Date Night Foot Pampering

Lifestyle / Saturday, April 4th, 2015

I am always striving to self-improve, one aspect that every married person can always work on is doing acts of love for their spouse. Unfortunately, this was a promised act of love that I had not acted upon for an extended period of time. It was long over-due, but still enjoyed all the same.

Adrien and I were shopping a while ago and we passed the beauty aisle that had foot/nail care products. I browsed slow enough to satisfy my need but quick enough not to hold up the shopping trip. I understand that while my husband wants to support my interests, it is smarter for me to indulge when I am alone. I was slow enough that Adriens attention was caught by a foot scrub and I commented on how I would give him a foot scrub one night if he bought it. He agreed.
It’s not that I didn’t want to do the scrub or pamper my husband. I know he deserves it, Adrien is amazingly patient and understanding. I couldn’t ask for a better husband. We talked many evenings of doing it, but we were always too tired or forgot before getting around to it. It wasn’t right to tease him and let my hubby feel like I don’t care about him after I offered something really special, so I needed to focus and make sure I got it done.
It took more coaxing than I expected. Adrien was the one saying ‘not now’ or ‘in a bit’. So one evening I was tired of feeling like I was slacking as a wife and did something about it. I gathered my necessities and ordered my husband to an impromptu date night at home. Foot pampering theme. There is so much variety that can happen with this type of themed date night, but I based our night around this scrub we bought.
As I said, Adrien picked it out, and I am not going to deny him from showing interest in my interests. He was the first to use it, I made sure to wait. I am excited to try it and see the difference of satisfaction returning to mass-produced product that isn’t natural and organic. This scrub has tea tree oil in it which is supposed to reinvigorate exhausted feet, so we’ll see if that happens because I have tired momma feet from chasing a RUN-year old.


Step by Step Guide to an Easy Foot Pampering Date Night

*NOTE: for the quick guide, read the highlighted words in each step. Mrs. Skippy Skipperson.

-Foot scrub
-Bathtub/ water
-Moisturizer/ lotion
Step one: Coerce husband into participating in a date night. Like I said, it took a bit. He was tired, and I pressured him into it. Don’t fall for peer pressure, kids.
Step two: Have husband place feet in the bathtub. We were lucky enough that our toilet is beside it, so Adrien could sit on it and have his legs hang over the tub and sit comfortably.
Step three: Rub scrub on his foot. Add water if you need extra lubrication. You’re using a scrub, so be a firm and utilize it to its full potential. Find out where he’s ticklish if you haven’t already. Go ahead, take your time and focus on doing a good job. It’s date night after all, I’m sure there will be more to come later on to reciprocate your efforts. That’s another perk of being able to do this at home after the kids are asleep!
Step four: After a good scrub, rinse with water.
Step five: Repeat with second foot. Unless you did both at once, you go-getter. Move on to the next step.
Step six: Take a pumice and rub that foot down. For ideas on how to properly use a pumice you can check out this article.
Step seven: Rinse foot again, because there will be dead skin all over if you did a good job. Unless your man has pristine feet. Lucky you.
Step eight: Repeat other foot. Same as last time I will assume.
Step nine: Dry off both feet with soft towel. Dab dry, don’t rub. Be gentle and make this a luxurious experience of pampering. Make him feel special, even in the most simplest of forms.
Step ten: Move to a more comfortable place. I didn’t want to stay on the bathroom floor so we moved to the couch where Adrien sat back and propped his feet up on my lap.
Step eleven: Apply moisturizer or lotion and give a nice foot massage. Again, take your time. Show him you care. A tip I have use when massaging is imagining what I would want done to my foot. Which pressure points are sore, where does most my weight sit. Then apply it to the hubs. Go ahead and ask as well if you have no idea. No shame in wanting to do a good job. If they reply with a nonchalant ‘I like how you’re doing it, just keep going’, like my husband did, just take it for what it is and keep doing your thing. Most likely they are just enjoying the attention. This is good.
Step twelve: After massaging both feet with lotion… well, the next step is up to you. I happened to clean up the mess and headed to bed.


…oh, and did I mention that Gregory went to Grandma’s that night? It was date night, I didn’t say we were going to sleep. The date turned out to be perfect. And all both us rads enjoyed our night. Hopefully this gives you an idea for an easy and exciting date night. Thanks for reading the whole thing Mrs. Skippy Skipperson. I knew you would all along.
And gentlemen, if you read this, there is no reason why you can’t surprise your wifey with a foot pampering date night. Or just buy a couples spa certificate. You’ll both enjoy the benefits.