5 Tips for Baby Eczema

Lifestyle / Sunday, May 17th, 2015


I never grew up thinking too much about eczema. When I met my husband, I learned many people have skin conditions and they can arise at any age. When I got pregnant I was really aware of the fact that my son might get eczema. I didn’t know a whole lot about it at the time though. It doesn’t take much for someone to see the light, but sometimes it takes a personal experience to give you a swift kick in the butt to become aware.

Gregory and Tyrus

Baby Tyrus, isn’t a baby anymore, but he was one of the first babies Gregory ever came into contact with. I remember how Gregory was so enamored and interested in Tryus. Tyrus’ mom, Michelle, and I are ex-coworkers of a few years ago. Our boys were born just a few months apart. There is only one other major difference between Gregory and Tyrus, and that is that Tyrus suffered from eczema.

The Struggle is Real

Any momma who has to deal with a fussy baby deserves a round of applause, but I couldn’t imagine having to watch your baby start getting eczema on their thighs at three months old and then watch it flare up all of his poor little body. Tyrus did’t deserve that, and neither did Michelle. During the summer when it got hot and he got sweaty, the eczema got worse. I remember whenever I found anything that mentioned a tip to deal with it, I passed it along in hopes to make Michelle’s life a bit easier. More often than not, she said she had already tried it, and I felt useless. Even if it isn’t my child, or my experience, it is sad to see people suffer. The fact that I had the fear, and she was living my nightmare, she is a true champion in my eyes.

Happy Babies are Happy

Thankfully, from what I understood and saw, Tryus was a happy baby who brought his mother so much joy. Dealing with a difficult situation will create extra stress for any parent, but this momma dealt with it with many people watching her show how strong she really was. Never giving up hope or showing any sign of stopping until she could relieve her babe. He slept swaddled next to her in bed so she could monitor and control his scratching and irritation all night. I never once saw Tyrus sad, he was… and is a very happy boy. Michelle you are so tender and patient with your little one, I only hope I am half the mother you are.

Eczema Tips

While I don’t have all the answers, I did learn a few tips along the way, in fear of Gregory having a flare up at some point in his life. It never hurts to be prepared. Here are some ones that I cultivated while observing a friends experience.

Use Natural Soap Children can’t remove toxins from their bodies as efficiently as adults. Babies even less so as their bodies are still forming. Using a fragrance free and dye free soap can prevent any unknown chemicals from irritating skin further.Give them the BOOB Comfort nursing, if you are nursing, is something that children benefit from when they are ill. Don’t think you are spoiling them, you have antibodies in your milk that they use in their body to help fight off infection. It is a commitment, and you will get frustrated feeling like a milk cow, but you only breastfeed for a short time of their life. Try and make it a nice experience and enjoy every moment. They are limited.

Avoid Saliva, Sweat, and Heat Babies drool when teething, the heat dries out skin, and when they are older they start to sweat. These are flare up irritants, and it will be a struggle to avoid. Bibs aren’t always cute, but they can really help. If you find your child overheating in the summer and need a quick way to cool them down, get a wrap a cold damp wash cloth around their forearms. These now cool blood cells travel back to the heart quickly and can disperse throughout the body to reduce heat.

Keep clothing loose Tight clothes can create heat, friction, and sweat which in turn will cause more irritation, rashes and itching. Soft, breathable fabrics like cotton that are a bit looser around their bodies will keep them comfortable during the day. At night, a tight swaddle will help prevent scratching, and is known to help all babies sleep batter at night.

Bath Daily and Moisturize Experts are now starting to say it is okay to bathe your child, even with eczema, daily. Keep the water temperature mild to prevent further drying of the skin, and use gentle soap, but not every day. Afterwards make sure to moisturize, this is often a struggle for parents, as finding a a lotion that doesn’t further irritate the skin is often difficult. Stick with it, from coconut oil to over the counter prescriptions, something is out there for your babe.

Heal from the INSIDE OUT This is something that Michelle did to treat Tyrus. As a breastfeeding mom, she had to change her diet so her breast milk was more agreeable with her son. As well, when he started to eat solids, they had to be careful with which foods he ate. I’m unsure if Tryus still has dietary restrictions, but often times eczema in babies is a result of internal struggles. If you want to read more about Michelle and Tyrus’s Battle with Eczema, CLICK HERE.

I would love for you to read more about Tyrus and his momma, Michelle, and their battle with eczema. Michelle is very open with discussing the topic and if you have any questions I’m sure she would be more than willing to answer. She’s a rad gal, and a great mom.