Condo Tour – Master Bedroom

Lifestyle / Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Continuing with our condo tour, I am happy to present to you our master bedroom! We room share- meaning our son sleeps in the same bedroom as us. We also have opted for a floor bed for Gregory, meaning he sleeps on a mattress… on the floor. It looks nicer than it sounds, trust me. This is part of the Montessori parenting style that we are slowly learning about. We have a floor bed, child friendly, room sharing master bedroom. I absolutely love it!

I removed the top drawer on our dresser so that I could pack in Gregory’s cloth diapers and liners. This makes changing after waking up way easier than travelling to the guest bathroom. I don’t mind if Bean pulls his diapers down and plays with them. He won’t hurt them, and it takes seconds to clean up.

Here is a little area that we use to sit, snuggle, read or look out the window. Gregory has a weird obsession with looking out the condo windows to the street, and I’m not going to prevent him from indulging. I like this area as well because there is a plug behind the room divider. I can plug in my breast pump and pump in private, but still be comfortable and enjoy the views from the window.
This top shelf has a special trinket box that Adriens mother had given him, and the bronze swan is a musical heirloom I got from my GG. I remember turning it while we were all sitting in her room with her during her last days and she became so alert to the music and seemed so at peace listening to it. I will never forget how she changed from pain and discomfort to hope and joy within seconds. The song is beautiful.

The monster paintings were done by my mom for Gregorys nursery that is no longer. Having Bean in a separate room doesn’t work for our family at this time, and we haven’t run into any problems having him in our room so far. I struggled de-cluttering the room for so long. I have realized I am a starter-hoarder and have a strong attachment to things that aren’t special. This little room has come a long way since I first moved in, and I think it looks pretty rad now. I’m a little sad to be saying goodbye I think.

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Paint colour: Garden Party  from Rona