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Fitness / Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Brandon Carter 2

Brandon Carter

What can I say about Brandon Carter? He’s a fitness model, personal trainer, musician, and is CEO of Bro Laboratories; supplements and fitness tools to help you achieve your fitness goals. I’m not one that ever uses supplements, or ever considered it, so the last part didn’t interest me. Click here to check out more about that.

What attracted me to Brandon, aside from him being a fitness model, is his passion for fitness. You can not only feel his presence radiate through your screen as you follow along his fitness videos, but you can read it on his website blog, or listen to his Podcast. Seriously, this guy is full on fitness in a hot male model body. Momma like.

But seriously, Brandon has been a certified personal trainer and nutritionist for over 10 years. He has his credentials and been working for a long time. I feel like we can trust him, and not just because he’s pretty.

Brandon Cater's Abdominal Assault fitness video review. Read why you need this man candy in your fitness routine. And, not, it's not just to look at the pretty man as you sweat.

Not Just a Pretty Face

Oh, and I’m not being rude, or treating him like a piece of meat, every time I say Brandon is easy on the eyes. He’s gorgeous, and his modelling background is proof and case point. Addidas, Cosmopolitan magazine, Black Men magazine, Puma, Nike, and Men’s Health magazine just to name a few brands he’s worked with.

Brandon has trained professional athletes and other models. Handsome and business savvy, he’s clearly not just a pretty face. He’s also the author of an Amazon Best Seller. Can he be anymore of a babe, inside and out?

Brandon makes Youtube workout videos available for free, and as I write this post he has over 500,000 subscribers. He needs to have more, because after only completing one of his workouts, I know I’d be back for more. I can’t be the only one who likes to be motivated, inspired, and get a great, high quality workout all in less than half an hour.

Let me share the first workout I did with Brandon, in hopes to get you hooked via the fitness aspect of Mr. Carter. Because while all this above is really nice, it’s his workout and personal training that actually means anything when it comes to getting fit.

And I can talk a person up all I want, I’ll still be completely honest in my fitview experience. I honestly think you’ll be coming back for more with this one.

Abdominal Assault

Website http://brandoncarter .com/

Direct Link .com/watch?v=Pw6hViAT6Qk

Youtube Channel .com/channel/UCe072WU1CTmEZhkPS4bM6cQ

Duration 15 minutes (13:15 Minute Workout)

Equipment Yoga Mat Optional

Difficulty Moderate but can easily modify

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My Experience

I really wanted a good ab workout, and searched for quite some time before deciding on tackling this Abdominal Assault. Jumping in seeing a suppliment ad wasn’t exactly appealing to me, but again, it just isn’t something in my budget so I don’t even look in that direction. Ever. Quickly, however, we get into the workout. So don’t be deterred, stick out the first 23 seconds, and you won’t be disappointed.

It always excites me when I start a workout video and they include a warm up. I hate having to pause and figure one out on my own. So, after the minor delay from the personal product ad, I was already back on top thinking Brandon Carter is a personal trainer I need in my life. His warm up was simple, quick, and I felt my abs already starting to work. Boo-yah.

Something I really appreciate with this video is that there is a counter counting down each exercise set. In the right lower corner there is a circle timer that counts down from 20, this lets you know how much longer until your ‘rest’. And by ‘rest’ I mean ‘rest’. After round one, it doesn’t feel like a rest. Le sigh. Read on. It’s effective, lurve the burn.

Round One of the Abdominal Assault is actually fairly easy. At least, it was to me. But man, am I glad we got to ease into this workout. You’re starting off with a 20 second interval doing one exercise, then you rest for 20. Continued on several exercises until round one is over. Round one isn’t hard. I repeat. Round one is not hard.

Round Two is where things start to get a little difficult. We’re building off of round one. Remember those exercises you performed? Those are the same throughout the whole workout. Enjoy them. The workout gets harder during the ‘rest’ period. Again, I quote REST because you’re now in round two, and between every exercise, you hold a plank to ‘rest’. Yeah. You’re not resting. You’re starting to burn.

Read this fitness video review of Brandon Carter's Abdominal Assault. It'll have your abs burning and looking more like it's a fitness model six pack than a couch potato six pack in no time.

Round Three is where you’re going to feel like Mr. Carter is personally assaulting you. And while that may seem appealing, it isn’t. Not at all how I imagine things happen in my fantasy. Instead, this man basically cyber-laughs as he tells me instead of a simple plank hold during my ‘rest’, I’m going to be doing some mountain climbers. Yeah, thanks B.

Okay, he didn’t laugh. Actually Brandon is awesome at motivating and keeping the energy going. He offers ways to modify each move and make it easier, or harder if you’re into torturing yourself. Lots of it seemed repeated, or maybe because I did this workout several times I was actually hearing the same words repeated… but his babbling was extremely effective. No laughing at me, just pure motivation. Like a good Personal Trainer does.

At the end of round three you can breathe a sigh of relief and grab a drink of water. You deserved it. Workout complete. Oh, one downside of Brandon Carters Abdominal Assault, no cool down. But that’s fine, I just laid and stretched my belly out on my own, listening to my body and feeling out my tender spots. Which is usually a more effective stretch than one led on the workout videos I watch.

I really enjoyed this workout, I was sweating, and my abs were burning by round three. Round one, seemed like this workout would be a cinch. But round three, I was assaulted. In a good way. Probably the only assault I will ever enjoy in my life. I’m glad someone as good looking as Brandon Carter got to do it, and he didn’t even get to see me get all hot and bothered. Haha.

Brandon Carter, fitness model and personal trainer extraordinaire. Read a fitness video review on his Abdominal assault YouTube video and see why you need his workouts in your life.

Before You Go

If you liked this workout because you got to focus on one section of your body and really work it; aka, spot training. Then definitely check out Lucy Wyndham-Read’s Tone Every Zone. It’s a month long fitness challenge that gives you a new section to focus on every day of the week. I loved working on my inner thighs and bust with her each week the most.

If you’re more on the look out for a workout that is full body, check out JessicaSmithTV’s workout, or even this BodyFit by Amy workout. I recommend all three, and have done the latter two again since writing my Fitview for them. So, I’m not just someone who talks the talk, I do actually go back and do the workouts, multiple times, I write my reviews on. I write them so I can remember which ones I liked and why.

Don’t forget to let me know what you thought of this workout in the comments, and let me know if there is a specific style of workout, or workout plan you’d like me to try and out review for you. I don’t mind testing out fitness plans and giving the run down of how it went so you can better decide if it is worth your time.

We don’t all got time to waste working out, we need them to be as effective as possible. We stick with what we know, if it is effective, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t curious about other workout styles. There are many, and many trainers/instructors to lead you. It’s hard to branch out if you don’t know what to expect or look for. I can help you there. Keep checking back for more Fitviews so you can add some variety to your workout regime.

Brandon Carter lifts people, like a real man does. Check out this fitness model/personal trainer's workout videos and read why you need him in your fitness life.


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