6 Cheerleading Fundraiser Ideas

Cheerleading / Monday, May 16th, 2016

6 cheerleading fundraisers  to earn you cash for travelling

Planning in the Off-Season

Fundraising was always a big topic discussed between coaches and captains during the cheerleading ‘off-season’. There wasn’t a lot of prep-time for the business end of cheerleading for our squad before we were back at it again learning new material and starting the fitness regime.

Note: Our ‘practice-season’ was February to June. The ‘season’ was the football season, June to October. The ‘off-season’ was October to January/February. Depending on when tryouts were held. So very few planning months, lots and lots of practice and choreography months.

Over the years I’ve participated in a large number of fundraisers. Some more fun than others, some more successful, all brought in some cash that helped my squad travel all over British Columbia for games and to Washington State for cheer camp.

I had made it a goal to fund our cheer camp travel bus every year, and had the high hopes of funding team uniforms that were squad property versus cheerleader property. We always paid for nearly the whole bus cost, and the uniforms was a goal that could have been accomplished if my squad had the same motivation to save money as I did.

Alas, they did not, and I could not guarantee the success of fundraisers alone. Fundraiser success depends completely on the motivation of the squad. Here are 6 cheerleading fundraisers, or other sports team fundraisers for you today.

Some ideas can be expanded on, and will be. I feel my brain might sometimes explode with information and excitement. I look forward to sharing more information to make each fundraiser a success. Plus many more ideas to make that cash.

6 sports team Fundraising ideas for uniforms

The Fundraisers

  1. Car Wash – A classic. Charge a set price, or by donation. Here are 2 Easy and Memorable ways to make your Car Wash Fundraiser a Success.
  2. Bottle Drive – Walk around the neighbourhood and collect some cash while helping the environment by recycling. Check out my tips for doubling your Bottle Drive Fundraiser income.
  3. 50/50 – My squad would volunteer to help our football team by replacing joining them at the Salmon Kings Hockey Games. We’d stand at the doors and walk the seats for the first two periods, practicing with our loud cheer voices. This was great publicity for our team name, team bonding, and connected the football players and coaches with the cheerleaders more. Generally they are separate entities until game day.
  4. Chocolate Sales – Mmmmm, chocolate. Donuts. Cookie Dough. The variety of things your squad can sell now-a-days is insane. You cans sell ice cream. ICE CREAM. I’m not sure how you get it to your customer, but it’s possible. Pick your poison.. I mean candy and get out there. Chocolates here.
  5. Scratch-and-pay – A twist on the classic scratch-and-win. We loved doing these cards. Each cheerleader gets a card, and goes to family, friends, strangers at the mall, and asks them to scratch some spots on the card. They then pay the cheerleader the total money they scratched. Prices varied from $0.25 to a couple dollars. Scratchers can also receive a coupon page, included with card purchase. Find some here.
  6. 200 Club – MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE FUNDRAISER. This can bring in to much cash, so fast. All you need is each cheerleader to go around to family and friends and ask for $20 ten times. They’ll fundraise $200 in very little time. Guaranteed success, as long as they ASK. A great way to pay for uniforms 😉

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