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Fitness / Friday, July 1st, 2016

A Public Service Announcement

Hello my fitness friend! I’m so glad you clicked in to read this post because it is extremely important, all about your health, and I bet you haven’t even thought about it. I’m giving you your public service announcement reminder that you need to Clean Your Fitness Equipment that you have at home.

Your welcome.

This might seem like a no big deal type of thing, but I want to make you stop and think for a moment. When you go to the gym, there are spray bottles with cloths provided all around so that those who are working out can wipe down their machine or weights after they use it for someone else.

PSA: Clean your Home Workout Equipment. Read why you need to potentially stop working out at the gym, why you definitely need to clean ALL gym equipment you ever use... and... just... seriously. Read on my fitness friend. It's a public service announcement.

This is common courtesy to others in the gym. We don’t want to get off the elliptical and have someone grab onto my sweaty hand marks. That’s nasty.

The cleaning of gym equipment between uses is also a sanitary thing. Considering the amount of bodily fluid being released in that small room. Gross, I think I’m turned away from the rec center weight room a while now. Sorry if I’ve done that for you too.

All that body sweat and dead skin cells and hair and whatever else…. gag it needs to be wiped down as best as possible between uses. This is why there are signs everywhere saying wipe things down. This is why there are spray bottles everywhere with cloths, to wipe things down. This is why regulars get so pissed off at people who come in, get the machines all sweaty and leave like they’re the epitome model of the fitness world.

It’s disgusting.

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Yes, there is someone who cleans the machines, but it happens… when? At night when the gym is shut down? Maybe they get an extra wipe down if they shut down over lunch. There is only so much that can be cleaned when so many bodies are going through that place. All dripping in sweat. GAG!

Don’t get me wrong, I like the gym and the weight machines I wouldn’t otherwise have access to at my home. But I need to have a specific reason to go to the gym and train. I can get an excellent workout at home, and feel much cleaner in the process of getting sweaty and gross myself.

Cleaning at Home

Just because you’re working out at home with your own equipment now doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean up your sweat. I think I get a better sweat session in at home because I don’t feel judged and can go HAM. I’m not one to work out while feeling judged by others, and that’s what happens in a gym for some reason. I just want to work out to get my sweat on!

fitness quote: Sweat is just your FAT crying. PSA: Clean your home workout equipment.

I sweat. I sweat good. Sometimes my nose runs a little, I’m rubbing wisps of hair out of my face or laying flat on my yoga mat taking a breather. These are all gross things, but are a billions times more gross at the public weight room. I want to clean up my own personal gross because I’m not a pig who enjoys living in my own filth.

When I stand up after lying on my yoga mat, I can see my sweaty body imprint as I look back. I feel my hand wipe away moisture as I wipe away hair from my eyes, and I definitely see my boob sweat marks during and after a workout. All this sweat stays on my yoga mat and hand weights when I am done my workout. Clearly we’ve got a nasty bacteria breeding ground.


Today I really wanted to throw this in your face, Clean Your Workout Equipment you Use at Home. After every workout, once a week, 2-3 times a week… I wouldn’t push it any more than once every other week between equipment wipe downs.

I’ve got a toddler that also adds a degree of unknown stickiness sometimes. Which is another motivator for me to clean everything. So I don’t get sticky, and my son stays healthy and safe.

PSA: Clean your home fitness equipment. To all my fitness friends, stay healthy.

Cleaning Home Workout Equipment

This is a really easy task that you will not regret implementing in your workout regime. Have you noticed your yoga mat is smelly? Or that maybe you get itchy or irritated skin that touches your weights? I didn’t, but these are the types off things that can happen. If might be your own sweat, but you don’t need to workout in your own fiflth. You deserve better than that, never forget. Plus, it’s unhealthy and can make you sick.

I buy some of my fitness equipment second hand from thrift stores cause I’m a thrifty mom who wants to keep in shape for as little amount cash as possible. Hence my #Fitview I write here. When I purchase anything used, the first thing on my mind is when I can clean it, and what will be the most effective cleaning solution. It’s an extra step I need to complete after making a purchase, but I look at it as it sets me up as always cleaning my equipment.

