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Fitness / Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Try this workout that works with compound exercises and get your sweat on!

BodyFit by Amy

BodyFit by Amy is a fitness brand created by Amy Kiser. A certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, she specializes in HIIT and Circuit training, but has also trained in many other fitness styles including Yoga, boxing, and nutrition. She’s got her fitness figured out in other words. With over ten years experience, Amy’s got a lot to offer you.

Including pre and post natal workout videos if you’re a momma who is or just had a Little. Follow along as she guides you through workouts while she is pregnant and recovering from birth.

I know, that means Amy is a mom. Isn’t that great? Well, it’s great for me, who is also a mom. And likes to be inspired by other moms who can get their life organized and be healthy for themselves and their families.

I love that on BodyFit by, Amy has a vision page, where she shares her views on fitness and what she promotes. I’ve selected two quotes to share that really stand out to me. As someone is on the #PursuitOfHappiness, I am trying to seek out other people who are also trying to do the same. Negativity begets negativity, as does positivity. Check out why I lurve BodyFit by Amy.

Happy : Another one of my favorite words!  Exercise produces endorphins and boosts your energy level, all setting you up for happiness!

http://www.bodyfitbyamy .com/#!my-vision/cuy0

Positive : Trust me when I say positivity is the key to reaching your fitness goals. Let’s workout because we love our bodies, not because we hate them!

http://www.bodyfitbyamy .com/#!my-vision/cuy0

BodyFit by Amy Youtube

Amy’s Youtube channel has tons of FREE workouts. Pre&Post natal, as I said before. As well as Kettle Ball workouts, No equipment Workouts, short 5 minute workouts, long 45-minute workouts. You’ll find something for you. here is her Youtube Channel Trailer that gives you the rundown of what you can expect from her.

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30 Minute Dumbbell Workout

Website :

Youtube Link :

Duration : 31:14 (30 Minute Workout)

Difficulty : Can modify to fitness level

My Experience

I did this workout twice on two separate days. This was because the first time I thought I’d be smart and make sure to work both sides of my body as Amy led everything on side side. Thinking she wouldn’t work both sides… I’ve had this experience before and wasn’t going to be tricked again.

Well, low and behold, Amy did in fact work both sides of the body like a proper trainer should and I screwed up the workout. I should have trusted her, I mean, I know she has all the credentials. Come on, Katrina, get yourself together!

I went for round two several days later and just followed along like a good girl and felt the difference. I can now give you an accurate review that will better describe my experience that you too may have. Let’s get into it.

Amy starts off by introducing her workout buddy Jacquelyn Zook, an actress that I’ve never heard of, but you may have. She’s got a great bod, and a great smile. And she’s strong! So keep an eye on her cause she made me want to sit in the corner and cry with my little 3 lb weights.

After a quick intro and description of what to expect from the workout, they start the workout with a warm up. It’s easy and effective at getting you loose and heart rate going faster. Can I backtrack a bit and say I appreciate that Amy gives the low down on what to expect from this workout. It’s really nice to have an idea of what to expect.

Amy Kiser from BodyFit by Amy boxing. She's a great personal trainer. check out this fitness review and try a workout for yourself

We quickly get right into the workout, which is a full body workout. So be prepared to work all your muscle groups. Amy makes sure to work all the groups by working with compound exercises. Compound exercises are where you start with one simple exercise, like a lunge. And then add a dumbbell raise. Then maybe you extend your dumbbell above your head. These exercises are added after you’ve finished a few reps of the current move, so you are able to get into a good groove.

Here’s a better break down that that jumble of words.

  • 8 – Side Lunges
  • 8 – Side Lunge with dumbbell raise
  • 8 – Side Lunge with dumbbell raise and overhead raise
  • rest

It’s easy to follow along, and the moves are compounded on one another. Making you use more muscle groups while performing ‘one’ exercise. I lurve compound exercises, and this video really pushed my limits. In a good way. I could really see my fitness progress since I’ve started these Fitviews. I could actually do all the compound moves to the advanced stage. Woohoo!

My favourite part of the workout was the mat work, at the end before we do a stretch. The mat work let me lay on my back, which was relaxing. I mean, I wasn’t relaxing, we were working our abs. But laying on my back was my favourite part. Cause I’m lazy. Even when I’m not being lazy, I can manage to be lazy. I like to think it’s a skill.

Warming up and Stretching at the end make this workout complete for me. It didn’t feel like it dragged on forever, I was sweating like a sinner in church, as Charlotte would say. By the end of the workout I was leaving sweat marks on my yoga mat, which is a sign of success for me at the end of a workout. And a sign that I need to clean my workout equipment.

bodyfit by amy resistance band

Before You Go

Don’t forget to subscribe to BodyFit by Amy on Youtube, and follow her on Instagram. You get to see pictures of her handsome baby boy, you won’t be disappointed. Oh, plus you get the wicked awesome instafit videos, where you can be inspired by a short fitness video that she posts on the regular. I love these, and try to do them myself on my Instagram sometimes. Let me know what you thought about this workout, and don’t forget to let me know if you were #SweatingLikeASinnerInChurch.

If you want a workout plan, check out my fitview for Amanda Bisks’s 7-day fitness plan. It’s awesome. If you’re into cute dogs and would like to have one as part of your workout video background, check out JessicaSmithTv’s fitview I did last week. If you’ve got a request for a specific workout to be reviewed by me so you can get the low down on whether you want to try it out or not waste your time, gimme a shoutout on twitter or in the comments below. Check back next week for another Fitview.

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