Baby Bean Pregnancy 33 Week Update

Lifestyle / Friday, January 17th, 2014
How far Along? 33 weeks
Gender? Boy
Maternity clothes? No
Stretch Marks? No… but I might have one small one coming in. 
Sleep? This whole waking to pee seven times a night is starting to get old.
Best Moment? Nursery Decorating. Feeling Bean move much more and all the time it seems.
Worst Moment? Sometimes when Bean moves it really hurts. Or He moves somewhere its really uncomfortable and I can’t do anything about it.
Missing anything? Not this week.
Movement? Best thing ever, all the time, all night, all day. When does this kid sleep?
Cravings? Milkshakes and sandwhiches
Symptoms? Swelling fingers
Rings on/off? On
Belly Button in/out? In
What are you looking forward to this week? Getting to finish the nursery more, my infusion appointments coming up which will give me more energy and make me feel better. And knowing that there are only 7 weeks left before I get to meet the boy inside me.