Baby Bean Pregnancy 25 Week Update

Lifestyle / Friday, November 22nd, 2013
How far Along? 25 weeks

Gender? Boy
Maternity clothes? No, but broke down and bought some Lrg shirts to wear
Stretch Marks? No
Sleep? Only a few hours every night all week, then last night I passed out and woke up over 12 hours later. I think I’m reset now.
Best Moment? My wedding dress is in the building! I should take it to my moms soon, so Adrien doesn’t peak at it. Yay for wedding things
Worst Moment? The whole no sleep thing. I had numerous melt downs. I sat in the bathroom and just cried for like half an hour one day. 
Missing anything? Holiday drinks! 
Movement? He wasn’t for a few days, but now back with full force
Cravings? Cereal and chocolate
Symptoms? feeling like a whale
Rings on/off? on… the right hand at least. Left hand rings are away being cleaned and sized for the wedding
Belly Button in/out? In
What are you looking forward to this week? Sleeping. I’m hoping I can get more of it this week so I can start being happy again, and not so temperamental.

I looked back at a picture from week 13, and man has my body changed! I don’t think I can imagine me any bigger. But my body will never cease to amaze me and bloat out much more as Beans due date nears.