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Lifestyle / Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Game of Thrones

I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones. Not die hard, I haven’t read the books. But I will one day, there are story lines that the TV show has not even touched on and I want to explore the GoT universe more.

I don’t got the time to read those big ass books. I have a toddler. I’ve found my own way to sustain my need to be in the world of Game of Thrones while I wait for season 7 to start. I wanted to share it with you in case you’re in the same boat as me.

Today I wanted to share with you 4 YouTube channels that upload videos and have playlists centered around Game of Thrones. Some will make you laugh, some will make you scratch your head, and one will make you want to read all the books and learn about all the theories fans have come up with. Bundle up, winter is coming.

What to Watch on YouTube while we wait for new Game of Thrones episodes. Episode breakdowns, season recaps and fan theories.

The Books vs. Movies

First off, let me say that I am a fan of reading the books. I grew up on Harry Potter, the end of Harry movies and books was literally the end of my childhood. I am well aware that movies and TV shows are unable to capture everything that you can read in a book. Same can be said the other way around. I believe each has it’s own pros and cons.

Some of the channels I share are going to delve into the book universe. Read my final thoughts at the end of the post to get a straight forward idea of which of these you would like best if you want to steer clear of books, or dive head first into that universe.

The TV show will never show everything the book has to offer, and book fans do not always know what will happen on the show. The TV show has been adapted and changed in so many ways that almost anything can happen.

Sure, they knew about the Red Wedding and what happens at the wedding in Kinds Landing. But only George R.R. Martin knows how this series ends, all us fans just try to put the pieces together.

I will read the books one day. I don’t think you need to read the books first before a movie or TV show is adapted from it. I think we can enjoy both for what they have to offer. That is all.


I’m going to throw this out here at the start, and only mention it once because it will be redundant. We are talking about the Game of Thrones. Most review channels show clips from the TV show. This means you’ll see spoilers, sex, nudity, war, death, blood and hear lots of foul language. The latter not necessarily from the clips, but the YouTube creator reviewing and talking about the show.

It’s all good fun, take it with a grain of salt. I suggest not watching in front of children though. I have a solution at the end of this post for that problem if you got a computer, a phone, and the need for some ‘me’ time to make it through the rest of the day.

Hey, we all need a 5-10 minute break. Even stay at home moms need to carve out a coffee time somewhere. Just because I don’t leave the house doesn’t mean I’m not working my butt off and deserve a moment for myself.

Ozzy Man Reviews

I wanted to start off with a series that doesn’t really talk about the books. Ozzy Man Reviews offers a hilarious review of each individual episode, although he is catching up on season 2 & 3. Be patient, it takes time to make videos.

I first saw a random episode recap of his and was quickly hooked. From the thumbnail, his wicked awesome accent & jargon, how he talks about the episode, to how quickly paced the video moves so that you get all you need to know about the episode in under 10 minutes. Plus a few laughs.

I know, that was a mouthful, wait until you watch a video. Below you’ll find his playlist for the entire series that he’s covered so far. Watch the first one and we can continue.

Binge Session Scheduled

Oz is pretty addicting to listen to. You can scroll the comments of his videos and you’ll see people claiming to have just found his channel and are committing or are currently binging the entire series. Myself included.

This S1E1 video was recorded in 2015. Oz started making these videos in 2014 with the season that was airing at the time. So you will notice a change in quality as you make it towards the last episode that aired on TV.

I think it is pretty cool so watch how his style changed and grew. Oz is really funny, and while he seems pretty harsh with all the swearing… it’s Game of Thrones. You gotta roll with the punches.

Man of Recaps

Another YouTube channel I have recently discovered is Man of Recaps.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t on board with this channel at first, but bear with me. I wouldn’t have him on here if this wasn’t good.

To get the bad out of the way right off, the reason why I didn’t like this creator at first was because of how his video was formatted. I was not used to this type of presentation and it threw me off.

Man has Game of Thrones video clips as the video, with him in the corner of the screen. He looks so robotic, like he’s just reading from a script. Sure, Ozzy Man also probably read from a pre-written script. You can’t really just wing this kind of thing. But Oz has personality, he draws you in like he’s having  conversation.