This cleaning of my new-used equipment is exactly what made me have my epiphany moment. As I wiped down my recently acquired yoga mat for Gregory, I wondered when the last time I wiped my hand weights and mat down. So I continued on from the mat to those things. It was really simple, soothing if anything. But that’s the type person I am, a meditative cleaner who finds it relaxing, most the time.

The easy factor is what makes this task so doable. But this easy factor is also what makes it so simple to put off. I went about a week telling myself that I knew I should clean my mat. Especially because I had taken it outside several times and hadn’t cleaned it then either. So now I had outdoor/nature on my mat, plus my sweat. Yummy.

Clean your Yoga mat with this simple DIY cleanser. This is your official public service announcement to clean your home workout equipment.

Yoga Mat Cleanser

There are many suggested yoga mat cleanser recipes on Pinterest. I’ve seen some with Lemon, tea tree & other essential oils. This is all too much for me. I’m lazy. I like to get things done! But I’m lazy and like to find the easiest solution that also remains highly effective. After some Google research I realized that you don’t need to create a science experiment to clean up.

You need two ingredients for your Yoga mat Cleanser.


2. Dish Soap

Those two things with a cloth or sponge to gently scrub at your mat will clean off any unwanted sweat and dead skin cells. Mmm. Sounds delicious. Mix cup or so of water with a small squirt or two of dish soap. Mix together and start to scrub down your mat with it. It can get soapy, and if you use a lot of your solution you’ll find it can be more difficult to dry.

To dry your mat there are a few options. You can hang it over a shower curtain rod and hang dry (very effective when you’re not needing to shower).  You can also let it lay flat and air dry, this can take a long LONG time and sometimes doesn’t dry completely under the center middle of the mat which requires you to check and flip the mat when one side is dry..

You can also place a towel on your yoga and rolling your mat up with the towel layered in. You can squeeze out the water and absorb it with ease. I most often just let my mat hang dry or use a towel to help speed up the process if I’m in a rush. These are what work best for me.

Toddler Tip:

Cleaning your yoga mat is really simple, I let Gregory clean his alongside me cleaning mine. Hand your toddler a sponge or towel to wipe down a yoga mat. They’ll think it’s fun, and you get a free helper that makes you smile. Read more below.

Hand Weight Cleaners

Cleaning hand weights is something I lurve to do. It takes almost no time at all. I’ve used my yoga mat cleaning solution to clean them. I’ve also grabbed some of those Lysol cleaning wipes to wipe them down. Both are effective and keep your equipment in tip top shape for you.

I really enjoy letting my Little get involved in my workouts. He has his own weights and mat he uses. Because he works out with me, I expect him to be around and learn that we also need to clean up.

He doesn’t necessarily need to do a good job, or participate in the whole activity. My Little just needs to be hanging out around me seeing the process. Because everything in life is a process; a routine.

By seeing the process done a few times, my Son gathers enough motivation to join in and learn what mom is doing. Becuase… it must be important if she is doing it again and again. And even though I’m only a Little, but I’m important too. -That’s what I assume he thinks anyways.

However, using pre-bought chemical filled store wipes isn’t something I’ll hand my toddler to help me clean with. So I try to keep to the more natural things when he gets involved, or I hand him a drying towel.

If you’re looking for a homemade cleaning solution, check out my DIY – Home Cleaning Solution I’ve used. I’ve even got a solution without vinegar if you don’t like the strong smell to cover your sweat smell.

Before You Go

I know this post seems rambly, but I’m so glad that you made it to the bottom. This is an ourRADhouse public service announcement and I’d like you to stay healthy during your journey with me becoming more physically fit. You sweat, it can start to smell, it can cause bacteria growth and it’s gross. Clean your home workout equipment, at a frequency that best suits your needs and workout regime schedule. Once every other week at the very least is what I aim for. I’m a mom, life gets in the way of keeping everything spotless. I’ve picked my battles, and my workout equipment is on my to-do list now.

If you’re looking for a good Yoga workout, check out my #Fitview – Yoga with Adriene for Beginners. I give you a break down of my experience so you can see if it’s right for you before you embark on a workout. Also check out this awesome Kickboxing Ballet Body sculpt with JessicaSmithTV, she uses both weights and a mat in her workout. Now you’re all set to workout, clean your equipment, shower yourself and feel super accomplished with your workout today.

Go on, go get sweaty.


http://www.ikuzoyoga .com/closeup-mat-yoga/

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