Easy DIY Face Scrub

Lifestyle / Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Who doesn’t love beautiful, soft, exfoliated skin? The start of my pregnancy I had not so attractive skin. My skin got dry, I kept having mini breakouts, my skin was just looking tired. How ’bout them hormones. I did some face masks at home, the store bought kind. My skin started to love me again, and now that I’m in the middle of this baby making fest, my skin is much more agreeable and glowing.

I do enjoy giving myself a little pampering now and then, what girl doesn’t? I even have Adrien put a mask on every once and a while. Of course, he has to put one on me after… meaning after I’ve convinced him it will be fun and make his skin nice… and after I accidentally got some of the face mask in his nostril and on his lips, he readily returns the favour. One thing I did notice is that face masks can be pricey. I was using an exfoliate and wondered if I could make my own. With more natural products, a cheaper version for my wallet, and something that I can customize and change ingredients if I wanted to.

I looked up online different ideas and how-to’s for face masks. There are so many versions, ingredients, add-ins that are possible. So I thought I would share my version I have made. I wanted to keep my first one as simple as possible.

Materials needed
1 tea bag
1 Tbsp olive oil
3 Tbsp sugar
The tea I used was Cinnamon Apple Spice.
My one tea bag was 1tsp. slightly heaped. slightly.
Put everything in a bowl to mix it together.
Transfer to a nice container. And use!
When I used the scrub I damped my face with water, scrubbed for about a minute or two and rinsed off (Don’t forget your lips!). Be aware that because of the oil it will take a bit longer than normal to get off and feel not oily. A clean dry towel to dab dry and skin is silky smooth.
I kept my tea dry, and I am sure if they have been steeped, there will be different, perhaps more nutrients released during the cleanse. When I make a new blend I will steep them and decide if it is any better or the same. Also different types of tea obviously offer different nutrients for you. But I based this scrub almost solely for the smell. For the oil, coconut, olive, grape seed and all those good stuff will also do better wonders.
I didn’t use all of this mix, and put a piece of cellophane over the top to keep. I don’t know how long it will last, but I know someone enjoyed my soft lips and wants some silky smooth smoochers himself, so I don’t think very long.