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Fitness / Monday, September 19th, 2016

Fitness Apps Review

Welcome back to another #Fitview : Fitness Review, where I experiment with something in the fitness world and give you my thoughts on it so you can better determine if it is worth your time to try out. We’re busy people, we want to be fit, we want to have fun doing it. We just don’t always have the time to discover new fitness styles that we enjoy. Today I wanted to share with you a few fitness apps that I have been enjoying playing. They get me outside and walking, or running.

Need some fitness apps to get your moving outside? Check out these that'll have you walking to running in no time

Fitness Apps

I’m a person who doesn’t want to use technology very much. That being said, I really appreciate technology and what it has to offer. Therefore I am not a person who goes tech-less. I am very much online and with a device at all times it seems. One of my favourite benefits of smart phones is the ability to download fitness apps to help you keep on track your fitness goals.

I’ve used My Fitness Pal, Calorie Counters and Ideal Weight apps in the past. They were all useful in their own ways, but not truly effective. Tracking my goals with these apps weren’t working for me. Inputting each goal, every day, every meal, every exercise… it was a lot to keep on top of. Being the type of person who gets bored with things if it becomes monotonous quickly, I gave up within a month on these apps.


Gamification is a new term I have recently discovered. Pronounced Game-if-A-kay-tion, this term refers to the technique of tracking your goals and every day boring tasks by making it into a fun game. Here is a video that explains what Gamification is in under 5 minutes. If you’ve been around the blog for a while and seen my hashtag #LevelUp, gamification is one influence in this. IT WORKS!

Video games are fun, and while I know I’ve said that I would rather go tech-less, clearly I take advantage of the benefits. There are many more ways we can benefit from video games, here are 12 surprising health benefits you get when playing video games. All those years of playing The Sims when I was growing up has paid off and make me want to be player 1 myself and gameify my own fitness skill level bar.

Fitness Gamification

As it was mentioned in the video, you can gamifiy your fitness regime to help keep you on track. It’s super effective. I am fairly sure you might already have a fitness gamification app on your phone already. It’s called Pokemon Go! Gamification Apps that have you looking forward to play the game and forget that you are working out is what I was looking for. Here are a few that I wanted to share with you that I have tried out.

Play Pokemon Go! and make your fitness routine fun via gamification

Pokemon Go!

Starting off the the already listed, Pokemon Go! took the world by storm this summer. Everyone and their mothers were playing. Seriously, Momma Bear is still a higher trainer level than I am. Everyone in the world couldn’t wait for the app to launch in their country so they can start walking their neighbourhoods to catch them all. When it was finally launched in Canada, guess what happened to me.

My phone died.

I went over a week watching everyone around me start playing before I was able to log on and start tracking Pokemon. I was so excited what I got my phone that I strapped Gregory down into the jogging stroller for the next two days trying to play catch up. we went over 30km in two days. TWO DAYS! Is that not motivation or what?

Play Pokemon Go! and make your fitness routine fun via gamification

Pokemon Go! Playing the Game

The best part of these apps is that it’s a game. Sure, you can pay your way through it, or you can play your way through it. I read on Twitter many people complaining that they see people leveling up and buying incubators to hatch more eggs. Good for them. They are clearly there to have the title and not to have fun. We are here to play the game and have fun. All while mysteriously getting fit at the same time.

Play the game, don’t worry about buying the in-app purchases. If you want to evolve your Pokemon, go walk until you collect enough stuff to evolve it. Want to hatch that egg? Take an evening stroll for 15 minutes each night. It doesn’t take much to make progress, the point is that you make goals for yourself and play the game.

Pokemon Go! Tip for Jogging Moms

I love going for jogs with my toddler in the stroller while I play Pokemon Go! By turning off the Virtual Reality option while trying to catch the pokemon, I prevent the need to move my phone around to locate the Pokemon on my screen. This makes me able to mount my phone onto my stroller and play hands free, glancing down when I hear noise signalling a pokemon or Pokestop.

This fitness app is also great for my son to play when we go for walks around the block together. Yes, Gregory is able to play Pokemon Go! He’s excellent at collecting goods from Pokestops and recently become quite adept at catching pokemon with the Pokeballs. I really enjoy being able to play with my son.

Play Zombies, Run! and make your fitness routine fun via gamification

Zombies, Run!

The next app I want to share with you is Zombies, Run! I’m not a fan of Zombies, zombie movies or even the TV show Walking Dead. As a certified Scaredy Cat, zombies freak me out. Let me tell you something, there isn’t anything like the fear from an overly active imagination and pretending to run from Zombies to motivate you to keep running.

Zombies, Run! has you turn on your music, plug in your headphones, start the app and go. You select your current mission to start and there is no need to look back at your phone while running. This is a MAJOR PLUS in my books. It’s not as interactive, but great for those runs where you want to keep going as long as possible without distraction.

