Why Do Kids Wake Up So Early? – Learn the Secret to Morning Energy

Lifestyle / Friday, June 9th, 2017

Momma Likes to SLEEP

I don’t know about you, but I like to sleep. If I don’t get enough, I start to get cranky, slow and eventually sit down and pass out. I don’t care if I’m comfortable, if there is noise, if I have a squirming 3 year old on my lap. Did you know that my kid seems to have an endless amount of energy. Like, he never friggin’ stops moving. I can barely wake up in the morning and he never stops from the moment he wakes.

From the moment Gregory wakes up in the morning, he is going. Opening his eyes, he looks at me and says ‘Good Morning Sweetheart”, and he’s ready for what the day has to bring. I have recently discovered why my kid wakes up early, every single day, and is suddenly turned ON and can run a marathon. How does he have that much energy? And where can I get ME some of it? Let’s Talk about that.


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I always thought I was raising a morning person. You know, those early birds that get the worm. I’m a night owl, I’d prefer staying up in the dark working away at whatever is currently keeping my attention. ourRADhouse.com was created in the middle of the night while everyone in my house was sound asleep. I made great progress and had my blog up and running within a month.

Gregory, my early bird, likes to wake up at 7am. Every day, regardless if I let him nap, go to sleep late or early. I used to send him to Grandma’s house and I’d text her at 8:30am asking how he slept and she’d say he was still sleeping. I would be so excited that She managed to get him to sleep in and stoked to get him home on this new sleep schedule. The first morning back he’d wake up at 7am. My kid is an early bird, and only with his Night Owl Momma who wants to stay in bed.

Why Do Kids Wake Up So Early?

This is the question that has perplexed me for about a year now. I thought if I discovered what the answer was, I could find a remedy. I was wrong. I found the answer, but there is no remedy to making your kid stop waking up so early. I saw the following image on my Facebook feed a few days ago and this is answer to my long standing question.

Why does my child wake up so early? Read how this one mom basically changed her life because when she saw this photo on her facebook news feed.

Of course.

Children wake up early because they are excited to live their life, the world is literally at their fingertips. They have everything to learn, everything to experience, endless hours of play and exploring and discovering. Who wouldn’t want to wake up early when life has so much to offer.

Adulting is Hard

At some point in my life I started to deal with real life issues, the kinds that adults have to deal with. The further into my adulthood I grow, the more adult problems I face. It’s exhausting. It drains me emotionally and physically.¬†Adulting is hard.

Adulting in your early-mid twenties is especially hard because I don’t know how to adult yet. I’m still figuring it out. I don’t wake up with the thought that “the world is my oyster”, because it’s not. My day consists of caring for a 3 year old in a house that is not my own with other people that I may or may not want to live with because I’m fleeing abuse and trying to keep myself together as I suffer from PTSD and end my marriage. I’m not even 25 yet, this is some seriously adulting I’m doing here and it is not enjoyable.

I don’t wake up excited for my day, I wake up wondering if I can make contact with my lawyer and wondering if I have another counselling session, group session, renters course or pre-employment program to attend. None of these are something I particularly enjoy because up until 8 months ago I was a stay at home mom and wife.

I don’t have privacy or a home to call my own, I don’t have possessions and can’t tell people where I live. I don’t even have a phone. This is not a life I wake up excited to live. This sucks. Like I said, adulting is hard.

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Change of View

Children wake up early because they are excited to live their life.

They are excited about living. Life is worth living, it’s exciting, it has so much to offer, we just have to grasp it.

I saw the quote and realized that I need to change my point of view. I want to stop thinking adulting is hard all the time. I want to think of my exciting life, I want to make it worth living.

I want to start waking up with my son and be ready to take on the day. I want to be excited, I want to have plans, ideas, hopes, dreams that we are working towards. Gregory is always excited to see my face first when he wakes up. It makes him feel safe, loved and not alone. I also wake up looking at his beautiful face and am so happy that we are safe, healthy and together. From that moment on each day I want to keep all my thoughts in line with Gregory’s, because his positive outlook on life rarely wavers from that moment on in the day.

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How to Live an Exciting Life

This part of my blog post is going to cater to me and my interests. Your steps to creating an exciting life could look completely different than mine. I am very excited to finally write this down and have a set idea on how to make my life exciting so that I too can wake up early and be excited to live my life.

Step One: Feel Comfortable at Home

As I said, Gregory and I don’t technically have a home, not to ourselves anyways. We are used to this communal living situation, but it doesn’t make it enjoyable. I’m not sleeping in my own bed, it’s not my dresser, that’s not my living room couch, that’s not my fridge filled with whatever food I enjoy eating… feeling comfortable and at home in communal living spaces is difficult.

