Christmas – DIY Family Vacation Ornament

Lifestyle / Friday, November 11th, 2016

Christmas is Close

We’re quickly headed into December and I feel like the year is going to be over before I realize it. Gregory and I have gone on some pretty amazing trips this year. Our first, and most impressive was in February when Mr. Radhuber took us to Hawaii.

Today I wanted to share with you a quick DIY ornament I made to hang on our Christmas tree that commemorates our family vacation.

Make your own Christmas ornaments with family vacation memories. Check out this easy DIY

Ornament Inspiration

I was inspired to make an ornament with some Hawaii inside of it thanks to the gift shop in our Resort. There was a Christmas Ornament store that I wanted to walk through but was afraid to in case Gregory knocked a few things down and we had to pay for it.

We did stand at the window displays and checked it all out though. One ornament caught my eye and I asked Adrien if we could buy it. A clear ball with sand, shells and a little sign was upwards of $20.00 and that just seemed a little ridiculous to me.

Not wanting to miss out on this creative idea, I gathered a few supplies before we left paradise so I could make my own version at home.

Leave No Trace

I know, I know… leave no trace when you’re in nature. And I took some sand and small shells from the beach. I was a bad girl. The fact is that if everyone takes a little bit, a lot would end up being taken. It isn’t good to remove nature.

Leaving no trace means not leaving your garbage behind, and not taking nature home with you. I did a bad thing. BUT I did not take an excess amount. So please, don’t go all crazy in the comments saying I shouldn’t have taken sand.

Not that I want to make any excuses, but this was also my very first vacation. It was a week before Gregory’s second birthday, and I wanted to commemorate an awesome experience. That is all.

DIY Ornament

Making Christmas decorations adds to the spirit of the holidays. Anything hand made holds more love and emits happiness from it. Gregory and I are big fans of making a new ornament together every year, they’re very easy to make and create awesome memories.

To make an ornament you’re going to need a plain glass or plastic ball. If you get there before they sell out, the Dollar Tree/ Dollarama/ Dollar Store sells them. I bought mine from there this year.

In previous years I did not buy the ornaments when I first saw them in store and had to go to Micheals, the craft store, and buy a $5.00 ball instead. And even then the selection was limited.

Items needed to make a DIY family vacation Christmas ornament

Items Needed




Popsicle Stick

Paint & Pens

Hot Glue Gun

Make your own Christmas ornaments with family vacation memories. Check out this easy DIY

How to Make

Step One: Pour a small amount of sand in the ornament. I used just under 1/4 of a cup in a large ball.

Step Two: Drop several small shells into ornament.

Step Three: Trim Popsicle stick to look like a surf board.

Step Four: Paint Popsicle surfboard stick. Design, date, and list the vacation location.

Step Five: Drop surf board in ornament.

Step Six: Use a hot glue gun and glue the ornament cap to the ball so it doesn’t fall apart due to weight, bad storage, and general use.

Make your own Christmas ornaments with family vacation memories. Check out this easy DIY Make your own Christmas ornaments with family vacation memories. Check out this easy DIY Make your own Christmas ornaments with family vacation memories. Check out this easy DIY

DIY Notes

This DIY ornament took only 10 minutes. Including letting the paint dry. I decorated both sides of the surfboard so that when it gets shaken up, which it will, the surfboard will still say Hawaii if it flips over.

Don’t put in too much sand and shells otherwise the ornament will be heavy. A heavy ornament not only is difficult to hang on some tree branches, but it has a higher chance of breaking.

Half the fun of this ornament is that everything inside moves. Gregory enjoys it, and I admit to giving it a swirl every once and a while too.

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Bef0re You Go

I hope you got inspired by my DIY Vacation Christmas Ornament and decide to create holiday memorabilia from your own family vacation. Christmas will be here before we know it, get into the holiday spirit with a simple craft.

Oh, these also make great gifts for family and friends that you may have forgotten to buy a souvenir for. I don’t buy souvenirs. I’d just prefer if you go on vacation with me.

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