Condo Tour – Living Room

Lifestyle / Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

The living room is a room that I am never quite satisfied with. But every time I move something I like it a little bit better. That’s our next room on our condo tour to preserve our home before we move. This is where the living happens!



Everything in toddler reach is toddler friendly… aside from the plant, the cat and the blinds. Something I really tried to keep in mind when I was decorating was ensuring Gregory had a safe place to play. An open and free-range play area with little to no restrictions. This will help him discover his world better and prevent mom and dad from saying ‘STOP’, ‘don’t touch that’ or ‘no’ all the time. Because those are words I do not want in my childs vocabulary yet.

Our living room is pretty rad. I am excited to see how I decorate in the new place, there is very little capable of being done in this space because the fireplace doesn’t move. I’ve tried to convince Adrien to let me move the TV so I could place a mirror on the mantel, but he made me realize how much I would regret it when it came to watching movies. This is a pretty rad set up to me for our lives right now. Very functional, and plenty of space for Gregory to play, walk and chase the cat.