The way I’ve managed to feel comfortable at our ‘home’ is by making it out own. We went to several stores and ended up buying our own sheets and pillow cases to sleep on. I hung up some pictures and a mirror on the walls with permission. I decorated around Christmas. I bought candles and air fresheners in scents that I enjoy and made our private rooms smell cozy and moved the furniture around. I tried to personalize the space I’ve been given to make it feel more like my space for the time being.

Step Two: Make Plans

I’m big on having ideas, but implementing them into plans is often a struggle for me. I went to the dollar store and bought a jumbo calendar that I write appointments and adventures that I want to go on with Gregory. Saturday Mornings we have Dance Class, Library days are Wednesdays, Picnic at the park next Friday, Kite flying at the local school field on the 18th.

Making plans for specific days of the week or month is a great way that I have started to get excited about waking up. Also, by making them in advance, I’m not sitting on the couch in the morning wondering what on earth I’m going to do that day. That is a real bummer for me, sets my whole day up to be negative. I’m much more excited to get dressed and out the door if I know we are going to have a grand day doing a fun activity.

Step Three: Have Something to Work Towards

Goals. Since I ran my first 5k last year, I knew I wanted to run more. I signed up for a colour run with Gregory and we trained for two weeks and ran. It was a blast and for two weeks I was so excited to get outside and run, train, and demonstrate a healthy lifestyle for my son. I’m currently training for my first trail running race, it’s 8.5k and I get to road trip there with a friend to run together.

I don’t live near the person that I’m running the race with, so we are training separately. But the fact that we are running together, and training simultaneously is great motivation. I don’t want to let them down on race day. I’m excited to have a great experience to look forward to with a friend in a few months. Getting outside for a run every other day has been exciting and easier since having something to work towards.

Step Four: Brainstorm Your Future

This is not the end of my story. Where Gregory and I are right now, this is not our final stop, it’s merely a stepping stone on our way to independence. Some days I think about where we are and it really bogs me down. I don’t want to be here, I wanted a better life for my son. This is a negative way to think that does not make me excited to get up in the morning.

Lately I’ve been trying to think about the potential of our future. I can go back to school, what do I want to study. We can move wherever we want, do we want to stay in BC, do we go up North, go to a city, go back to small town island living? Gregory and I can start saving and plan a vacation, maybe we go backpacking Thailand for two months, I’ve always wanted to go. Do I want to move close to family, do I want to move in with my friends and have roommates? I get really excited when I think about my future, I want to do it all. If I can wake up everyday remembering I have the opportunity to do it all, I would never wake up depressed again.

Step Five: Baby Steps

My Final Step in being more excited to live my life is writing down all these things I’ve listed and create the baby steps I need to take to accomplish them.

1: I already bought bedsheets and pictures, I need to buy curtains and a nice shelf to display Gregorys toys in the bedroom. Maybe I can DIY a thrift store find.

2: I have to plan a thrift store day to hunt down items for #1. I’ve got to google local trails and plan a hike for Gregory and me. Maybe a camping trip next month if I can manage a tent and supplies. Maybe we can road trip and visit some family. Oh and sunrise hikes, I always wake up early for sunrise hikes.

3: I registered for my trail running race, now I need a training schedule and to hit the dirt running. Also, I want to look for a charity race and run another 5k before the year is over. Register for that as well.

4: Write out different life plans. One where I go back to school, one where I travel the world, one where I work from home, one where I go work part time, one where I run a daycare, one where I become a flight attendant, one where I move to the East Coast, one where I move to the island, one where I move to Smithers or Port Hardy.

5: Revise and repeat.

Be Excited, the World is Pretty Spectacular

For a few years I’ve been waking up, wishing I could go back to sleep. The best thing I had to look forward to was going back to sleep at the end of the day. When Gregory was born, Nap time was the best time. I’m not like that anymore. Not every day at least. I still have bad days, but I practice some self care and go through the steps I listed to get excited about life again. The world is spectacular, I want to wake up excited to live my life.

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Before you Go

I’m so thankful for Gregory, he’s taught me that there is always a reason to wake up with a smile. That there is always a reason to want to bound out of bed and start the day with enthusiasm. My son has saved my life, he has guided me and taught me in more ways than he has ever realized just by being present in my life.

So, why does my child wake up so damn early? Because he is loving the fact that he wakes up to see his mom smiling at him saying “Good Morning Sweetheart”, ready to spend the day making memories, learning and laughing together.


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