February 2018 Rad Book Recommendation

Lifestyle / Friday, February 16th, 2018

Welcome back to another Rad Book Recommendations from my little family to yours. I’ve got to play catch up a little here as I’ve been binging audiobooks late at night when my insomnia strikes. A short 5 hours audiobook can help pass the night or lull me back to sleep in a pinch. But let’s not forget the kids, Gregory became a little obsessed with some books from the library that you also may find to be winners with your own kiddo.

Rad Book Recommendations For Adults

The House Girl, Book Recommendation

The House Girl By Tara Conklin

A story of two women, separated by more than a century. A young ambitious lawyer named Lina Sparrow in 2004, a Young 17-year-old Tobacco Farm House Slave named Josephine. The story is based on Lina working on a historic reparations lawsuit to the descendants of American Slaves. You follow Lina as she discovers more and more about Josephine and her own history. Some chapters are based on Josephine’s point of view and some from Lina’s.

I really enjoyed this book. I know some things about the history of American Slavery, but I’ve always been more focused on learning about Indigenous affairs and my own history in order to not let it die. Taking a moment to read this book I gained much perspective on slavery. By the end of the book, it took a twist and turn that I had not expected in both ladies lives. It left me wanting more, but it also symbolizes real life and how reparation and apologies to people of colour who have been harmed during colonization and the building of the Americas.

I highly recommend this book, it brought me the awareness that I’d considered for my own people but overlooked for African Americans. Forgotten names, faces, stories. People who were people, treated as nothing more than property, their stories forgotten and unheard. History has the face of a white man when it was people of colour who suffered all over North America, and we are forgotten.

Is Everyone Hanging out without me? (And othre Concerns) Book Recommendation

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? By Mindy Kaling

The Mindy Project had me hooked on Mindy Kaling, when I saw she had an autobiography out I knew that I had to read it. She’s hilarious, as a comedian it’s to be expected. I listened to this as an audiobook that was read by the author so I got the full-on Mindy effect. I laughed out loud and enjoyed this even more as a result.

Mindy talks about her past, her story that got her to where she is. She talks about working for The Office, to sneaking out of parties, to what she wants from her future and what she hopes her next book may feature. If you’re looking for a laugh, some inspiration to never give up and go after your dreams, this is the book. And if you can, listen to the audiobook, it is so much better in her voice.

Laughter Therapy, Adult Book Recommendation

NPR Laughter Therapy a Comedy Collection for the chronically serious

Sometimes we need a quick read that will ensure a few outbursts of laughter to lighten our moods. I’m a huge fan of laughter therapy, and when I saw this book available to read I knew I needed to give it a go. I was not disappointed.

Filled with interviews of comedians and hilarious newsreels that you must decipher if they are true or not (And some of them can be pretty elaborate and believable), you are guaranteed to have a good time. I downloaded this from my local library and listened to this via audiobook and was not disappointed.

Dealing with insomnia I find myself awake at all hours of the night and I gave this a listen to one night and laughed so hard that I woke up Gregory a bit several times. A real light-hearted, happy, quick read is needed from time to time, and this fits the bill. I don’t know how long the book is to read, but to listen to it was just around 2 hours. I recommend NPA Laughter Therapy at any time to anyone who wants to enjoy life while they are immersed into this Comedy Collection for the Chronically serious.


Rad Book Recommendations for Kids

Tap the Magic Tree kids book

Tap the Magic Tree by Charlie Matheson

Interactive books are always a huge hit with Gregory.  We happened on this book one weekend at the bookstore as we browsed local shops. I highly recommend you give this a book. I have listed a few different interactive books like this, and I’ll list more. If you happen by this one, scoop it up and read it with your little. Even if it’s only once before you place it back on the shelf. Like we did.

Black Belt Bunny, Kids Book

Black Belt Bunny by Jackie Davis

This is a book you will want to read through before you read to your child. Make sure you are ready to get into the story and actually read/talk to this little black belt bunny on the page. That’s right, you are reading a story to the bunny in the book. Gregory really thought it was hilarious when I would raise the pitch in my voice and exclaim with much dramatic enthusiasm as I read the book. A definite winner with my kid.

This is the Van that Dad Cleaned, Kids Book Recommendation

This is the Van that Dad Cleaned By Lisa Campbell Ernst

Repetitive words, a silly story, and an ending that’ll make you smile as you’ve most likely experienced this problem and wish the ending would happen in real life. This is the Van that Dad cleaned is a fun read, similarly, the story is setup much like “There was an old woman who swallowed a fly”. Gregory would try to read along and point to the words on the book as I read them.

Before You Go

So there you have it, 3 books for the adult in the house, and 3 for the kid. If you don’t listen to audiobooks yet, I advise you to look into them. You don’t need to spend money on some app. I get all mine through a free app provided by my local library. Click here for more motivation and reasons to go down and check out your local library. Let me know if you’ve read any of these books and if you’d agree with me recommending them, or if you did not enjoy them. Check back next month for another list of rad books I recommend.

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