Bean Pregnancy Update Week 18

Lifestyle / Friday, October 4th, 2013


How far Along? 18 weeks!!
Gender? A mystery for a short time longer.
Maternity clothes? Not that I could afford it, but I don’t need them yet.
Stretch Marks? None new, I think my old ones from growing up as a Teen are starting to darken though. Might be the angle that I look at them though.

Sleep? A challenge.

Best Moment? Adrien got me DQ ice cream twice this week! Feeling loved 🙂 Charlie is also starting to learn that she’ll always be my furbaby, and has seemingly stopped using my slightly inflated tummy as a launch pad.
Worst Moment? This whole sleep thing really sucks. I’ll take a nap cause I’m exhausted, and then can’t sleep even worse that night. It’s a lose-lose situation it seems for the time being.
Missing anything? Alcohol. I’m no alcoholic, but I could sure for for a Vodka Slime, or Vodka Cran, or Vodka anything right about now. 
Movement? Little pop corn pushes in the pelvis region. When I laugh or talk Bean will freak out, run away and then the fun is over for a few hours. 
Cravings? Ice cream from DQ and apples… still.
Symptoms? I think my boobs are growing again. Great. Sleeping issues, and laziness.
Rings on/off? All on again. My engagement ring is still super loose though, afraid it’s gonna fall off. First trimester I took it off cause it was falling off. I lost so much weight from MORNING ‘all day for 3 months’ sickness.
Belly Button in/out? Very much in. Still trying to get Adrien to stop playing with it when he talks to Bean.
What are you looking forward to this week? ULTRASOUND! yay, finally upon us. Well, at the end of the week, but still! 
**Weight Gain? I’ll post this once and once only, I don’t have a scale at home, and the nurses at my OB office won’t share what my weigh in is, not that I truly care. If I gain too much, my DR will let me know, same if I gain too little. Weight isn’t an issue, I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll gain upwards of 20 lbs, maybe even 30/40. And I’ve left it at that. I’d rather not see the actual number until it is time to start shedding said pounds, when some of the baby weight has already dropped off. 

Notes: Sometimes I feel less and less pregnant, and I get nervous/worried that something is wrong with Bean. At my last OB visit I recorded the heartbeat on my phone and I listen to it when I get like this. Only the effects of the sound has worn off and I can’t wait for my ultrasound to assure me that everything is okay. I do feel Bean move frequently, but only one or two kicks at a time and then that’s it, for HOURS and it freaks me out that something happened. New mom worries, what can ya do? Does anyone else have these kind of doubts in their mind, or had these doubts when they were pregnant?