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Lifestyle / Friday, November 18th, 2016

The Holiday Spirit

Yes yes, I know… I’m super early for the holidays still. But to be honest, I was ready for Christmas to be here months ago. Last week I shared with you my DIY family vacation Christmas tree ornament, and this week I wanted to share with you a DIY Christmas Tree T-shirt for kids. We’re embracing the Christmas spirit here in our RAD house. Come join us.

DIY this cute Christmas t-shirt for your Little and squeal at the cuteness overload this holiday season

Mustache Man

I remember finding out Gregory was a boy, and being excited for all the mustaches we’ll get to play with for dress up. The Dollar store sells adhesive mustache stickers that have given us hours of fun since Gregory was a baby. I mustache you to remain calm, I’m going to show you an #ourRADhouse vlog that I’ve unlisted. It’s filled with mustache fun.

Le sigh. The vlog is slightly embarrassing for me, but Gregory is the star of all our old vlogs. He was the reason we recorded, so we could remember him at this age. I’m really glad I made these videos.

Of course this was while I was learning how to use video editing software, so it isn’t a perfectly edited vlog that you may be used to seeing online. I still like it. Messy house in the background and all.

check out this easy DIY Christmas TREE shirt

Andy and Tay Vlogs

During 2014 I was big on home videos, although I wasn’t very good at making them. I also enjoyed watching other young parents on YouTube. Family vlogs always make me feel good. I found and followed Andy and Tay, a young couple with (now) 2 young kids who live in America. They’re funny, have lots of content, and make really cute babies.

Andy and Tay are really great at putting out holiday videos. Their Halloween series is sure to give you costume ideas, and their Christmas vlogs are filled with holiday spirit, I could watch them in the middle of summer and still have a nice time.

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check out this easy DIY Christmas TREE shirt

DIY Mustache Christmas Tree Shirt

I wanted to share with you where I got my inspiration for my DIY Christmas tree Tee, thanks to Andy and Tay. Taylor made this cute T-shirt… wait I just saw that it says ‘TREE SHIRT” instead of T-shirt. Bahahaha, I just enjoyed this video all over again 2 years later.

Well done, Tay. Well done.

Anyways, this is where I got my inspiration from, you can watch the video or keep scrolling below for a quick run down on how I made my version.

DIY: Christmas TREE Shirt

This do it yourself project took me 2 years to start, and less than 30 minutes to finish. Yep, I put it off for so long, and am very satisfied with my outcome. Good things come to those who wait.

My Tree shirt is a different design than the video tutorial above, as I expect yours to show a little bit of your family and personality too.

In our family, Papa Pat always has a mustache shown in green. Growing up I remember him always trying to grow a Handlebar ‘stache. So our Tree Shirt is in reference to Gregory’s Papa.

Items needed to make a DIY Christmas TREE shirt

Items Needed

Green, Yellow, Brown Felt

White Paper

White T-shirt

Hot Glue Gun


I got my T-shirt from Superstore, as Wal-mart never seemed to carry a plain tee in Gregory’s size. They come in packs of two and aren’t more than $10. I also found a 2-pack of white tee’s at Caters/OshKosh for $7.50. I wish you luck in the sizing department everywhere you search.

The felt I found at the dollar store, 2 pieces for $1.00, and if you don’t have a glue gun, glue sticks or scissors at home, you can pick them up here as well. They’re cheap and they DO work. Seriously, the glue gun will work.

DIY this cute Christmas t-shirt for your Little and squeal at the cuteness overload this holiday season

How To Make

Step One: Using the white paper, I drew out the mustache tree and star, hoping to keep any mistakes in cutting on paper instead of felt.

Step Two: Cut out mustaches and star on paper, and use the paper as a guide to cut the felt.

Step Three: Glue felt onto T-shirt.

Step Four: Let dry and wear.

DIY this cute Christmas t-shirt for your Little and squeal at the cuteness overload this holiday season

Extra Notes

I recommend cutting out your tree on paper first, so you can experiment with how you want it to look. I folded my paper in half and drew/cut my tree much like I’d cut out a heart. This ensured my mustache matched on both halves.

When gluing the pieces down on the shirt, place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt where the body will be. This prevents the glue from seeping through the fabric and making the shirt unwearable. A simple cereal box cut to size will work.

Lastly, you can sew the tree on. Hot glue gun was faster, and I totally just took my sewing supplies out to the garage and didn’t feel like going to dig them out. #Lazy, I know. But the glue gun works fine. Needle and thread will make the shirt last years and more than one child.

DIY this cute Christmas t-shirt for your Little and squeal at the cuteness overload this holiday seasonDIY this cute Christmas t-shirt for your Little and squeal at the cuteness overload this holiday season

check out this easy DIY Christmas TREE shirt

Before You Go

I hope you enjoyed a few family vlogs from 2014, and try making your Little a Christmas TREE Shirt. Hehehe, that’ll get me every time now.

You’ll be saying ‘this is so cute!’ and ‘I can’t believe I made this’ over and over when you finish this and put it on your kid.

I can’t wait to see Gregory wear this in December, I’ll do a photo update when I manage to wrestle him into a cute Christmas outfit.

I’m really looking forward to putting this into our Christmas box for us to look back at every future Christmas. Maybe I’ll turn it into a yearly tradition now. I’m always on the hunt for new holiday traditions.

Let me know what you thought about this DIY, and if you’re going to make one for your Little in the comments below. Check back for more Christmas themed blog posts coming up soon.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa lala lala lalala la.

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