Book Club – 2017 Toddler Themed Book Reviews

Lifestyle / Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Book Club

Welcome to the 2017 book club for the month of January. Today I’m going to let you know some of the great joys you’ll get by joining our RAD Book club, perfect for your Toddler, and 4 great books I think you should snap up if you see them at the library.

check out this RAD book club and get ideas for which books to look out for at your local library that you and your toddler can enjoy together. Toddler approved.Toddler Themed Books

Themed… oriented towards… same thing right now in my head. Our Rad book club comes around once a month and gives you some great ideas for books your toddler may enjoy. I mean, my toddler loved them, so yours may too.

Gregory and I read a lot of books every week. The library is our primary source for book exchanges, although thrift stores and consignment shops are also a good place to search for books.

I’m going to be completely honest with you for a moment, one reason why I add this book club post with Toddler books is because these are the books that Gregory loved most and I want to be able to look back when he doesn’t want to read the silly books with a silly mom making noises and acting out characters and her terrible accents.

One day that won’t be silly it will be embarrassing. Here’s to memories with my Bean.

Books for Mom

While this particular book club post is all about the kiddies, the other 11 months of the year our book club post has books for moms, dads, and their kids. (Grandparents, Aunti’s, uncles and others can also enjoy these.)

I thought it would be a great idea to keep track of which books I read and keep myself accountable for reading 1 book a month this year. My New Years goal, same as last year. I managed to get my 12+ books read last year, this book club was great motivation for me.

Check back on future book clubs to get an idea of what book to pick out for yourself while you’re perusing the library checking out a book for your Little.

Dino Bites

Algy Hall Gregory has been pretty into dinosaurs for a while, and I went looking for a few good books to get really loud together. Dino Bites is a short book that has very few words yet is very enjoyable. The dinosaurs chomps, snaps, snacks and bites and you bet your bottom we burped at the end of the meal. It is fun to get silly and make silly noises, this book was a great one to read after lunch, right before he went for a nap.

Dinosaur Rumble

Shaheen Bilgrami Books that require an action to be taken by my son are always winners. In this dinosaur book Gregory got to pull tabs and the dinosaurs moved. With this book we not only learned what a few dinosaurs were called, but we learned a bit about them too. It’s an easy to read book, great words that flow nicely together making this a favourite for several days.

My Heart Fills with Happiness

Monique Gray Smith I really enjoy making sure Gregory gets exposed to First Nations stories and artwork. Being removed from our culture, it is important to me to keep learning and being proud of who we are, where we came from. This book is a wonderful read that I think I may have enjoyed slightly more than Gregory. Reading what happiness can look like gave us a little perspective in a difficult time in our life where happiness seemed hard to come by.

My Little Doctor’s Bag

Claire Bampton What little kid doesn’t like playing doctor? Mine loves his doctor play set, claims his white button up shirt is his doctor shirt and will make mom ‘feel all better’ because she’s sick. (Last time I believe it was worms. He ensured I was all better with medicine, a band-aid and knocking my knees with the reflex hammer.) Here is a book that goes over the things inside this doctor bag, and it can be carried around like one too. It’s cute watching a Little walk around looking for their next patient.

Before You Go

I hope you find one of these books enticing enough to look for at your local library. We go through so many books every month, these were just some of the stand outs in Gregorys book list. I am glad to have them on record so I can remember our laughs and play activities we did when reading them.

Don’t forget to check back for our RAD book club next month. I’ll be listing books for toddlers and their parents to read. I also look forward to seeing your book recommendations in the comments so I can keep an eye out for a book pre approved by your toddler.

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