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Fitness / Monday, November 14th, 2016

Dance Dance

Okay okay, another dance workout #Fitview : Fitness Video Review. This one I am eager to share this with you because I had so much fun with this one. Join me in an African style Dance workout by Afrifitness on YouTube. Let’s Afrobeat!

Afrifitness offer Afrobeat dance workouts that have even the instructor keeling over trying to catch her breath during the break. You NEED to check out this workout


Let’s get right into the nitty gritty so I can show you the workout video. Afrifitness is the perfect online community for you if you want a fun dance workout with an African twist. At you can get meal plans, workouts, read a blog about health & fitness and even become a community member.

It costs money to become a community member. I believe you get access to message boards, recipes and other perks. I did not need to pay to get access to some wicked awesome workouts though.

What is Afrobeat?

Afrobeat was popularized in Africa back in the 1970’s, but is quickly becoming popular around the world due to it being PURE AWESOME. “A combination of Nigerian and Ghanaian music, jazz, highlife, funk, and chanted vocals, fused with percussion and vocal styles…” Wiki

You cannot hear this music start to play and not automatically start moving your body along with it. It’s so intoxicating. I can’t get enough!

If you’ve read any other #Fitviews that are dance workouts, then you know my pet peeve of having music that doesn’t suit or time with the workout properly.


Sorry for yelling, but my excitement is through the roof! I can’t get enough of these beats, the workout is timed perfectly and..and… it’s perfect.

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Training Style

When the music starts playing in the video, be prepared to get your sweat on. Afrifitness uses a combination of African dance, Aerobics and HIIT techniques to ensure you’re getting the best burn in a short amount of time.

You can access workout videos on YouTube, or follow along a weekly workout plan set up on, no purchase necessary. Thanks to Rachel Okesola.

Creator & Owner

Rachel Okesola created Afrifitness when she realized that women from where she is originally from were not getting proper health and fitness advice that they could access. See a need, fill a need, Rachel was inspired by her Nigerian roots to fix this problem.

Rachel is living proof that her program works. She isn’t one to be all ‘do as I say, not as I do’ and trick you into thinking you’re going to get results. Rachel Okesola lives by her advise and workouts.

Her body is #Goals. I mean… it’s not in my genes to look like Rachel. But man, has she ever got amazing curves that I’d love to have. She’s gorgeous!

If I can at least workout like her, I can imagine that I am working towards one of the many dream bodies I wish I could morph into.

Afrobeats Dance Workout – Exercise for Flat Stomach

Website: http://www.afrifitn

Youtube Channel:

Direct Link: https://you

Duration: 25 minutes

Equipment: Hand weights

Difficulty: Any level

My RAD Experience

Let me start off by saying the hand weights are optional. If you don’t have them, don’t fret. You’ll still get a workout.

Rachel has great energy right from the start, giving the low down on what we can expect from this workout. It’s HIIT style, 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off for 10 moves. Including a warm up, water break and cool down, it’s a full workout.

Warm up is easy and gets your heart rate going. Quickly I was caught up in the music and having fun with this workout.

Then we started into the workout and exercise number one. Do you know what I did?

I started smiling!

Have I ever started smiling as I was enjoying the start of my workout? Usually I am needing to get into the groove because I’m still dreading the fact that I just started the workout and have the whole friggin’ thing left to do still.

It’s daunting to me. I may be active, but it doesn’t mean I am not lazy and need to push myself to workout.

Afrobeats dance workout by Afrifitness is an excellent way to burn tons of calories while grinning from ear to ear because you're having fun

Let the Good Times Roll

Starting off the workout with a fun dance move that made me start seating and feel my muscles burn was a breath of fresh air. I was having a good time, and the good times didn’t stop.

Each exercise was a fun dance move. as the workout progressed I had more and more fun. It also worked my body.

Big Time.

I know I’m one to sweat when I workout, but this had me sweating bullets. After my workout my shorts, shirt, bra and underwear were soaked. And I was still smiling from having a good time.

Usually by now I’m only smiling because I finished the workout.

I like this new reason to smile after a workout.

Water Break

After one set is complete of the 10 dance moves, there is an abrupt 1 minute water beak. It kinda threw me off because I was still in the middle of an exercise and it suddenly cut off.

It isn’t really that big of a deal, but be aware when you’re on exercise ten so you can prepare to run and get your water. Because if you’re anything like me, you forget to prepare for that kind of thing beforehand.

The Real Deal

Rachel is the real deal. I told you before that she actually does these workouts and that’s how you know it works. But she actually does these workouts. Rachel is sweating, panting, motivating and questioning her sanity just as much as I am throughout the video.

That’s how I know this is a legit fitness resource. It really shows that if the instructor who does this on the regular get’s a great sweat session in with these, so will I.

Rachel Okesola is also pretty hilarious. Close to the end she picks up the weights to add to her workout difficulty, and straight up says ‘I’m mad!’ as I was also starting to questioning her sanity.

I was pushing through exhausted muscles, and she picked up weights.

Yes, Rachel. You are mad. *said in my best accent*

Afrifitness offer Afrobeat dance workouts that have even the instructor keeling over trying to catch her breath during the break. You NEED to check out this workout

Cool Down

The cool down is nice and easy. I actually really enjoyed the fact that I was reminded that the point is to slow down my heart rate. Otherwise I would have kept moving to the music and never stopped.

Right at the end you’re told to just move your body and feel good. I usually feel really silly doing this, but not today. This workout had me feeling so happy and confident by the end that I had no self conscious feelings for waving my body like a tree branch in the wind.

This workout is powerful, it makes you feel good. Mentally and physically.

Would I Recommend this Workout?

Heck yes! Everybody needs to try this if you want to have fun. No dance skills needed. You’ve got 40 seconds to pick up the simple dance move, you’ll be an expert in Afrifitness dance in no time.

Before You Go

Thanks for reading about my Afrifitness Afrobeat dance workout experience, I hope you try it out.

I mean, I really enjoyed it, but I would love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments below.

Do you need another great dance workout but looking for more of the Top 20 style music? Check out The Fitness Marshall. I’m so sad one of Rihanna’s Song got copyrighted. He’s got tons of other song choices available.




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  1. So I just did a search for “afrobeats workout” on Google and I see your review of my workouts!! Thank you so so much. Loved your review and it’s gonna help me with my future workouts. Much love, Rachael!

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