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Lifestyle / Monday, January 15th, 2018

Gregory and I have been so lucky to live within walking distance of a library again. The last time we lived in such close proximity was when he was a year old. Here we are, he’s nearly 4 and we hit up the library several times a week. Today I wanted to share with you some of the books that we’ve been devouring as of late.


Lines that Wiggle

by Candace Whitman

Great for a quiet book to read on his own, and for the both of us to read together, Lines that Wiggle has been a hit in our house. Unlike many other ‘follow the line’ type of books we’ve read, this particular one is textured and raised up. This makes it much more appealing to follow and offers a new take on a follow the line type of book. I recommend this book if you’re trying to introduce this type of book to your child. I wish I started with this one.

Book Clubs for Kids and their parents


by Cynthia Rylant & Brendan Wenzel

Inspiring, and a perfect bedtime book. I picked this one off the shelf and had to almost beg Gregory to read it one night because the cover just didn’t look interesting enough to him or something. But when I read the book he was very quiet and listened to every word. I closed the book and laid with Gregory as he fell asleep and pondered over the book.

Maybe not a great read for children under 4, but you can ultimately be the decider of that. I do plan on looking this book up again at least once a year to read with him. It’ll be a good one to re-read and be re-inspired to live LIFE.

Life by Cynthia Rylant

Tap the Magic Tree

by Christie Matheson

I find that books are more likely to be read in the middle of the day if we get to interact with them somehow. Tap the Magic Tree was so much fun to read and play along with. Gregory would energetically perform whatever was asked of him on the page and then quickly turn the page to see what happened. These kinds of books always leave us smiling and laughing.

Tap the Magic Tree

Game Of Thrones

by George. R. R. Martin

In the last six months, I have listened to a large number of audiobooks, my favourite ones by far were the Game of Thrones series. Yes, the whole series. I listened to each book for roughly 30-48 hours or so and loved almost every minute of it.

I’m a huge GoT fan, have been for years, yet I hadn’t cracked a book open. I was leant the first book from a friend last January and was told I could give it back when I was done. It seemed so long, and I kept putting it off. When I moved into my own place I had the need for entertainment and realized that audiobooks could keep me entertained for hours. So I looked up GoT.

I have to be one of those people that tell you, you have to read the book. Or at least listen to it like I did. Sure, the TV show is great, I like it too, but the books… there is just so much more that can’t be shown on TV. Just like any book, but the Game of Thrones universe is like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, there is always so much more to it.

As a survivor of abuse, there were several sections in each book that I really did not enjoy, in fact, I may have even skipped ahead at one part. Much the TV series, it’s very graphic. But it’s the details of things that draw you in.

I do want to say that I appreciated watching up to season 5 before I started the books. This allowed me to have a great understanding of the layout of the world, who people are and how the world works. It’s very complex and I wonder if I would have been able to follow along as easily if I knew where Kings Landing was in respects to Winterfell and the Wall. And like I said, the people.

There are so many people. Although the book descriptions of the characters are very different, I still pictured the actors and actresses from the show in my head. It made it wonderful to imagine. I even managed to adjust what the TV characters looked like to the book details. Only so many times you can hear how Tyrion scratched or rubbed his nose before you adjust your mental image of him from the TV show to the Book version.

The last thing I want to touch on here is the voice actor who reads the audiobooks. Roy Dotrice! He’s quite amazing at reading books, and he reads each book in the series. He changes his voice for each character in the book and keeps it constant throughout. Only when I got to the 4th book did he suddenly change his pronunciation and voices of some people, names, and places. But he kept that constant in the following book. I hope Roy reads the next book, whenever it comes out. I’ll wait for the audiobook to experience the book in my brain without ever having to crack open the massive yet wonderfully enticing books.

game of thrones

Before You Go

I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest book recommendation from our rad house to yours. I really hope you look into listening to some audiobooks if you find you don’t have the time or energy to sit and read a book. No need to not enjoy these very popular yet seemingly impossibly too long to read books. Don’t limit yourself to reading only children’s books as a parent. Sure, they’re great, I listed a few great ones I enjoy above. But don’t deny yourself the pleasure of being a grown up and enjoying grown-up things.

Be sure to check out my blog post that will inspire you to head to your local library this week. Come on, 7 great things to do at the library, check it out and then go check yours out!

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