Man of Recaps in the first 30 seconds just didn’t hit it off for me. And that’s an important time frame on YouTube. They say the first 5 seconds actually. The point it that after 30 seconds Man of Recaps started to get a few laughs out of me.

It isn’t so Bad

What annoyed me at first I now actually kind of like. Man of Recaps can be seen in the corner and the face to face interaction gets better as time passes. It starts to feel like more of a conversation.

I thought he was being scripted, but the fact is that Man of Recaps has to talk fast so that he can get to everything he needs to say.

The recaps are done one season to one video. Each video is about 10 minutes except the last season that aired, which is 15 minutes. It’s very fast paced, you’ll get drawn in quickly.

The Best Part

I hope you’re still here, because I’m going to leave you thinking about the best part of this Channel and why you’re going to schedule this for a binge session.

The best part of this is that because the whole season is done in one episode, Man of Recaps puts certain scenes together and you make connections that you would otherwise miss in a series that breaks down each episode.

I don’t want to spoil the AHA! moment when you watch, but you’ll really learn a lot about the connections of people. I didn’t realize half the connections in season one… and I had watched other Game of Thrones videos online already giving book spoilers.

It’s really a great aspect, one of the best Game of Thrones videos I’ve seen.

Alt Shift X

I might as well unload the big one, most likely the most popular game of thrones recap/breakdown YouTube channel of them all. Alt Shift X was the channel everyone was waiting to see each week while Game of Thrones was airing on TV.

Notification squad, where you at?

I’m going to share with you Alt Shift X’s Season 6 Episode breakdown playlist. I’m giving you warning, Alt Shift X is definitely a #SpoilerAlert series. Very heavily compares book and mentions things that will draw you deeper into the Game of Thrones world.

What You Get

Clearly the quality of this channel is phenomenal. Most likely one of the best created video series on Game of Thrones. That being said, you really only get Season 6. If you’re looking for a whole series from Season 1 to Season 6, this isn’t for you.

What else do you get with Alt Shift X? If you click through to their channel you can find an assortment of other videos about Game of Thrones fan theories and breakdowns of who people are, what items are, what the significance of certain things are.

I look forward to their new Explained videos when the new season airs in 2017.


CivilzationEx is a YouTube channel full of Game of Thrones videos. You can find videos on books, fan theories, the TV show as well as videos on other TV/Movie/Book series. I didn’t look too much into those ‘others’ though.

This Channel offers a videos series that breaks down the seasons, not the episodes. What sets this series apart from other season recap videos is how it is presented.

CivEx doesn’t use clips from the show. Instead he presents his video in a format that looks to be drawn. The artwork is very well done, and this format helped me understand the breakdown of certain aspects a lot better.

This is a series that has a lot of spoilers that’ll lead you to conclusions and ideas you may not have taken away from watching just the TV show. So, like Alt Shift X, I don’t want to write a whole lot about what you’ll get from watching. It’s a lot of info, and this is your #SpoilerAlert

Finial Thoughts

I really enjoyed all of these videos. If you are looking for only one quick recap without book spoilers, check out Man of Recaps. If you want more indepth with no spoilers, definitely Ozzy Man Reviews. Alt Shift X is great, but hasn’t completed the entire series. And CivilizationEx offers videos and information the includes the book universe.

There are other videos I’ve found that talk about the comparisons of the books. And I’ve seen videos where people just talk amongst friends on camera and call it a recap or review. Those didn’t interest me. I like seeing visuals.

Before You Go

I hope you find one of these 4 options suitable to hold you over until the next season airs. If you’re looking for something to distract your Little with while you watch this, consider setting them up with one these Toddler Phone Apps. Or try handing them a book and see if they’ll keep their focus on that while you watch a 7 minute video as a few of those ‘me’ moments we’re told we need as parents.

I just may be able to wait out this winter to see what happens when #WinterIsComing with these GoT videos Click To Tweet


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