Bullet Journal – November 2016 Set Up

Lifestyle / Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

Bullet Journal

I’m headed into my fifth month of bullet journaling this November. I’ve got to say, I’m very impressed with myself. I’ve stuck with it. Today I wanted to share a few pages for my November set up.

November 2016 bullet journal set up. Come check out how this bujo is set up this month.

Hello November

This month I wanted to try something new for my Hello page. I’ve been pretty inspired by the circular monthly layout that circulates Instagram and Pinterest.


I’ve been really slow to print off photos at Walmart, so I didn’t want to dedicate a whole page to photos like previous months. I still hope to print a few off and paste them to my Hello page for memories though. We’ll see. There is plenty of space.

November bullet journal gratitude log

Gratitude Log

For my gratitude log this month I kept it simple, as usual. I really hope to keep up on my gratitude log this month everyday. Lately I’ve been procrastinating and filling in what I remember a few days later. Like, it isn’t that hard to fill in one thing I’m thankful for each day.

Come on, Woman. You can do it and you’ll feel good for doing it too!

a simple budget tracker for a bullet journal

Budget Tracker

This month I wanted to create a simple budget tracker and see where it all goes. Inputting my income when I receive it and where it came from in the top box. My fixed expenses are changing this month and I’ll fill these in and keep track of when it’s due and paid.

The expense log I plan to record all my outgoing money. Every last dollar. I don’t wish to spend much, it’s my goal to not spend any money for 20 days of the month. Hopefully I can keep my spending within these 15 lines.

Grocery and meal planning page in a bullet journal

Meal Planning

My last meal planning page I had in September didn’t work out so well for me. So after scrolled Pinterest for a short time I had an idea for a new set up.

Family dinner is important to me, I want to ensure that Gregory and I sit down and have dinner together at the same/similar time frame every night. We’ve neglected doing this for a short time and I will set a time that we plan to eat at every night. Lunch will have an alternative time in case we can’t make dinner and know it.

The green and yellow post-it’s are for me to write lunch and dinner ideas for the week down. I really liked this idea of using post-it notes and replacing them once a week to keep meal planning simple and in one spot every month. I will let you know how this set up works for me.

November 2016 bullet journal dailies


Daily pages in my bullet journal aren’t anything special. I need to stop over committing, and this month I’ve made my daily pages simple. Important meetings, dates and tasks will be written in as usual.

diliesbullet journal page to fill in

Bonus Page

This month I wanted to put in a bonus quotes page. I’ll doodle outside the boxes and fill in a quote inside to get me through a tough day.

I’m big on quotes, I’m getting to the age where I am really starting to understand them and can apply them to my life. Le sigh. Adulting and growing up is hard. Good thing there’s a quote to get through that.

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Before You Go

I didn’t record a draw with me this month, I need to create a better filming area set up. I you would like to see how I drew out my Hello November page, let me know in the comments and I will make up a quick tutorial. It was easier than I thought it would be. I know you can do it.

If you’re a #BuJoLover, link to your own blog post with photos of your bullet journal in the comments. I am always looking for inspiration for my next months set up. Maybe you’ll influence my book like I am trying to inspire you for yours.

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