DIY Wedding Bouquet

Lifestyle / Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

It’s just after 6pm right now, and I only have 11 more sleeps until my wedding day. I am so excited and busy getting our last minute details together. Today my task was to make the bouquets for the wedding. There is only myself and my maid of honor, as we are doing our best to keep our wedding small and intimate. I’ll have another few posts with more details about how we planned and executed this great day, but for today, I’ll show the bouquets.

Our wedding colours are pink, white (cream) and black.

For a few different reasons I chose not to have real flowers. It’s one day, flowers are very expensive. I’d rather have an artificial (my way of making fake sound fancy haha) bouquet that I can keep for as long as I want and not worry about it going bad, me having to dry it out properly for keepsake and I wanted to put my own signature touch on as much of our wedding as possible by Diy-ing it. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against real flowers, I love it when my man gets me real ones just as much as the next girl, but as part of our budget, timeline and me wanting to get crafty, this was the best choice.








All I needed to make these were some ARTIFICIAL flowers, ribbon, little pearl beads and some creativity. It was really fun and I am very happy with the outcome. In total, I can honestly say that my flowers cost about $10, which also makes me happy as it was an inexpensive alternative to the real thing.

Originally I wanted to make fabric flowers, but I couldn’t find fabric at any of the fabric stores in my city that I liked and could match to the groomsmen’s ties. This way, with the artificial flowers, it will be more acceptable to have different shades of pink. Which might actually might make it easier to mix and match the shades of pink we use instead of only having one.