Baby Bean Pregnancy 34 Week Update

Lifestyle / Friday, January 24th, 2014
How far Along? 34 weeks
Gender? Boy
Maternity clothes? No
Stretch Marks? One on my side, but it blends in quite well with my teenager growing stretch marks.
Sleep? Napping like crazy, over night I wake a billion times.
Best Moment? Adrien let me order my cloth diapers instead of buying them second hand. So picking out all the patterns was very fun. He also got confirmation on his Paternity Leave. Which is exciting as he was worried he was putting in his application at work too late. Has to go through the chain of command in the Army, so everyone now knows that we are pregnant at his work. 
Worst Moment? Heart Burn sucks big time. 
Missing anything? Sleeping on my stomach. I keep trying, and something keeps kicking me really hard saying stop it. *Le sigh*
Movement? He has been slowing down lately. I still get movement, but apparently He sleeps about 90% of the day now.
Cravings? Milkshakes, ice cream. all the good stuff. So I try and have smoothies and fruit instead. It isn’t the same.
Symptoms? Heartburn, I officially ‘waddle‘ have pregnancy swag. And I have been slightly over emotional than I should be lately.
Rings on/off? On
Belly Button in/out? In/out. Still, depends on where his butt is sitting, or where he is pushing out.
What are you looking forward to this week? Baby-wise I am excited to be one week closer to my due date. I have (hopefully) my last Iron infusion this week. Life-wise? Get to watch my cousin in one of her gymnastics meets tomorrow. And I get to have fun walking down to the mail box everyday waiting for important packages and letters.