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Fitness / Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Bullet Journal

Welcome back to another one of my bullet journal updates. I’m still loving my BuJo and have recently discovered a new YouTube creator that I haven’t been able to stop watching. She just gives me all sorts of good tips. Today I wanted to share with you my October 2016 set up and show you a fun video that may convince you to start your own BuJo if you’re anything like me. A person with a mind super cluttered, super fast paced, and ever changing ideas of what I need from life.

Plan with me! Check out this bullet journal set up with photos and video to get you inspired to open your BuJo or grab a notebook and start your own.


I wanted to start off with a video on YouTube I found. I haven’t been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD yet, but I am doing my research and highly considering going to talk to a doctor about it. While doing research, I came across a YouTube channel called ‘How to ADHD’. ¬†Every Tuesday you get a new video in your subscription box about ADHD.

If you have it, think you might have it, know someone who does or just want to learn some more information about it, this is a really great place to start. The host is funny, nice and explains it all really simply. I’ll just leave this one video that discusses Bullet Journals and why it is great for the ADHD’er.

I never thought there was a reason I couldn’t make any of my previous planners to work for me. I was always so enthusiastic about them, and stopped within a few weeks… or days. I’m still loving my Bujo and keeping current with it. Maybe this is a cause of my struggle, and maybe you struggle with similar problems. I may not have ADHD, and neither may you. But still, it’s a great perspective and worth the watch if you’ve struggled with planners in the past.

Considering trying a Bullet Journal to manage my ADD/ADHD. I think this planner just might work! Click To Tweet

October 2016

This year is flying by, we are already headed into October and I am fearful for what the future brings at this light speed I seem to be travelling at these days. Thankfully, Autumn is here, and Autumn is the season of change. I switched up some of my bullet journal doodles this month, as I do every month, but the basic layout seemed to work well for me so I didn’t switch up too much from last months set up.

Check out this SAHM's BuJo. She's in month 4 and loving how effective this journal/agenda is working better than any thing she's tried before. Check out why a BuJo is working so well for her here

Bullet Journal monthly, tracker, goals and quote to start the month.

Start of the Month

This month’s Hello theme is brought to you by Autumn, the month where I start to get SAD. I need to embrace the changes that happen this season, it’s going to be tough and exciting all at the same time.

I needed to change what I tracked this month as I wasn’t keeping up with my Social Media posts very well. My first month doing my BuJo I had a social media tracker and it worked very well for me. I hope I can get back into the groove of things this month.

October 2016 Gratitude log Bullet journal set up

dalies-zoon-in-october-2016 dailies-october-2016


My gratitude log and dailies didn’t change up much at all aside from the artwork on the pages. I’m not the best with calligraphy and doodles, I love that I can work on my skills and not feel overwhelmed with my BuJo. I will keep to the same game plan of writing in 1-3 tasks I must complete that day, and fill in the rest of the space with a little memory so I can recall something good and remember a happy moment.


Bonus Page

This month I wanted to include one of my ‘extra’ pages because I wanted to try something new and wondered if you’d like to join me. I really want to take care of my body and learn to release bad energy. Yoga makes me feel really good and helps me ground myself. My goal is to do a Sun Salutation every morning this week.

If it goes well, opposite my next dailies page I will draw out a new yoga sequence. My goal is to complete a new sequence every week, ensuring I go through the sequence at least once a day. It really isn’t that much effort to do it, just remembering to get up and move is my problem.

Plan with Me

This month I filmed myself drawing in my Bullet Journal. I love watching those plan with me videos and attempted my own. Of course, with any new ‘venture, it didn’t go as planned. I finished the whole first page without even recording… and the lighting and shadows are distracting. But hey, we all start somewhere. Next time I record a Plan/Draw with me it’ll turn out better, because I’ve learned something from this experience.

Not wanting to waste too much time of pointless film, I pre-draw out my designs in pencil and you are only watching me go over everything with colour. Trust me, you do not want to see the very long, sometimes painful process of the actual planning of the design. You think these ‘fancy letters’ are messy and slightly cringe worthy, this is my best work! Haha, got to keep working on it to #LevelUp.

Before You Go

Thanks for checking out my October 2016 Bullet Journal set up. I hope maybe I inspired you to start your own bujo, or open up a notebook and get working on your own already.If you have ADD/ADHD or think you may have it, I am telling you, it has done wonders to my productivity. Plus, I get to be super creative and change up what it looks like to my hearts content. Check back next month for my next Bullet journal update.

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