Abusive Relationship – Music Playlist for a Survivor

Lifestyle / Monday, March 13th, 2017


Music Please

Music can have a large impact on a situation. Take movies, they can make or break a scene. While life isn’t a movie, we can take note from them and understand that we need music to feel or add to a scene in your life.

Today I wanted to give you my YouTube Music Playlist that I use to help me feel happy, strong, and believe I can do this. Here is my #PursuitOfHappiness Playlist

Take a listen to this #PursuitOfHappiness music playlist. join this mom and her son on the journey to freedom as they flee domestic abuse. Trigger warning


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll find that I often use the hashtag #PursiotOfHappiness. This is because I am always on the pursuit of happiness. Whenever I seem to get a grasp of happiness, it often slips through my fingers. I am always reaching to feel it warm my hands and heart for another second longer.

We don’t have to always be on the pursuit of happiness, but I’m always thinking of what I can do to make my heart feel light, my tears stop flowing and my attitude a bit better. Dealing with Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD, if I don’t look for the happiness, I am quickly consumed by sadness that can take weeks to overcome.

So I search, every day, for some happiness. Something to strike out at me, make me smile, make me feel light as a feather like I can be swept up in the wind and taken to wherever I need to be at that moment.

Music to Heal

Growing up, I have always gravitated towards music that makes me feel. I have often used music to amp up a party night with the ladies, to set the mood in the bedroom, get through depression, deaths… music can heal and enhance all sorts of feelings and emotions.

This playlist is going to help heal a soul that has dealt with domestic abuse. It’s going to help pull you along those days when you just… can’t. Because those days come, and they come often. This playlist is going to help you tap your foot to the beat and gather some strength, energy, and love for yourself.

I can’t tell you how many times I just plug my headphones into an iPod and blast some songs, dancing and singing off-key at the top of my lungs until I feel a bit better. It helps heal, if only for a short while. That short while of relief and good spirits is what can get you through the rest of the day.

#PursuitOfHappiness Music Playlist

The Playlist Journey

I try to organize this playlist every once and a while, adding or adjusting which song is where. It’s all about the journey. When I am in a rut, I can’t just turn on some EDM and start jumping around. It will only be obnoxious and sound like┬áloud noise.

The journey starts off slower, with some songs to get you aware that you are not alone. That others have also suffered pain and abuse, and it’s okay to feel sadness, heartbreak or even love. And that you have still made the best choice to leave. A few songs to get you in the mood for music and believing in yourself.

Quickly we start picking up the BPM. Some songs may talk about love or loving someone. And if it sounds like a love in a romantic partner that is picking up traction in your life, it’s not. Those songs are about loving yourself. Leaving abuse is hard, it’s hard to walk away. Gain some traction and love yourself, you are starting a new relationship with yourself, it’s a beautiful thing.

By the end of the playlist you will be listening to some of my favourite songs that get me up, jumping, feeling good about my life and where it’s taking me and that even though it sucks… it sucks a little less right now. I forget, if only momentarily about all my pain and trouble and lose myself in the music. I’ve made it, to a little bit of happiness.

Bonus Points if you turn the playlist on blast and listen with your kids. Belt out the songs with them, jump on the bed, twirl around together. Pick them up, bounce around, do the tango, do the shopping cart, start the lawn mower, laugh, play, let loose and enjoy that moment together. Can’t tell you how many times Gregory and I head to the bedroom and laugh, dance, scream, and play. Often times right before his bed time. Just to get a few moments together where we are happy. Together.

For a single moment of the day, I can guarantee my son isn’t going to look at me and ask “You done crying mom? You not sad anymore? You happy?” That’s what this playlist does to me. It lifts me. Lifts me enough that my toddler can have his mom back. Finally.

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Before You Go

It is tough writing about abuse and my journey. There is always a trigger warning and I hope you’ve taken the time to click through and read what it has to say. Abuse isn’t an easy subject to talk about, but the more I talk to people about it, the more I realize that many others have also gone through it.

I hope that this playlist can help you survive and smile, grasp a little bit of that happiness that you may have been lacking as of late.

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