Condo Tour – Guest Bathroom

Lifestyle / Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Before we move I’ve decided I wanted to preserve what our condo looks like. Both Adrien and I have commented on how we wish we took ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos because it looks completely different. When I moved in Adrien had been living here for about a year and it was a bachelor pad. Missing utensils, two living room couch sets, dining chairs on the patio and the walls still had the original drywall paint. This condo has become our home and I will be sad to go now that it looks absolutely smashing.


Well, I worked really hard at cleaning, purging, organizing and finishing decorating to the best of my current abilities. My home looks just as I want it to look. There will, of course, be minor tweaks here and there, but this is my home. I am proud of it. And I want to remember it after I move.
Today we’ll start with the guest bath. This will be familiar as it’s where I film the majority of the Chic Luxury Soap videos. It has great lighting and feels very relaxing.
We’ve had house guests from Singapore who stayed with us nearly 3 weeks and they comments on how nice our bathroom was. It really does make a housewifes’ heart fill with warm fuzzies when people compliment her family and home.


If you are in a home that you think is very appealing, compliment the owner. ‘You have a beautiful home’. Maybe that is a housewife-life problem. Maybe I’m thinking way too much into this now. Here is the guest bathroom in my rad condo.