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Lifestyle / Monday, June 13th, 2016

Do need help finding the next tv show to watch on Netflix Canada? Check out these 8 RAD shows and watch any one you haven't seen. They're Rad.


I’m a big fan of Netflix. Not only because it helps our RAD house save money on our Cable bill, but it’s perfect to find a new show that you haven’t seen AND get access to multiple seasons so you can watch and enjoy for many many days to come. Unless, of course, you go on a Netlix marathon and binge watch an entire series – to which I have been known to do in the past.

I’m a mom now, I don’t get that luxury unless it’s Paw Patrol or Baby Jake. I’m not about to binge watch no  Baby Jake. Sorry dude. Goo-goo-ge-YUCK. I need real words spoken by real adults.

Please Note that I live in Canada, I get access to Netflix Canada, and all recommendations are aimed towards Canadians as I’m unsure if Netflix America has the same shows. I know you get a variety of content that is different. I’d like to check out your Netflix shows one day.

Stand Up Comedy

I enjoy stand up comedy because I can listen while not watching the screen. This type of show is disqualified from my favourite Netflix shows as I don’t really sit, watch, and follow along closely so I don’t miss out on part of a sub-plot line that helps me keep guessing what is going to happen next.

Honestly, I find myself zoning out and tuning back into a comedian throughout their show as a result of my just not being able to keep my focus. So, stand up comedies are going on another list that I hope to write and publish soon. I’ve been watching a lot of female comedians lately, I wouldn’t mind sharing those to my fellow ovary-owners.

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Let’s just get right into this. Because I am excited and want to finish writing this post and watch a few minutes of a show before Gregory wakes from his nap and takes my attention from melting into a screen and making me a zombie. Momma likes being a zombie sometimes, it’s a nice break for a few moments. And it’s usually only a few moments I get. Thank you Netlfix for remembering where I left off. And being able to transfer between devices seamlessly.

Oh, and I tried to label #spoilers, but of course need to tease some of the story to get you interested and paying attention in the first episode to get you hooked like I was. If you don’t want spoilers, scroll to the bottom and you’ll find a list you can read without my review/description filled with little teaser spoilers.


Check out The Mindy Project on Netflix Canada. Also check out these other 7 shows you might have missed that you're missing out on. They're RAD!

The Mindy Project

Romantic/Comedy   –   approx. 30 minute episodes

I just recently started… and finished watching The Mindy Project on Netflix. It’s about an East Indian woman named Mindy, who is a second generation immigrant. To be honest, she’s been completely white-washed and it makes for great commentary. The jokes and references to pop-culture is a highlight. There are guest stars that make it fun every once and a while too.

Mindy works in a Womens Health Center as a (really excellent) obstetrician, which is totally my thing. Hello, babies and big pregnant ladies! Her co-workers are hilarious and have great storylines to follow. You’ll follow Mindy as she dates, falls in love, starts a family and a business all in 4 seasons.

I was really upset to Google that the Mindy Project was cancelled, but Hulu recently picked up the show and now streams it on their site. I’m sorely tempted to get a Hulu account so I can continue watching the Mindy Project. Good for you Hulu, gaining a bunch of new viewers.



Check out the 100 on Netflix Canada, or these other 7 RAD shows you might've missed.

The 100

Sci-Fi/Drama   –   approx. 1 hour episodes

The 100 is an epic TV set in the future. Episode one starts off on a space station, where you see a bunch of kids in jail. Or, one kid. Never forget that these characters are just kids. These kids are in jail because there are many rules to living in this space station, and they were lucky enough to be put in jail instead of ‘floated’ into space.

You see, these people are the descendants of the last humans from earth since being exposed to the massive nuclear missle launch earth had suffered a century or so before. Hello dystopian society, I love it.


The space station isn’t capable of housing all the people on it anymore and the leaders of this ‘ARK’ as they call it, decides to send 100 kids down to earth and see if it is inhabitable by humans. This is where we get the title, and this is where we start the show, being taken to earth. Oh my gosh, if episode one doesn’t pull you in by the story line, wait until you see the scenery and animals they encounter upon landing. It’s amazing.