The mission starts and your music automatically stops and the app takes over. In your ears you hear a person on the radio talking to you, guiding you, talking directly to you telling you your story line. You are on an adventure, running from Zombies, trying to make it to safety. The person talking to you cuts in and out automatically while you are running, pausing your music to inform you of the progress in your story.

While you are running, the music will also pause and you will be informed of any supplies you have picked up. You are in a world filled with Zombies, you need to keep your supplies up! It’s not annoying to hear the music cut out for a second, again, it’s encouragement to keep moving forward.

Play Zombies, Run! and make your fitness routine fun via gamification

Zombie Attacks

With an in-app purchase you upgrade and have the ability to have an extra feature in your run to make more of a HIIT workout. With the upgrade you are able to set how many zombie attacks an hour you’d like to encounter. These attacks will happen at random, the music will change and you will hear someone tell you of a Zombie swarm coming to attack you. You must pick up your speed to outrun them. I haven’t yet tried this feature, I’m not a fan of making in-app purchases. However, I am strongly considering making this one.

Zombies, Run! Music Tips

It’s your choice what you listen to on your run. I started off with an audiobook, as that is my usual go-to for runs, but I got too jumbled with the storyline running from Zombies. I don’t recommend an audiobook, it’s too many words to focus on.

I highly recommend listening to an instrumental soundtrack with a solid beat. Something with drama, anticipation and gets you in the mood to move. I enjoy EDM and dubstep for these runs, as well as soundtracks to wicked movies. It’s really cool to be running along, hear the story cut in and you hear that there is a zombie chasing you as you leave a mall and are on the home stretch to safety.

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“You must keep running” The man on the radio tells you. Now you hear a zombie behind you. Looking back in real life you don’t see anything but the trail you’ve been running, but the story tells you to keep going, you look forward again and the music fades in. Dun-dun-dun unts-unts-unts-unts….

I felt like I was in a movie running from zombies. Like, if there was a film crew following me and after I got to pick  the music in the editing room to suit the scene, it would be that kind of epic, scary, thrill seeking music to add suspense to the moment.

Yeah. Run with that kind of music while playing this fitness app. You’re run is going to be EPIC.

Play Wokamon and make your fitness routine fun via gamification


This is a new fitness app I am trying out. I consider it a not played very often game, but it actually continues to track my walking progress even when the app isnt open. This is a plus for those of you who want a game that they don’t need to actively have open but still get rewards for the twenty steps it took to get from your desk chair to the bathroom, and the bed to the kitchen for a drink of water when you are on a Pinterest Pinning spree right before bed.

It’s a really simple game, you level up by walking a certain amount of steps (countdown lets you know how many when you’re close to leveling up), and then evolve your little monster into a bigger more capable monster. Now, my monster looks the same as it did when I first started playing. I’m unsure if the actual monster changes shape, or just dishes out more gems when you are trying to collect.

GEMS! Okay, aside from leveling up via how many steps you’ve walked, you can upgrade your monsters ability to collect more gems when you tap your little guy by purchasing clothing accessories. It’s not an in-app purchase, you can get these accessories with gems you collect. The more gems you can collect, the more accessories you can upgrade to collect more gems. Yeah, I’m not entirely sure how the entire game works yet, but it is pretty addicting to constantly see ‘you can level up’ notification on my phone multiple times a day thanks to me walking with my phone on my person.

While I don’t actively play this, it’s a great game to have if you want a running app that doesn’t really need to be open to work. It can also get addicting. Like, Farmville addicting. You remember the Farmville craze? I can sit and tap this little monster to get gems, feeding him some fruit for a 30 second bonus for more minutes than I’d care to admit. When I sit to play, I sit and play. I only play with one monster currently, but if you’re really wanting to play you can unlock the ability to have more than one and motivate yourself to walk and play more often than I.

Play Walkr and make your fitness routine fun via gamification

Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure

I have not tried this particular fitness app, but I believe it is similar to the Wokamon app. Only this time, you’re a space explorer travelling the universe. Discover new planets by charging your spaceship by walking. There are more than 50 planets to discover, track your fitness goals via a pedometer with this fun app. The positive reviews on this app make me confident to add it to the list before downloading and trying it out. Come on, I get to create and discover my own universe? Yeah, I like that idea.

Before You Go

I hope you try out a few of these fitness apps and find one that you enjoy. The Zombie app is for sure my number one played right now. With the ability to track your run via GPS you can keep a log of your runs and time it takes, you can really track your progress while not paying attention. I like it when I can do something and am having so much fun I forget the energy and amount of work I am putting into it.

Not into phone apps? In need of some regular good ol’ fashioned fitness routines? Check out this Total Body workout by and get your sweat on. Or try Amanda Bisk’s 7 day pre-training wokrout program. It’s a free version to her larger fitness program will have you in shape and looking after your mental health too.


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