Christmas 2013 Has Arrived

Lifestyle / Thursday, November 21st, 2013
I went out this morning to enjoy a nice walk while running some errands. I left the house around 8:30am and man was it ever cold!
I went out all bundled up in my hat and scarf. About 5 minutes after I was out of the house, I wish I had brought gloves. My hands were freezing, but overall the walk was very enjoyable. I had to go to the bank, did a little shopping and enjoyed the start of the decorations around town.
These are the decorations up at the mall near my home. There isn’t very much, it’s a small mall with just a few select stores and phone companies. But all the teddy bears were so cute. My walk home the sky was bright and melted all the frost. Almost all the trees have lost their leaves and look like this. Against the blue sky, I still think bare trees have a bit of beauty to offer.
We never decorated our home until after December third when I was growing up, someone’s birthday. And I have yet to start my collection of Christmas decor since moving out from my parents house. Adrien has a little mini Christmas tree, which I remember someone telling me last Christmas, that the only reason why Adrien had the tree was because his roommate complained his house didn’t have anything Christmas in it. We can’t have a real tree in the Condo building, which is a real bummer. But my mom bought me these scent sticks that are meant to go in a fake tree, and it makes it smell like real pine. I can’t wait to use them. When I start to decorate, my home might not have a real tree, but it’ll sure smell like one.
I have found a new cookie recipe (new to me) that I am wanting to try out before the end of the weekend. Adrien has been craving chocolate chip, and we don’t have a hand mixer (story for another day). They didn’t always have electricity and mixers, but cookies have been around for a while. I just needed to find one that would still work if I mixed it all by my arm power. Cookies always make me think Christmas. Snowball cookies, sugar cookies, cowboy cookies. My mom and aunt used to send cookie care packages to each other over the holidays after my aunt moved a Province away when she got married. It was the best to have so many cookies in the house.
Baking in general, cakes, pies, tarts, bread. We recently acquired a home bread maker. What a disastrous first few days with that. But a week later and we no longer buy bread. I make it at home. Sure, it takes 4 hours, but during those hours, my whole house smells like fresh bread. It is so mouth watering, it is worth the wait.
Today we are 25 days from getting married, 35 days away from Christmas. Biggest day of my life so far, and favorite holiday of the year. I hope December wont disappoint!