Season 2 turns dark, and I’ll let you know I wouldn’t not let a child watch with you. I struggled to not fast forward and cringe during certain episodes where there were… nevermind… ummm, yeah. I can’t give anything away, but it’s friggin’ awesome and intense and it’ll get your adrenaline going just by watching. Season 3 will give you all the feels, and can we take note of the representation this show has? Hello lesbians, nice to see you’ve made it to the small-screen. #LoveIsLove


Check out Wentworth on Netflix Canada, or these other 7 RAD tv shows you might have missed.


Drama   –   approx. 1 hour episodes

If you liked Orange is the New Black, you’ll really like Wentworth. This is an Austrailian TV show that takes you behind the walls of a Women’s prison. An actual prison. Well, I’m not sure if Wentworth is real, but this is OITNB on crack. The stories, scenes and backgrounds of characters are more extreme and what you’d expect from a prison show. Don’t get me wrong, I really like OITNB, Wentworth has just gone places they haven’t. And I Lurve it.

We follow Bea, the main character of this series who is married and has a daughter. After an event, Bea is arrested and sent to jail. Here, Bea realizes what it is like to live in a cutthroat world of drugs, violence, and screws. Oh yeah, you might want to brush up on some Australian prison lingo.

Screws= Guards

Gov/Governor= Head Prison Officer


You’ll catch on pretty quick. The accents and dialog are really awesome, but I sometimes watch with subtitles so I don’t miss out on the conversation.


Check out the returned on Netflix Canada, or the other 7 RAD titles.

The Returned

Supernatural Drama   –   approx. 1 hour episodes

I hate to throw a show in here that I’m unsure if it’s been picked up for season two, but you can watch the French version through season 2 if you wanted to catch more of the story. The returned is about several people that return from the dead, years (sometimes decades) after their untimely death. This causes a lot of problems, confusion and happiness for everyone in their town.

#MinorSpoilerAlert Think about it, if you had your twin sister show up in your house and make herself a PB&J sandwich several years after she went over a cliff on a school bus you played hooky to miss and didn’t die yourself… you’d be pretty freaked out.

Each episode focuses on a different character that has come back, and how their family/loved ones react to the event. Camille is the first, she has a twin, her parents struggled and separated after her death, and her return causes joy and hatred. Simon and Rowan have this crazy relationship that you don’t really fully grasp until nealy the end of season 1 because the plot line is so thick and rich with material.

I was excited when I heard that The Returned is  remake of the French hit, The Revenants. After I finished watching the English version i switched to the foreign and got to see a whole new side to the story. Highly recommend if you like comparing and continuing the storyline. It’s a freaky show, one that makes you nervous and want to scream at the screen and shake someone until they come to their senses. Or, that was me at least.

Do you think I get too involved with my shows I watch? Or am I just a passionate person who can empathize until it hurts?


Check out Misfits on Netflix Canada, or these other 7 RAD titles.


Sci-fi/Comedy/Drama   –   approx. 1 hour episodes

Misfits is a British TV show that I started watching years ago. It follows a group of young adults who have been sentenced to community service together to repay their debt to society. On their first day a storm rolls in they all get hit by lightning. Slowly they each start to realize that they have a super power.


I think each persons super powers really represents who they are as individuals. For instance, the one who goes invisible is really shy.

This group of misfits now use their superpowers for good, and bad. And they aren’t the only ones who have gotten struck by the super-power-lightning storm. Each episode follows them through character development and saving the world themselves from other ‘supers’. The season one finale will have you hooked for season two, the last seconds of the the episode will have you begging for more. Luckily there are several seasons available to watch.

The characters on this show change over time, and I haven’t watched past season 3 too much. When Rudy came onto the show I started to lose interest. The show was still great, I just didn’t really care for his character. The actor does a very good job at making me think he’s obnoxious.

