perfect, and so I must be doing one heck of a job. No one can turn out this awesome unless he’s got someone who really loves him more than anything. I don’t know if you are one lucky boy to have as many people as you do love and care for you, or if I am one lucky lady who got an amazing little boy who melts my heart everyday.


May 14

Gregory cried his first tears. I was singing to you as we laid in bed while Daddy cooked dinner. I was having fun seeing how far my vocal range went, making deep and funny noises, high pitched and we were having lots of fun. As I sang a slower tune your face went into the biggest frown and your first tears fell. I bawled my eyes out. Very emotional mommy when it comes to any of your milestones!
It was around today and the next day that you really became aware of your hands. Now you like to grab your soft sock monkey blanket and drag it with you when I pick you up and bring you to another room. You like to grab my hair and clothes. You are just starting to reach and play with things that dangle in front of you on your play mat and bouncy chair. Can’t wait for you to start playing more so we can have some more fun!


86 days old

May 24

Our first off island road trip. It was only a short day trip, but this was Gregory’s first ferry ride! He did pretty good, until the last few minutes while docking and he got fussy. I don’t blame him, I was getting sea-sick as well. Poor baby must have got that gene from me!

May 28
Gregory Laughed for the first time. Actual laugh. He has been trying to laugh for a week or so, but he laughed a real one, and we even got it on camera! Not the first, but the second and continuing laughs. It was so surreal, I was not expecting it. Unfortunately he hasn’t laughed too much since, but it was only a few days ago.


1017513_10154174759390302_3127309603854301242_n (1)

87 days old

Gregory likes it when Mom and Dad sing. Either making up our own songs about whatever we are doing, destroying good songs by not knowing the words and just making earthy/animal-like noises to go along with the tune, or very off-key sing-alongs. It doesn’t matter, as long as you are serenading him, he is one happy bug.


88 days old

I tend to wear my hair down more often now, and Gregory loves it. I started a few times last month, and he loved rubbing his face in it when he was up on my shoulder. I can tickle his face with my hair and he will smile. If my hair is in a pony-tail, Gregory likes to lay down and have me hover over him with my pony hanging over my head and watch it swing back and forth over him. This has been the activity that has gotten him closest to laughing again now, and was a starting point in the past.

This month is the start of summer, I am wondering how we will do. Will it be too hot in the condo as I was sweltering last year while pregnant. Many trips to the beach and lake are in the near future. Thankfully my drool king is a pretty easy going guy. He likes to do anything as long as I’m there, with some boobs to fill up his tank with.