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My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn’t go as planned, and that’s okay.

Hey there, my friend, welcome to my blog. My name is Katrina, it’s very nice to have you here. Before we get into a little more about me I thought I would give you a quick run-down of what you can look forward to seeing here on ourRADhouse.com

  • Recipes – *More food please!
  • Fitness – workouts, reviews, personal updates
  • Lifestyle – parenting, play activities, holidays, DIY’s, reviews, abuse & relationships
  • Travel – hiking trails, family walks, places to visit, vacations

About Katrina

I’m Katrina, a single mom in her mid-20’s trying to figure out my life. I grew up in a large family consisting of step brothers & sisters and several half-siblings. Momma Bear, my mom, is a little blonde lady with the biggest heart. Momma Bear has always shown me that we never give up, no matter how hard life gets. She is also very creative and I like to think I take after her in that aspect.

Little Katrina taking a bath

Life is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing At All.

Oops, who put that there? Say hello to little me… with a bowl cut. Here you can see me bathing in the pot while camping as a kid. I was extremely lucky growing up because when we went camping we didn’t go in a tent and sleeping bags. My parents took us to what we call Rendezvous.

We slept in Teepee’s, wall tents, cooked over open fires, had sheepskins for beds and leather or cotton outfits. There was always a large group of people who gathered several times over the year and we all lived Primitive. The Rendezvous were to celebrate and recognize the Metis people’s history.

I am not Metis. I am First Nations. My dad is Native and my mom is White, the former not being in my life, my mom raised me. She was great at finding ways to learn about our culture in the way she had access to. Probably the best part of my childhood can be summed up in photos from camping as a kid.

Katrina Cheer Picture her first year

I Cheer for People.

I was Raised to Believe there’s Enough Sun for Everybody.

When I was in middle school my friends and I watched Bring It On and decided we wanted to do that. With my moms help, we started a cheerleading team when I was 8/9 years old. Cheerleading was unheard of where we lived, it was hard to get off the ground and explain to administration what it entails when you’re completely green at it too. But we managed a small squad.

When I was 12 my mom heard about Cheerleading Tryouts for the Victoria Rebels Cheerleader, a Semi-professional squad, and got me to tryout. I made the squad and worked hard. Work hard, cheer hard, play hard.

As the years passed I became a better cheerleader and soon enough I was elected Cheer Captain by my team at the start of a cheer season. I remember that day so clearly. Coach asked “Does anyone want to volunteer their name for the vote” *puts my hand up* “Umm, can I not volunteer and not be nominated, I don’t want to be captain.” *Entire squad* “But then who are we going to vote for?”

Oh no, I did not want to be captain. But the team convinced me and I did it for several years, choreographing routines, making cheers, teaching the squad, and leading our workouts at the start of every practice. I was lucky I was obsessed with the topic and did lots of research on the sport since I had started back in 2006.

Katrina First Nations Writing Award for grade 12

I was also lucky that I had been physically active all throughout my school career. From Track and Feild to Soccer and basketball, to P.E. class and dance class. In highschool, I managed to obtain a dance scholarship for classes that I attended literally 30 minutes after cheerleading practice. Those were the days. School dance, track and field, cheerleading, studio. It was exhausting, but looking back, pretty impressive.

I enjoy learning and research. Writing has always been a passion of mine as a way to be creative. I think my love of books is why I can get so hyperfocused on research. I just can’t wait to see what happens next. In grade 12 I actually won an award, First Nations Creative Writing. My name is in my old school and I hope my niece will track it down in a few years when she goes there.

The Scars You Share Become Lighthouses for Other People Who

are Headed for the Same Rocks You Hit

2011 I said goodbye to cheerleading and wanted to move on and start my life as an adult. Who knew it would happen so quickly? In 2012 I met a young man and we fell in love. We quickly got engaged, then got pregnant, got married and had a baby boy named Gregory. Gregory, also known as Bean or Gregor-Bean, is my sunshine. He is the light of life, and I have no shame in admitting that Gregory has saved my life. He gave me a reason worth living for. He gave me life.

Gregory Thomas born 2014

Becoming a mom was difficult, being a new wife was difficult, a lot of things occurred in a matter of 5 years and I am sad to say that I am no longer with Gregory’s father. In October 2016 Gregory and I left, fleeing domestic abuse and seeking help… for the third time. There is much to deal with when you are trying to start life all over again. Especially when you have a child and haven’t worked since he was born because you were a stay at home mom… have no money, no clothes, no home… nothing but each other.

Writing about abuse is hard, trying to explain it is difficult. I share bits and pieces of my journey in hopes to inspire others, and sometimes help or even warn of the obstacles that you may face when fleeing. It’s a tough road to walk, scary, and lonely. When I speak up about it, I find that more women (and men) have dealt with some form of abuse of their own. It helps to talk about it, it heals you. Or at least it heals me.

This is the Part Where You Find Out Who You Are

So here we are, 2017. I’m still trying to find my footing, trying to heal my brain, heart, soul and body. I’m figuring out who I am again. I’m finding my voice, finding my strength, finding happiness. I used to be such a happy person, my life is filled with amazing memories. I lost who I was for many years, I’m trying to find that person again.

I’m still active, trying to find balance in my life and happiness with my body. Being a mom was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I can’t wait to explore the world and teach Gregory all about it. I hope you stay a while and chat with me in the comments. I share my experiences, and I would love to read about yours. #SharingIsCaring and if we all speak up and help each other out a little, the world could become an amazing place live.

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last updated: March 2017

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