Recipe – Strawberry Rhubarb Cupcakes


Anna Saccone posted this recipe on her blog/youtube channel and I decided they looked good enough to attempt my own. What a hit! They were delicious, and everyone who tasted them agreed and only sang praise!Here is the recipe, only difference is I decided not to use food colouring as she did, so that will […]

June 18, 2014

Recipe – No-Bake Cookie Bites


During pregnancy I did not crave cookies or cookie dough. Which is a shame in a way, because it is delicious! On the search for a yummy, summer treat recipe I came across this and decided to try it out. The Original Recipe can be found here. Ingredients: 1/2 C Butter 1/4 C Sugar 1/2 C […]

May 27, 2014

Recipe – Cinnamon Buns


I decided to bake something fun for Valentines day and looked up some recipes online. I found a fairly simple cinnamon bun recipe and decided on that as the MR loves these (Me too). If you want to see the original post, click here. Read on for ingredients and directions. I tried to be all […]

February 17, 2014