Book Club – April 2017

Lifestyle / Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Time to Get Back Into It

Welcome back to our Rad Book Club for Moms and Tots. It’s been a rough 6 months for me, and finding time to focus on a book hasn’t been in my cards as of late. I’m trying hard to get back into it and this month I finally picked up a book. Today I wanted to share with you awesome books my 3 year old and I have enjoyed this last month.

Do you have a toddler or pre schooler that is hitting and kicking? Check out these great books to read with them that may help move that phase of growth along faster. Plus, a great book for mom to wind down with after bedtime and get in a few good laughs.

Mom and Tot Books

It’s important to me to list books in my book reviews for both the Little kid and the parent. I know I sound like a broken record when I say that I am trying to hit my one book a month goal. But also because reading is great self care. It’s me time, and depending on my book of choice, it can be a learning experience or a way to escape into a new life and world.

This particular month I wanted to touch base on books for the Littles that focus on hitting, biting, kicking, anger and how to calm down. It’s a stage that Gregory went through and it was definitely tough going for a few months. It’s gotten better now, and I’m happy to say that we still use the techniques in these books to help calm down. No more hitting and kicking. The book for mom this month is a great book that I enjoyed to wind down with at the end of those long days of growing.

you'll grow out of it, by Jessi Klein. A book recommendation

You’ll grow out of it By: Jessi Klein

As a fellow wolf living in a poodle world, this book was made for me on so many levels. It made me laugh, hard. It made me think, hard. And it gave me some serious inspiration. I hadn’t heard of Jessi Klein before this book but she is now a comedian I YouTube and watch when I need a good laugh. If you’re wanting a sneak peak of what it means to be a wolf in a poodle world, check out the second video below.

Full of wise words about growing up, female secrets, porn, work, love and general life experiences, Jessi writes wonderfully. And if you listen to the audiobook, like I did, you’ll be blessed to hear every word how she meant it to be read. If you aren’t a fan of people being Frank and using words that shouldn’t be heard around children, I highly recommend this book. Here, check out the trailer for her book below.

Kids Book Club

Gregory has been going through a hitting kicking and screaming at mom phase. It’s not only physically painful, but mentally straining. We we’re in the library when a couple of books caught my eye that looked like they would be the perfect way to help put a kabosh to it all.

Hands are not for Hitting & Feet are not for kicking

Hands are not for hitting, a book recommendation for kids
Feet are not for kicking, childrens book recommendation

These two books go hand in hand and are pretty obviously about hitting and kicking. Gregory has gone through several stages where he starts hitting and kicking me since we left his dad. Whether it is a result of witnessing abuse, anger at me, or a normal stage in a child’s development I am not sure. But this book helped me and Gregory sit and talk about it in a calm manor rather then in the midst of a battle.

There are a few more books that are in this series, including teeth are not for biting and voices are not for yelling. Gregory and I have also read the voices book, which is always a fun read when you get loud and quiet while you read, just to be silly.

Calm down time, a book recommendation for children

Calm Down Time

This particular book has left a lasting impression on both Gregory and myself. I am debating buying a copy rather than borrowing it from the library again. Totally worth it.

This book is about calming down and taking care of yourself when you are angry or sad. It teaches children methods to cope with these big and overwhelming emotions to calm down.

I don’t give Gregory ‘Time Outs’. We have calm down times, and by we I mean I also have to have calm down time. When I have big overwhelming emotions I tell Gregory I need to go have some quiet time and do some self care and breathing exercises to try and ground myself again.

It is important to me that Gregory realizes that those big emotions are valid. Everyone gets angry and sad, and it is okay to be angry and sad. But when it starts to effect other people, it’s time to remove yourself and calm down. I’ve found he is still resistant to having calm down time when he is screaming and slapping me. But after he does calm, I’ve observed that he is more willing to apologize and talk out the issue and we can quickly get over it. #LeadByExample

Before You Go

I definitely am looking out for Jessi and her comedic flair more often. She had me laughing and smiling like a fool on many runs. Yep, I was that person who smiles while running.

If your child is giving you a but if a hard time, I suggest opening up these books and giving them a read. At the end of some books there is a note for parents which tells you more ways to help you deal with the difficult situation. It isn’t always cakes and tea while parenting. This phase is not one I particularly enjoy.

If you have any book recommendations for me that may help me learn new tactics or talk with Gregory about these things, let me know in the comments. #SharingIsCaring and I could use some more ideas. He’s a pretty awesome kid, we’ve just been through a lot and are each dealing with it the best we can.

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