Condo Tour – Master Bathroom

Lifestyle / Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Here we go, the second room in our condo to preserve for my memories. I’m going to just bang out the second bath here while we’re on the topic, seems simple enough. The thing I love most about home decor is that it can totally change the feel of a room. The guest bath was bright and cheery. I wanted it to be that way for not only our guests, but it’s where we take our baths. The mood was set and achieved.

In the master bath I aimed to get a completely different feel and look. Instead of bright and upbeat I wanted it to be warm and mellow. This warm feeling is great for early mornings to slowly wake me up and join the busy world. I aimed to feel rustic and country-like. I’m not sure how well I met that goal, if I had a photo hung it would feel complete. Adrien doesn’t want to hang anymore photos before we move, so I’ve agreed to stopping with the baskets. Here we go…

This is the view when you walk in the bathroom, simple and clean looking… if the glass is kept clean. Thank you house showings for more motivation to keep my bathroom clean. It’s a daily task now, both myself and Adrien work together to clean as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can speed clean in 20 minutes or do a decent whole house clean in about an hour. Then we have to go for a walk so we don’t inhale too many cleaning fumes.



I hung two hooks to hang our face and hand towels instead of a towel hoop because I liked the fact that two hooks meant Adrien and I could differentiate our towels. His is the higher hook, mine is the lower. I hung the same hooks behind the door for our big towels with the same height rule.
Our top basket holds items like Q-tips, cotton pads, and face wash. The bottom holds deodorant, cologne/ perfume, mascara and face moisturizer. Anything extra goes in the cupboard which I will admit is a disaster zone. I manage to clean it once every few weeks and it is a mess the next day. I need to find a system that works for our family still.
I actually DIY’d our soap dispenser and toothbrush holder. I used a hot glue gun and thin twine rope on the set we already had. It cost me about $8.00 for the rope, and I have a lot left over for future projects. Aside from that, all it took was digging out my glue gun and taking the time out of my day to sit and glue. It took a bit longer than i expected, I suspect it’s because of the thickness of rope I used.
Of course I have my Chic Luxury Soaps bar. Something I love about Chic Soaps is that every piece of soap is like a piece of art and adds visual stimulation to the room. Not to mention the great smell that the soap has to offer, We generally use the soap dispenser when washing our hands and this one we splash with water and rub for a nice aroma. Also to wash, but it looks so pretty sometimes I don’t want to use it. I have to remind myself I can always go and get more when I run out.
So there we have it, our rad master bath. We only just put on the light switch cover today because of the showing, so it is officially done as of me taking these photos. Not too shabby for a small bathroom, it was a difficult room to start with as it had some broken wall hooks, but I managed to make it presentable I think.