Condo Tour – Spare Room

Lifestyle / Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Here we are, at the last room in the condo tour. I subconsciously put off writing this one, it isn’t because it isn’t at all special or exciting. In fact I put off writing it because it is sad. This is it. Our realtor said she thinks she will have our house sold by the end of May. And here we are saying goodbye to our last room, the spare room.


There you have it.
It’s funny because this room has gone under the most transformation of them all, yet it sits unused. Since I’ve lived with Adrien this room has been occupied by a male roommate (shout out to Chris), my mom and her 2 chihuahua’s, it was empty, storage, a nursery, storage, and now it’s a ‘put it there for a bit’ room. That’s nuts, right?
Chris was in the military with Adrien, and I moved into their bachelor pad. When Adrien said Chris’ lease was up soon, my mom moved in while she organized for a move up a mountain. (Literally 20 minutes up a mountain. thanks for that) After she left it was storage until I created Gregory’s nursery. I couldn’t wait to create his room, a sanctuary and safe haven for him. It was perfect.


You can see more photos of the nursery reveal HERE.
Gregory never slept in the nursery crib. NOPE. I lied. Adrien had him nap there once, haha. Many days and nights Gregory and I nursed and napped on the chaise. Many times Adrien came in scolding me for napping unsafely on a chair with a baby. That’s when he caved and started to let me bed share periodically, and ultimately when we resorted to using a floor bed.
It’s really sad to say good bye, there will be one more round up post of the whole condo tour. So if you would like to find all the links to the condo tour posts, stay tuned for that. And I guess this is it, goodbye, my rad condo. You will always be an important home in our family story. I love my home, but home is where my family is, and I’m planning on hauling them with all this stuff I have to now start packing.