DIY – Laundry Detergent

Lifestyle / Sunday, November 17th, 2013
Materials Needed:
1- storage container
1-2kg box of Baking Soda
1-3kg box of Washing Soda
1-3kg box of Borax
Optional materials:
Washing Bar soap
Scent boosters

So in hopes of saving some money, I decided to make my own Laundry detergent. The MR. is still contemplating if it will truly work, but I have high hopes and am sure I will make him proud of me for doing this. There are so many different recipes for DIY detergent, and this is the one I used, based on my budget at the time, and what is available in my area. Understand that I live in Canada, so prices may vary, as well as products, sizes and packaging. Lets get started.

I grabbed an old kitty litter box that I will one day make pretty with a nice label for, but for now, it works as is. I cleaned it out and grabbed my ingredients.

Poured in the ‘boxed’ ingredients. I advise giving it a good stir after you add a new product. To keep it evenly mixed. I did not and spent a good deal of time with my arm in the container trying to stir by hand as to get it mixed well.


Grate your Bar soap.


Pour and mix in the bar soap and scent boosters. 


Mix well once more, just to be sure all products are evenly distributed and will get into every load. My small container you see there measures out one tablespoon, which is the recommended measurement for a normal/lightly soiled load. Use two for dirtier or larger loads. Or simply if you are one of those people who enjoy the little extra detergent for that little extra ‘clean’ feel. 


Some product info that you might find interesting and may help you mix together your own ingredients for a Laundry detergent that works for you.
Baking Soda: This, like almost every other ingredient, help soften the water. Baking Soda also gives you brighter colours, and whiter whites, neutralizes odor, dissolves dirt and grease.
Washing Soda: Helps dye adhere to fabric, so your clothes will retain their colours much longer. Removes stains and doesn’t bleach. Cleaning aid.
Borax: Is able to Bleach, Clean and disinfect. Best used in warm water, but I use cold. So if it works for me, it should work for you. 
Soap Bar: May be the only scented item you add in, causing the fragrance for your soap. Cleaning aid.
Scent Boosters: Downy’s unstoppables. Gain Fireworks. Additional Scent booster, optional as it isn’t needed, but if you’re someone who likes a smell on clean clothes, a must have.
Oxiclean: is a colour safe bleach. Cleaning aid. Optional, adding this in will add to the cleaning power, and give more loads, but these are extra perks, for an extra price.
My ingredients I used and prices  Total: $24.06 (I had a $1 coupon)
$2.99- 2 Bars of Sunlight Pure Soap
$4.19 2kg Baking Soda
$5.93 3kg Washing Soda
$5.99- 2kg Borax
$5.96- 375g Downy Unstoppables Spring
$0.00- Recycled storage container
Soap Review:
It makes my laundry area smell really nice when clothes are washing. When switching from washer to dryer I found that there was no film of soap or residue of any kind. The clothes felt very clean. When dry the clothes smell fresh, look and feel clean and I’ve had no problem with stains or hard to clean messy-eater spots. I’ve washed towels, cotton clothes, jeans, lace and nylon/spandex (Think lululemon/ active wear) and none have had a negative effect or ruined any fabric. I am pleased with my results and can’t wait to find out the end cost per load dollar value.