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Fitness / Monday, October 10th, 2016

Finding My Inner Yogi

Ever since I was taken to Hot Yoga by one of my most favourite people on earth, I was hooked on Yoga. If you’ve been around a while, you’ll know that Hot Yoga would be my go-to choice if I could manage the payments for class. But alas, I am poor and resourceful.

Today I wanted to share with you a new Yoga instructor I found on YouTube that really had me working out and stretching my body in a way that reminded me of Hot Yoga. But it’s nothing like Hot Yoga, just my exertion and energy levels were…. let’s just get into it.

Five Parks Yoga 45 Minute Deep Stretch review. Check out this review and decide if this yoga session would be good for your workout lineup.

Five Parks Yoga

Five Parks Yoga is a community based yoga studio based in both Costa Rica and Colorado. They offer a variety of classes and ensure class sizes are small so everyone gets the most from their session. Now, I live in Canada, no where near Colorado, and don’t even get me started on Costa Rica. You don’t think if I could be in Costa Rica practicing Yoga I would be there by now? What do you take me for, a fool?

When you walk into a Five Parks Yoga class, you are entering a space that fosters this growth and change with a sense of respect, openness and compassion.

If you’re like me and unable to get to either of the Five Parks Yoga studios… even the Colorado offers an outside Amphitheater class that I’d be willing to wake up at dawn to experience… you can head on over to their YouTube channel and enjoy a abundance of full yoga classes.

If you head on over to their website you will find a ‘Free Online Yoga Classes’ option in the menu and you can select which of the free yoga sessions you’d like to try. It gives you the option to choose a class by Time, Body Focus, Specialty Yoga, or by location. Meaning if you want to pretend you’re in Costa Rica, you can narrow down the videos to ones filmed there and imagine you’re there with the instructor.

Warrior Girls Yoga Camp

Can I just put this out there really quick. Five Parks Yoga is also part of this Yoga camp for girls, and I think this is amazing. As a young adult, I have really come to appreciate all the activities that Momma Bear let me try out grpwing up.

Not only is this a great idea to let your little Lady get into when she’s at the proper age to see if she even likes Yoga. But because classes like these promote such good body positivity.

Look at me, tearing up. I always get overly-emotional over things like this.

We need more of this in the world. More chances for kids to feel their strength, and feel it with their peers. To discuss and grow and learn as a group gives insight to lives that your child would never experience if it weren’t for this.

Camps like these are what I look forward to sending Gregory, and any future children I may have, to.

45 Minute Deep Stretch Yoga

Website: http://fiv

Direct Link: https://w

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtub

Duration: 45 Minutes

Equipment: Yoga Mat (Optional)

Difficulty: Any Level

My Experience

I want to start off by saying that I have been attempting to practice yoga a lot more frequently that I used to. I seek it out when I am sore and I did this after an attempted hike to Panorama Ridge. I didn’t make it to the Ridge, but I did hike 20+km the day before attempting this. So I was sore, and that combined with my beginner yogi title, this video should be do-able at any yoga skill level. Beginner to advanced.

I was beginning to think all Yoga videos would be ‘any level’ for difficulty, but in the Warrior Girls Yoga Camp video you can clearly see a young girl balance on two hands with her legs off the floor out to the side. I cannot do that (yet), and recognize that I’m not at that level. But this, this is a good for any skill level… or at least most levels.

Getting Into It

The session quickly starts once the intro is over. Starting with getting your breath under control and twist while seated, relax and prepare to get the show on the road.

You’ve got to be somewhat familiar with the basics of Yoga because you’re going to want to enjoy this slow pace and feel the stretch.

It’s not extreme yoga, it’s rather basic positions like Table Top, Cat Pose, Cow Pose, Child’s Pose, Downward Facing Dog… you’ll watch once and be reminded that you are a Yogi. Even if you haven’t practiced in a while.

A Quicker Pace

When the pace of the sequence picks up, don’t feel you need to rush at the instructors pace. I did that one rotation and felt like it was pointless to exert energy and not feel good like I know Yoga can make me feel.

The next rotation through the sequence I slowed my pace and maybe completed everything one move slower. Take your time, don’t be oblivious to the challenge and make it hard on yourself like I did.

Five Parks Yoga 45 Minute Deep Stretch review. Check out this review and decide if this yoga session would be good for your workout lineup.


Around the 11 minute mark you slow right down and start holding positions again. OH BABY this is the good stuff. You get plenty of options to make each stretch work for you.

You’re also reminded to listen to your body, move slowly, feel it, and work with yourself. I lurve it when my Yoga instructor tells me these things. Like I said, for some reason I like to make things more challenging for myself and I don’t even realize it.

My Favourite Position

It’s my review, I’ll tell you my favourite part of this Yoga video. Closer to the end just after the 37 minute mark you’re asked to bend your leg one way and lay down. I do not know the name of this position, but it’s amazing, and it’s position on the thumbnail of the video if you want a preview.

Final Thoughts

I actually really liked this yoga session. It was filmed in Costa Rica too, so I turned up the volume, turned on the Dyson fan for a light breeze and imagined myself in paradise.

I would definitely recommend this video to anyone who is in need of a good stretch. It’s got a challenge with the fast pace near the beginning, but it was only so much more satisfying hen I finished the session. The challenge is what makes you better, and I lurve the challenge.

Would I do it Again?

To be honest, I did this session a in September. The reason why I am writing about it is because I want to do it again. It’s my way of not only motivating myself to get off my butt, but I’m procrastinating. AND I’m productive. Look at that, a trifecta. TL;DR Yes, I am going to do it again right now.

Before You Go

Let me know if you try out this 45 Minute Deep Yoga session brought to you by Five Parks Yoga, and what you thought of it. Also I’d love to know if you’ve tried Five Parks Yoga classes or videos before and what you’d recommend me try next from their line up.

I love getting your opinions after I so boldly give mine. I often wonder if it’s worth sharing my single opinion, but I think it is because I genuinely want your opinion too. #SharingIsCaring

Also, what if this isn’t a class for ‘all levels’ of difficulty, I hope you’d let me know in the comments so I can adjust my perspective of difficulty for fitness.




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