My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn’t go as planned, and that’s okay.

Hey there, my friend, welcome to my blog. My name is Katrina, it’s very nice to have you here. Before we get into a little more about me I thought I would give you a quick run-down of what you can look forward to seeing here from me on ourRADhouse.com

  • Recipes – *More food please!
  • Fitness – workouts, reviews, personal updates… I’m becoming a personal trainer!
  • Lifestyle – parenting life, divorced life, ADHD life, PTSD life, Millennial life, etc…
  • Travel – hiking trails, family walks, places to visit, vacations

About Katrina

I’m Katrina, a single mom in my 20’s living the best life I can. I grew up in a large family consisting of step brothers & sisters and several half-siblings. Momma Bear, my mom, is a little blonde lady with the biggest heart. Momma Bear has always shown me that we never give up, no matter how hard life gets.

Life is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing At All.

Katrina Cheer Picture her first year

I Cheer for People.

I was Raised to Believe there’s Enough Sun for Everybody.

When I was in middle school my friends and I watched Bring It On and decided we wanted to do that. With my moms help, we started a cheerleading team when I was 8/9 years old. Cheerleading was unheard of where we lived, it was hard to get off the ground and explain to administration what it entails when you’re completely green at it too. But we managed a small squad.

When I was 12 my mom heard about Cheerleading Tryouts for the Victoria Rebels Cheerleader, a Semi-professional squad, and got me to tryout. I made the squad and worked hard. Work hard, cheer hard, play hard.

As the years passed I became a better cheerleader and soon enough I was elected Cheer Captain by my team at the start of one cheer season. I remember that day so clearly. Coach asked “Does anyone want to volunteer their name for the vote” *puts my hand up* “Umm, can I not volunteer and not be nominated, I don’t want to be captain.” *Entire squad* “But then who are we going to vote for?”

Oh No no NO!, I did not want to be captain. But the team convinced me and I did it for several years. I choreographed routines, made cheers, taught the squad everything and lead our workouts at the start of every practice. I was lucky I was obsessed with the topic and did lots of research on cheerleading and general fitness since I had started back in 2006.

Red White and Black, from way way back!
my first year as a Rebel

I was also lucky that I had been physically active all throughout my school career. From track and field to soccer, to P.E. class and dance class. In high school I even managed to obtain a dance scholarship for classes that I attended literally 30 minutes after cheerleading practice. Those were the days. P.E. class, school dance class, track and field, cheerleading, studio dance class. It was exhausting, but looking back, pretty impressive.


The Scars You Share Become Lighthouses for Other People Who are Headed for the Same Rocks You Hit

Gregory Thomas born 2014

2011 I said goodbye to cheerleading and wanted to move on and start my life as an adult. Who knew it would happen so quickly? A short time later I met a young man and we fell in love. We quickly got engaged, then got pregnant, got married and had a baby boy named Gregory.

Gregory, also known as Bean or Gregor-Bean, is my sunshine. He is the light of life, and I have no shame in admitting that Gregory has saved my life. He gave me a reason worth living for. He gave me life.

My marriage didn’t work out, it was an abusive relationship. It took years and several attempts to flee. Writing about abuse is hard, trying to explain it is difficult. I share bits and pieces of my journey in hopes to inspire others, and sometimes help or even warn of the obstacles that you may face when fleeing.

It’s a long journey down the road of healing. I find writing and connecting with others who have survived abuse is very helpful for myself.

This is the Part Where You Find Out Who You Are

It’s 2018, and these are some stories from our RAD house. Me and my little Gregory are growing up and taking on the world, together. The struggle is REAL! Some days are harder than others. But I’m thankful, and grateful for all we have.

I hope you have found your way to my blog posts and found them funny, relateable, informative, or perhaps it touches your heart. I’m not here to ask for sympathy. I’m not here to make you think I’m a single mom who is sad…. I don’t need your pity. I’m here to share parts of my story and tell you that even though life is tough, so am I. I haven’t given up yet, and I don’t plan to any time soon.

I’m not just a mom.

I’m not just a survivor.

I’m not another statistic, another complaining millennial.

You should know that I’m a warrior.

Feel free to join me on the pursuit of happiness by reading a few stories from our RAD house.

This is a not a "poor me" "Give me your sympathy" or "My life is worse than yours" Post. This is a RELATEABLE Post. Life is tough, we all struggle. Let's struggle together.

last updated: September 2018

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