DIY – Simple Mothers Day Photo Gift

Lifestyle / Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

2016 Update: 

When I gave this little project to my mom I knew it wasn’t anything special, but she actually hangs it up above her rocking chair in the living room of her house. It took two years, but she also managed to paint the picture frame black and the whole thing looks so much more cohesive. It was my intention to do that before I gifted it, but I ran out of time and energy. Momma Bear understood thankfully, and says she loves the present all the same.
One year I hope to give my mom a wicked awesome mothers day gift, like a grandma and grandchild trip to Disney or something I know would make her entire year. Until then, I have no problem collecting all my handmade arts and crafts projects from my mom when she passes on… which she isn’t allowed to until I go, or we go together.
Moms mothers day photo gift

Artsy People Have Luggage

I was always a pretty artsy person growing up. My mom has drawers full of homemade cards and letters I had created for her. I love it when I am at her house and she opens a drawer up for me to peak through.
Just because I am now a mother and have someone who should be celebrating me doesn’t mean I stop celebrating my own mom for mothers day though. It’s my first mothers day and my plan was to make it a memorable one. While it wasn’t a spectacular day for myself, I sure did make my moms day with this quick present I made for her.
Moms mothers day photo gift

Fancy Writing SKILLZ

I don’t have the best fancy handwriting. I tried to look-and-copy from my laptop screen, it’s a work in progress thing for me. A new hobby, handwriting. haha, sounds lame, but calligraphy is really beautiful and I’d love to amaze people with beautiful strokes of a brush and produce wonderful words.
This is a photo of baby Gregory, 10 days old. Just an itty-bitty still. My mom surprised me by organizing Gregory’s baby photos to be taken. I was so excited, these are my first official family photos. I mean, we didn’t have a photographer for our wedding, it wasn’t part of the budget. So it was an exciting experience to have a professional photographer do this.
A precious baby sleeping at his newborn photo shoot. Check out what this mom did with the photo for Mothers day

The Photo shoot

I was so nervous for the photo shoot, I was still a new mom and letting a stranger into my home was not on the top of my to-do list. But my mom knew the photographer and she joined us in my home the day of. Sometimes photographers require the parent to hold up a prop or baby in a certain position, I was always too nervous and asked my mom to do all that for me.
To be honest, I was afraid of hurting Gregory. He is so precious, fragile and small… I still can’t believe he is mine. Like, they let me leave the hospital with him, crazy. Anyways, new-mom jitters, lack of sleep, very little food and nutrition had me in a daze I could barely focus most of time.
A precious baby sleeping at his newborn photo shoot. Check out what this mom did with the photo for Mothers day
It was quite interesting to hear the photographer stop and say “I forget to ask the mom how she’s doing… how are you doing? You’ve just given birth, do you need to sit, rest? Need a drink?” I was thrown back at the comment. I wasn’t expecting it, I mean, it was my house. I should be offering the drink, haha. It was very nice to be thought of and my well being taken into consideration.
Anyways, this photo of Gregory he is holding my moms hands, with her many infamous rings on her hands. It was a really special day for my mom, not just myself. She got to make memories playing with a baby Bean, putting him in some fancy leather jackets, propping his head up, and merely poking at the newborn goodness of this world.

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