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Book Club

Welcome back to another book club review post, where I share the books my toddler and I have been reading this month. The toddler book reviews are a few of the many books we’ve read to my 2 year old, these were his favourite. Scroll down lower and find books that, as a mom, I struggled to find time to read but am glad I managed to finish them.

Join in the book club and get your read on. I know, it’s hard as a mom. But aiming for one book a month that is just for your own entertainment will make such an improvement to your life… as a SAHM it’s essential for me to do things like this. For Me.

Come check out this August 2016 Book club, perfect for moms and toddlers.

Gregory’s Favourite Books

As I said, we read a lot of books each month, and make several trips to the library to exchange for a few new ones on loan a few days.  Some books hold Gregorys attention longer than others, some books we must read multiple times a day to satisfy him. These are the types of books I review/recommend in this part of the book club posts. Not just any book can end up in here. Of course I influence which books get taken home, but Gregory is the one who decides which books we read and which are his favourite.

Mortimer is a great book on this book club revie wlist. Check out more toddler books, and book reviews for moms here

Mortimer By Robert Munsch

CLANG CLANG RATLLE BING BANG… we make noise all day with this book. Reading it over an over. Then, at night, I can hear Gregory singing quietly to himself as he goes to sleep. “Gonna make my noise all dayyyyy” he sings in his half word half toddler babble to make up for lack of speaking capabilities. It’s the cutest thing ever. I remember loving Robert Munsch books as little girl. I am so glad Gregory is finally enjoying the books I tracked down for him.

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A B SEE By Elizabeth Doyle

I love it when Gregory is looking for something and he says ‘There it is”. Like, he says it “Oh, there is, silly me” in his three word sentence. It’s super cute and I am always looking for opportunities to play I Spy with him to encourage him to say “There it is”. I want to hear it was many times as I can before it changes into bigger words and sentences. This A B SEE book is great to play I Spy. And to learn all the things that start with letters of the alphabet. This book was also a hit because there was just so much to look at and keep our attention. Both of our attention.

Counting Wild Bears is a great book on this book club review list. Check out more toddler books, and book reviews for moms here

Counting Wild Bears by Gryn White

It’s extremely important to me that Gregory gets to experience as much of our culture as possible. He isn’t growing up across from the reservation like I did, I don’t know anyone to visit and have him experience our culture since moving to the mainland. I do my best to teach him what I can, and I often find I am teaching myself too. This month we really enjoyed this book where we not only got to count bears, but talk about what colours they were and what each bear was doing.

The art, I also can’t get enough of the art. It inspire me and I often want to pull out a sketch book and try a few designs myself. So many benefits from this little book. Both Gregory and I enjoyed this one for sure.


Katrina’s Book Reviews

It’s my personal goal to read one book a month this year. I failed pretty bad the first half, but I’ve been working hard at catching up. This month I completed two books. One short, one longer. Both in the form of an Audiobook. I highly recommend you check out your local library or subscribe to an audiobook service online if you find that you don’t have the time to sit down and read a book. I can always find 15 minutes a day to listen to someone read to me. But finding time to sit and read… unheard of.

The Key to living this Law of Attraction book review. Check out this book club, where you can get book recommendations from a 20-something year old woman and a toddler

The Law of Attraction By Jack Canfield

This was a quick audiobook, and one I recommend to anyone who needs a new perspective on being optimistic in life. I have always thought myself to be a glass half empty kind of person. This year I have really been concentrating on changing my perspective to a glass half full. I think I missed the point for so long… something didn’t click with my brain. But this book helped me.

I want to share one particular example given in the book that stood out to me. It helped me understand that I was never going to be glass half full if I thought myself to be glass half empty. I was putting that out to the universe. That was my operating frequency level, and if my level didn’t change, my outlook wouldn’t change. Let me share the metaphor to better explain.

Imagine you are a big rig truck driver, the ones who have those radios in their cabin to walkie talkie other trucks and people who have radios. Well, if you want to talk to those other people, you’ve got to be on their radio frequency. You can’t talk to them if you are on the wrong radio channel, you’ve got to change it. Once you are on their radio channel, you are on their frequency and can communicate with ease.

This is the same with your energy. Put positive, optimistic energy out to the universe, you will get positive energy back. If you are negative and thinking the glass is half empty, that is the radio frequency you are communicating with. You’ll get nothing but glass half empty in return. Change your energy frequency and you’ll find the world meeting you half way and filling your glass all the way up.

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Down the Rabbit Hole By Holly Maddison

I have been wanting to read this book for a while now, as well as her next biography. I was not disappointed. You see, I grew up watching Holly, Kendra and Bridget on TV. I wasn’t into them right when Girls Next Door came out, I was in grade 6 and not nearly mature enough to be watching that. But I do remember the ‘popular’ girls coming in to school with bleach blonde hair, french acrylic nails and Playboy bunny clothes & merchandise. They looked just as glamorous as these women did on TV.

The glamour though, they were what… 11…12. We didn’t know what Playboy was, we didn’t know what anything was. After reading this book I don’t think anyone knew what was going on. Maybe you had an inkling as a potentially older or more mature being than I in the dawn of reality tv shows, or maybe you thought it looked the the life. The grass is always greener on the other side, hey?

I have to say that I was completely naive to what life in the mansion was really like. The reality show is just that, a reality SHOW. If you remember, the show ended quickly after Holly, Kendra and Bridget moved out, and all the drama that went on behind the scenes is mind boggling. I went back and watched episodes of The Girls Next Door on YouTube and found I could follow along and noticed when Holly was changing and starting finding herself again.

After leaving the show Holly moved out and wanted to created name for herself, but found it hard to remove herself from the PlayBoy name. She didn’t talk about her mansion life, she wanted to do it on her own. And for good reason. She did it, and her next book explains that more, but this book… this book explains how Holly left and why she worked so hard at making a name and career on her own. Without Hef.

Filled with sex, drugs, reality tv stars, old rich men, young naive women, catty opportunist women, and story of how Holly overcame an abusive relationship. It’s not easy to share your personal story of abuse. I am so glad Holly got to put her side of the story out to the world. It was a real eye opener to see that even in the celebrity world women get caught in bad places and manage to claw their way out. It gives me hope.

Super Quick Recap: Holly dates Hugh Hefner, and is 1 of 7 girlfriends at the time of moving into the mansion. She shares stories of her mansion life, the glamorous, the crazy, the catty, and the dirty. I mean, you don’t get any sex details, but you get the information you wanted all about to know right from the source. Then you read of the challenge it was to leave Hef, and the start of Holly’s life on her own post mansion. I love her ending perspective on finding your own happiness.

A RAD NOTE: I give this book a trigger warning. Abusive partners, needing the perfect body, and talk of drugs.

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Before You Go

I hope you go check out a few of these books we’ve recommended this month. I didn’t want to share too much of Down the Rabbit Hole. It’s a really good book, long, and there had been so much media coverage that you’ll probably find a better review with more details elsewhere. There were a lot of triggers in the book for me, so I don’t want to trigger someone else by sharing too many details. Definitely worth the read if that doesn’t affect you. It made me uncomfortable at times, but didn’t deter myself from finishing. I learned and gained strength from reading it and therefore still recommend.

Don’t forget to check out last months book club, and come back next month to see which books we’ve managed to read through September. Oh, and don’t forget to go check out your local library, they’ve got lots to offer you. Not just books.







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