My Fitness Journey – March 2017 Update

Fitness / Thursday, March 9th, 2017

My Fitness Journey

I’ve been physically active my whole life, always fluctuating weight between 120 and 145 lbs. Last year around this time I started tracking my fitness journey here and I wanted to give an update and my game plan for summer preparation.

1 year late, a fitness update. What I've done over the winter months and my 2017 game plan for summer

Last Year- 2016

Last year my fitness journey was pretty awesome. I started off with Amanda Bisk’s free trial training session and got my butt in gear to workout on the regular. I made some of my own circuit training workouts that I quite enjoyed and did many YouTube workouts when I wasn’t feeling creative enough to make my own.

I also took up hiking last year, my favourite thing to do still to this day, for a good workout. I remember thinking it would be a piece of cake hiking up the Stawamus Cheif with Gregory on my back for my very first hike… if I can manage, I plan to make it to the peak this year and see how far I’ve progressed in my hiking abilities.

In June I signed up for a 5K run and Mudderella that would take place in September/October. I was injured and couldn’t participate in Mudderella, but the 5K was a great experience and I would do another one any day. Having these races planned, I ran a lot of km last year preparing. With and without a stroller and toddler in tow.

Remember when Pokemon Go! came out? I managed 30km in two days trying to catch up because my phone was being repaired for the first two weeks it was launched. Gregory is a pro at throwing Pokeballs and finding Pokestops. No big deal, I got a cool kid on my hands.

It Started To Go Downhill

In  September things started to go downhill for me, and fast. Due to many factors in my life, I was extremely stressed out, sleeping very little and doing mostly cardio as a way to burn energy. Little did I realize I was melting away before my very eyes. Remember that 5k run I signed up for? This picture is me after the race sending my friend home on the ferry. #Thing1Thing2

I wasn’t eating much or taking care of my body and I was underweight. Truth be told, I was mostly living off of these tortilla wraps and fast food trips that happened sporadically. Then came the day that #TeamFree and I had been planning which had only added to my stress load.

Julie and Katrina saying goodbye at the ferry after a 5K race... read all about Katrina's fitness journey here.

Getting Healthy

When my body is stressed it loses weight. Some people eat more when they are stressed out, I am like this. But when my body is in a stressful situation, I often drop weight quicker because of a quickened metabolism in my “Fight or Flight” environment I am living in.

When I am no longer in my fight of flight mode, I eat a lot, because I am depressed, anxious and dealing with life. Food is a drug, it makes us feel good, gets us addicted. The sugars, fats, salts… sugar is a drug. Food makes me feed good, so I eat my feelings and try to feel better.

Most the time I have this voice in my head telling me to exercise. But from October to January I didn’t complete more than 9 workouts. I didn’t hike, I didn’t run, I didn’t follow along my favourite youtube videos I’ve written about on #Fitview posts. I didn’t do anything but run after a 2 year old.

The Best Ways to be Healthy… for Me

That voice in my head is an ED that has yet to fully leave me alone. Telling me I am getting bigger, and bigger, and highlighting that my clothes fit different. But I refuse to give the voice my full attention, it’s a lying piece of crap that just won’t leave me alone even though I tell it I’m over it. Instead I choose to be healthy and do research on the best ways to be healthy… for me

In February 2017 I started to pay attention to how my body felt. I felt sluggish and greasy. I was getting acne on my butt, back, and chest. Yeah, I know, TMI. My face was getting plump and I suddenly realized I had said hello to my cheeks I last had in February 2016. I didn’t like those cheeks, that’s why I started working out in March last year. I was back at square one.

happy family in hawaii feb 2016.
February 2016 – A happy family on Vacation

I wondered how I could start feeling healthy and good about myself again. Hiking, Running… these were options that I could partake in again. Food, I was eating a lot of chips, cookies, delicious unhealthy crap. The last time I felt good was when I ate more meatless meals.

March 2017 Update

So far in March 2017 I’ve started trail running and hiking with Gregory regularly. I’m also still committed to my yearly goal to go on one sunrise hike a month. I’ve restarted Amanda Bisk’s 7-day free workout plan, started stretching and practicing yoga a few evenings a week. I’ve also found my first few yoga poses I want to work towards bettering my ability at. Oh, and I’m thinking of working on my jumps I used to do for dance and cheer.

I don’t have an exact plan for what my goals are, but I am working towards being more aware of my body and setting personal goals of what I want to accomplish with it. I’m also learning about different types of fitness activities that I may want to try out… lifting sounds like my go-to, I will talk about that more in another post.

I’m no longer eating meat right now, or eggs. Moving towards being vegetarian, vegan when available. This has been on my mind since I was last a vegetarian. If you eat meat, good for you, don’t push it on me. I won’t push you to be a vegetarian, that’s not my choice to make, therefore I have no opinion on your diet. But this an important thing to note, for personal record, this is when I started again.

Let’s Get To It

So there we have it, a quick update of what I’ve done since October 216, which is when I last worked out. Although you may have gotten some scheduled #fitviews until November or December 2016. I’m back at square one. Feeling yucky but totally committed to being healthy and taking better care of myself. And recognising I went too far last time and need a better game plan this time ’round.

I’m nearly finished my 7-day workout plan with Amanda Bisk. I do enjoy it more this time around as I do still have some endurance and muscle memory. I’ve not completely gone to mush, thankfully. I am very excited to finish up my research and decide on a fitness niche I want to pursue so I can have an idea of how to better gauge and control my progress.

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Before You Go

I look forward to my new fitness goals and getting back to reviewing and sharing what I’ve learned. I’m not a professional, I’m just hoping to track my journey and maybe connect with others and experience this together. Sharing is Caring and I hope you share your progress in the comments so we can motivate each other.

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