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Lifestyle / Tuesday, May 13th, 2014
Many laws around the world make public breastfeeding legal and disallow companies from prohibiting it, but the reactions of people make it uncomfortable for mom and baby. Many often choose to not feed in public as a result.
This article came up
on my Facebook timeline and I read it. It was interesting, but I realized that although I know and agree that breastfeeding is a controversial thing, I don’t know the history or solid facts about breastfeeding in itself. So I decided to find out more on breastfeeding and the whole public breastfeeding issue and solid history. Here is my quick shake down of what I’ve learned.
Way long ago it has been recorded that Egyptian, Greek and Romans usually fed their own children. Although it was considered too much of a commoners task, so royalty usually handed that job down to the hired ‘wet nurse’.
In Europe, the quality of breast milk was considered good enough to eat if the mother had good dietary habits, was in good physical health and was mentally stable. If the milk was not deemed good enough for the child, a wet nurse was hired. Those in lower class and poor who could not afford a wet nurse, would formula feed. Which was considered dangerous for the babies health and life.
By the late 1800s through to the 1960s, breastfeeding in the western world declined significantly. By the 50s, people generally thought that breastfeeding was something that the uneducated and lower class citizens partake in. It was old fashioned and ‘a little disgusting’ for those who had to breastfeed because they could not afford formula. Quite a leap from what was originally thought about formula. Since the 60s a steady incline for pro-breastfeeding has taken place. Especially among the more educated women.


Canadian stats:
38% of moms breastfeeding
73% of moms are breastfeeding
53% of Atlantic moms breastfeed
87% of BC moms breastfeed
90% of moms do it for
better baby health benefits
40%  of moms say their choose to use formula because it is easier
(^^highest percentage for their choice of reason^^)
40% of moms stop at
3 months
72%  initiate breastfeeding at birth
31% continue after 4/5
Canada women have the right to bare their breasts, just as men do. Just as pregnancy is a condition unique to women, so discrimination on pregnancy is then considered sex discrimination. This is extended to breastfeeding. BC Human Rights Commission Policy and Procedures Manual protects the rights of female workers who breastfeed.
USA 1999 signed a Breastfeeding amendment  It states that funds can not be used to fine or prohibit women who breastfeed in public federal buildings or property. Majority of states also have statutes permitting breast exposure, negating
claims of indecent exposure.
UK 84% of people find breastfeeding in public discretely is acceptable. 67% mothers are worried about how public
opinion is against being breastfeeding in public. In Scotland there is a bill safeguarding
breastfeeding in public that was passed in 2005, creating a £2500 fine for
anyone preventing a mother breast feeding her child in a public area that has
been deemed legal.
Bad-Ass Facts
Did you know, in Sparta, men only got their names on their graves if they died in battle. Women only got their names on their graves if they died in child birth. That means that Spartans compared childbirth to war. It was deemed an honorable way to die.
I personally believe
breast is best. It’s what they were made for. However, I also believe it is a
choice to feed by formula and have no judgement. People believe that breast feeding is too sexual for public display. How can people not see the miracle and magic it is to grow a human from basically nothing. And then push it out of your body in a way that causes more pain than thought humanly possible to endure while conscious. Continued on after by sustaining that new life form with your body. Every time Gregory latches on I am amazed that I grew him. Me, my body. Everything about him is in existence because of me. How on earth can I do that? The body is an amazing thing. So why do people see past that point and think of breastfeeding is indecent exposure is beyond me.