Book Club – September 2016

Lifestyle / Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Book Club

Welcome back to another book club, where I give you a review on the latest books Gregory and I have been loving. Yeah, it’s a book club for adults and their toddlers, pretty RAD hey? I like to be able to remember which books Gregory has been obsessed with recently, and it’s a great way for me to ensure I keep reading at least one book a month. Join me, get a recommendation, and leave a book idea for me in the comments. Maybe I can pick it up at the library next visit.

Check out this Mom and Toddler book club, where you get reviews that you both can benefit from in one place!

Gregory’s Books

My son is currently 2.5 years old, he loves trains, planes and other automobiles. Today I wanted to share with you his Thomas the Train books that I think your little can also benefit from. I’ll only list two books today, but I’ll go into some more detail on how to interact and get the most from them.

Check out this Mom and Toddler book club, where you get reviews that you both can benefit from in one place!

Thomas and Friends Sound storybook Treasury

I know, most parents hate books and toys that come with noise. But I don’t mind this, maybe because my kid doesn’t read ONLY this book, he’s got many that he goes through on a daily basis. The buttons on the side aren’t just annoying noises though, they are fun when you look at it like a kid.

Opening the book, there are a lot of words. Gregory and I don’t really read most books for the words, we read them for the photos. The photos on the pages are more than enough to spark your imagination. Even just talking about what you are looking at gets your Little involved more than just reading the worlds.

I enjoy using the area of words to point out the pictures and ask Gregory to find the corresponding button to press it. We find the area in the pictures that the sound matches, and go for the next one. I hope to one day read through the entire book and see what the story is, but we enjoy using it like this. Gregory knows the story line that we read through by heart. His favourite page is the one with the ducks where he needs to tell them to ‘look out!’.

Check out this Mom and Toddler book club, where you get reviews that you both can benefit from in one place!

Thomas and Friends Look and Find

We are big on seeking things out, whenever we go for walks I am always complimenting Gregory for spotting something I hadn’t. He’s very perceptive and I like encouraging that in him. One way I encourage this is with this look and find book.

Every page has a scene with a lot going on, and the items you must find are pictured big and not too difficult to find. Only on occasion does Gregory ask for help, and it’s usually when he is tired.

When we get to the Zoo page I like to ask Gregory what sounds the animals make. We make all the noises and play seek out the animal for at least 5 minutes. When he howls like the wolf, Gregory then likes to walk over to his button blanket and howl like the wolf on it. It’s super cute.

Lastly, Gregory has little Thomas the Trains from Walmart. They are two dollars a piece and it’s a little extra special surprise he gets once and while. He’s started his little collection and we now have several little trains that match the trains in the books. We’ve got Stanley and Percy just to name two. We always try to pull them out and keep them close by when we read. It just adds to the fun.

Katrina’s Books

It’s been my goal this year to read at least one book a month. Last month I think I got through two, and this month I powered through one audiobook thanks to a solo-hike when I attempted Panorama Ridge in one day… it’s not a one day hike. Not for me at least. But I got in a good workout and made great progress in my fitness, and added a book to my one book a month list.

Check out this Mom and Toddler book club, where you get reviews that you both can benefit from in one place!

Keep Moving by Dick Van Dike

I know Dick Van Dike from Mary Poppins, he’ll always be Bert to me. The goofy chimney sweep who makes me laugh. Now he’s so much  more, I am so glad I picked this book, he’s such a wise man and I was pleasantly surprised to hear what he had to share.

The main point of this book is tell the reader to never stop moving. Never stop learning. Never stop, or you’ll get old. He was 90 when the book was being written, that’s old. And yet he didn’t sound old, his ideas weren’t that of an old person, he just has more stories to share than me, that was the only thing that made me think he was old while listening to him talk to me… reading his own book.

Oh, I love listening to audiobooks read by the author.

Old People

Old people of yesterday aren’t old people of today. That’s what Dick is trying to put across here. People have never lived so long before, a 90 year old man was reading a book to me. not twenty years ago would that sound unthinkable. The life expectancy of today’s first world countries has made it so that you are not considered old when you 40,50,60, even 70 years old. You’ve just got more life experience. If you take care of your body, brain and don’t get in an accident or get sick (like cancer) you will most likely live well into your 80,90’s… more people are celebrating their 100th birthdays than ever before.

More adults are going back to school and starting new life paths and careers than ever before, because you have the time to do it. This is great news, old people are not old. They just have more experience. There is more to this idea than what I shared, but that is a big thing that I wanted to share. If you don’t read this book, at least take away that.

The Book

I could get into so much with this book, from Dick’s love life and how lovely, sad and inspiring it is. To his career, and how hard he worked and deserved everything that he succeeded in life with. Or maybe I could share how he, his wife and children dug up 1000 year old artifacts that were buried on their farm property.

His perspective on so many things makes me stop and say ‘huh.’ I found myself laughing out loud, shedding a tear, agreeing and learning so much.

I hope I live my life with a little bit more intent, a little more joy, a little more… like how Dick Van Dike is telling me to live. Because he knows, he’s got some amazing life experiences I am so glad to have gotten to experience with him.

Before You Go

I hope you found one of these books intriguing enough to go hunt down and read yourself or with your Little. The Keep Moving audiobook was a little over 5 hours I believe. Which isn’t too long compared to some others I’ve listened to. Don’t forget to check out you local library for lots of fun, it’s got more than just books now you know.

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