I can’t watch without getting frustrated, so I chose to no longer watch. But my own personal fault shouldn’t prevent you from checking this one out. I highly recommend Misfits if you’re into science fiction and super powers. Not necessarily superheros… although we get one episode where we see some spandex and capes.


check out Community on Netflix Canada, or these other 7 RAD titles.


Comedy/Sitcom   –   approx 30 minute episodes

Community is an awesome show if you’re looking for a quick laugh, and a quick episode. Follow a mismatched group of community college students as they navigate through their education. You’ve got a sports super-star, a lawyer, an old guy, a mom, a geek, and a goody-two-shoes in a study group who get into all sorts of shennanigans together, along with their diva dean who makes flashy appearances that’ll make you laugh.

I really appreciate that this is one show that has their cast set, not changing them in and out, and their goal was to make it to 6 seasons and a movie or something. Troy and Abed will fill you in one episode. I think they got cancelled, but there is a petition online for the show to be picked up by a network. Community has a loyal following. They’ve got great characters, great comedy, great comentary, and the story lines are often fun and out there. I mean, holding an obstacle course the entire school can participate in to see who gets to attend the class because there was a glitch in the class sign up system isn’t the proper way to deal with administrative issues. But it makes for great comedy.


check out Homeland on Netflix Canada, or these other 7 RAD titles.


Political Thriller   –   approx. 1 hour episodes

This is a drama series that took me a bit to get into. A friend had recommended it and I decided to sit through a few episodes painfully until I was sucked into the world of CIA, spies and terrorists. I would consider becoming an agent after watching this show.. then again… maybe not.

We follow a woman who is good at her job, homeland security. She’s been struggling since 9/11, and I mean, who isn’t traumatized? The woman takes it personally, however, and makes it her personal goal to save the United States from terror. So, what do you think is going to happen when a POW (prisonor of War) suddenly returns after everyone thought they were dead?

So this woman suspects this war hero to be a terrorist, and throughout the show I would agree, then disagree, and then be confused. I highly suggest this show if you like crime, drama and homeland security type of thing. If you’re not, like me, it can take a few episodes to dig in. But you’ll enjoy, trust me.


check out Witches of East End on Netflix Canada, or these other 7 RAD shows.

Witches of East End

Fantasy/Drama   –   approx  1 hour episodes

I’m a big fan of Jenna Dewan-Tatum. A beautiful woman who is an amazingly talented dancer, actress, mom AND she’s married to Channing Tatum? Hello, can I have her life? When I found out she had a TV show I was so excited. When I found out it was a supernatural show about witches and magical creatures, I was sold. I’m a big fan of the magical world, blame JK Rowling for that. Or maybe Mrs. Markle, my elementary school teacher.

Witches is about a family of women who are witches. There is a mom, Joanna, her two daughters and Joanna’s sister. The sister is a cat, it’s pretty cool, and not a spoiler because it happens right when you meet her. The daughters don’t know they are witches, and when the cat comes to play, Joanna starts to lose control of her perfect life she had managed to live with her daughters as they get swept into magic.

The girls must learn to control their powers, all while there are other forces at work, trying to destroy them, or their world. We’ve got love, magic, comedy, drama and intense scenes in this show, and I really enjoyed myself while I watched. Even though I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat and would hide behind my pillow for the more darker scenes. It isn’t a dark show, it has dark aspects that make it worth watching. You won’t find Voldemort chasing your main characters, you find other dark forces equally as dangerous and manipulative.

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Final Round Up

1.The Mindy Project

2.The 100


4.The Returned



7.Witches of East End.


It’s taken me a long time to get through all of those shows. Many binge-watching sessions, sometimes they played in the background on TV while I did housework. I enjoyed them all and would recommend them to any of my friends that are in need of a new show. Let me know what you think of these shows, and if you’ve already seen them in the comments.

Also, my friend, sharing is caring. So if you’ve got a Netflix show you think we would enjoy in our RAD house, throw it into the comments section and maybe It’ll be added to my next Netflix list. I’ll even throw in a shout out to you for suggesting it if I stick with the show. I can’t decide on what series to embark on next and would love a recommendation from you.


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