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Fitness / Monday, July 18th, 2016

Yoga by Candace

I’m really wanting to get into yoga more. I’ve attended hot yoga classes and loved them. But they aren’t in my budget. I’ve tried Yoga with Adrienne and enjoyed some of those videos, but I was looking for something different today. Someone new to maybe spark my inner yogi to come out. That’s when I stumbled upon Yoga by Candace.

I went to and was blasted with so much info, I want to give you a break down of who Candace is and what she offers. Honestly, I was not expecting so… much… to be available from Candace. I lurve it when I see women run their own business and run it exceptionally well. It’s great motivation for myself to aim higher.

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Candace Moore

Originally a Spanish teacher who had to leave her beloved teaching job in the inner city, Candace had quite the journey to becoming Candace Moore: International Yoga Instructor and writer.

I hate it when I find a new fitness instructor and read their journey to where they are today. Simply because it breaks my heart when I read of their struggles that brought them to fitness. But, it also is, again, great motivation. Real life inspirational success stories to have me envision and strive for a better tomorrow for me too.

Long story short, Candace was diagnosed with Lyme disease after 8 months of medical testing. It took 1.5 years of medication and treatment and another 3 years to start feeling normal after being so sick that she couldn’t walk. Ouch, I couldn’t imagine and don’t wish to ever have to again.

Feeling determined to fulfill a promise to herself, Candace went to Thailand to become a Yoga Instructor. Upon returning to Europe she decided she could best use her skills by creating Yoga By Candace.

Yoga by Candace is a website that can really fulfill any Yogi’s needs. With instructional videos made free by good old YouTube, you can access Yoga classes from 15-60 minutes long. On her blog Candace shares yoga and fitness tips. There is a lot of more personal blog posts too, so you can really get to know Candace and feel like you are truly friends with your virtual yoga instructor.


20 Minute Flow Yoga


Direct Link .com/watch?v=BdTzZuwGEOw

Youtube Channel https://www.youtu

Duration 20 Minutes

Equipment Yoga Mat (Optional)

Difficulty Beginners – Intermediate


My Experience

I was fairly sore after my sunrise hike up Dog Mountain that I knew I needed to do some yoga at some point later that day. I found Yoga by Candace by searching, scrolling and pure luck. I really loved this yoga workout, I’ve done it several times since because it was amazing on the lower half of my body.

It starts off really easy with child’s pose, but I don’t think that anyone who hasn’t done a few other slower paced yoga videos to jump into this sequence. It does get a tad challenging, but the stretch is worth it!

There is a lot of arm and core work through planks and lowering the body, but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t manage. Seeing as it was my legs that were more sore from my hike, the arm strengthening wasn’t a deal breaker… this time.

Before I go on, I must note that I absolutely LURVE the fact that we do downward facing down about a billion times. The more the better. The first time I did this every time I did DWFD my back cracked into place it felt so good. Being able to really focus and better my form each time gave me relief in my back that I didn’t realize I needed.

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Amazing Lower Body Stretches

Around the 14 minute mark we really got to work on stretching our legs and lower body. This is where the magic happens. My butt, my calfs, my quads, my e’er’thang felt good. EVEN MY HANDS GOT A MASSAGE! I’m sorry for yelling. Can’t. Contain. Excitement.

You see, because these stretches felt so good, I figured I could come back in a few days and I’d be way more loose and able to get a better stretch as a result of being more limber.


The poses I went through with Candace made me look like someone who has been bed bound for weeks and lost muscle mass. My lower body needs these stretches on the regular. I didn’t know moves like these existed and I’ve never felt my muscles be stretched this way. Less ramble, more description, eh?

I’ll give an example at 15:30, you’ll see in the photo below it looks like a fairly simple stretch. Also, it looks like a bit of a pretzel. is a great place to get access to free yoga workouts. check out a review on this 20 minute flow yoga, and get more info on Candace here.

From my Butt, legs right up through my back I felt a stretch and my knee that was supposed to sit upon the bottom leg was still up at my shoulder. And my body… sitting straight up instead of leaning forward but I thought I was leaning forward because the stretch was so good and I am WEAK. These moves are wicked awesome and several days later I had made no progress at lowering my leg but it felt amazing all the same.

Keeping at it for just a few more moves in the sequence you end on your back in what is commonly known as dead mans pose. Make sure you’ve turned off your auto-play on YouTube so when the video ends you can continue to lay there and relax. Listen to Candace guide you and let your eyes sink deeper into your head. Or, something like that. It’s completely relaxing and you don’t want an interruption while you continue to relax and the video ends.


Clearly, I thought this yoga sequence was both amazing and awesome. That’s what happens after you go on a sunrise hike, those are the only words left in your vocabulary after being stunned by the natural beauty of Mother Earth. Doing this workout after a hike or intense lower body workout is ideal for those who need a decent stretch, especially in the hip area. Of course it’s great for anyone, but I especially recommend it for this reason, and will return to this video after many-a-hikes. It’s a goodie.

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Before You Go

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