Christmas in the Kitchen Tutorial

Lifestyle / Friday, November 29th, 2013
I say why not! The more Christmas in the house, the more Christmas in the soul!
The picture is slightly blurry, I couldn’t get a real good clear one, sorry.
Decorating is so much fun, and this one is cheap and easy! You need not to spend lots of money in your home to make it festive, you just need to be a little creative and take the time to make it as awesome as you can imagine!
Tin foil
Measure your tinfoil to your cupboard and secure it with tape. All my tape and excess are showing on the inside of the cupboard, but it doesn’t bother me, as I only see it when I’m grabbing something off a shelf.
Take some streamer and make a ‘t’-shape so your cupboard looks like a present. I give my streamer a few turns, but it isn’t required. Laying them flat looks just as good. I wanted a slightly 3D effect is all.
Pick out a fancy bow and tape that sucker on and step back to admire your wonderful, yet surprisingly easy, home decor!
It took me all of half an hour to do my kitchen. And there are so many variations of this that can be done. Instead of tinfoil, go ahead and use coloured wrapping paper. And instead of streamers, use ribbon. instead of cupboards, decorate your bedroom doors. Heck, have the kids make an afternoon of it. Let them decorate their door as a fun Christmas activity!
I bought all my supplies at the dollar store, and plan on just tossing it all in the garbage after the season is over. I know, I know, what a waste. But it isn’t such a waste. It didn’t cost me a whole lot, maybe 5 dollars total (including the tape). And it makes me happy to look at. The MR likes it too, so that’s always a plus. If you have left over streamer or ribbon, get creative with it. I wrapped it around the handles of my stove, fridge and microwave.
*Tip* If you want a really clean look, take the extra two seconds to remove any hardware in the way. And replace once the tinfoil is secured. Also, this is a great time to wipe down your handles and doors if you’re a clean freak like myself. I get them done once a week, but it’ll be a month or so before I can get under this again.
Hopefully this puts a little inspiration in your minds so you can make your whole house Christmas, and not just the living room area.